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2 BBMB – Satluj & Beas Basins

3 BBMB Catchments and Sub-catchments

4 RTDSS - Introduction Introduction
BBMB – Responsible for management and operation of Bhakra, Pong, Nangal and Pandoh Dams Distribution of water from Ravi, Satluj and Beas Rivers The need for RTDSS For accurate inflow forecast at reservoirs Scenario generation for various forecasts Flood control and early warning systems Equitable distribution of water among partner states Introduction

5 Real Time Decision Support System
Project Objectives The objective of BBMB Real time decision support system (RTDSS) is to incorporate state- of- the- art data acquisition system (DAS) and advanced communication system , for real time operational management of the BHAKRA and BEAS reservoirs in an integrated manner Components of RTDSS Data Acquisition system Data Storage and management Modeling Tools Results Visualization and dissemination Introduction

6 Financial Summary Financial Status
Allocation under the project as per PIP (Rs. Crores) Expenditure upto March 2014 Likely expenditure by May 31, 2014 39.23 24.02 13.93 Financial Status

7 Telemetry data Data Acquisition System
Telemetry Data – Imported from DAS server every hour Quality checked and filtered Updated into Database Server Data received for Rainfall and precipitation stations (16) Automatic water level recorders (42) Full Climatic Stations Temperature, humidity, sunshine, wind etc. (12) Snow Water Equivalent – Snow Pillow (9) Snow Depth Sensors (9) Data Acquisition System

8 New Stations installed (10)
Sr. No. Name of Station 1 Sidhmukh Feeder at Haryana-Rajasthan Border- RD of Sidhmukh Feeder (200 ft d/s of bridge at RD ) 2 Rajasthan Feeder at RD left bank of Rajasthan Feeder (d/s of bridge RD 15569) 3 Rajasthan Feeder d/s of Link with Sirhind Feeder 4 Jasana Major Head D/s 100 m of curved portion D/s of Head. 5 Makhu Canal 6 Bikaner Canal at RD 86500 7 Head of Ferozepur Feeder. 8 Madhopur Beas Link at Head 9 Kashmir Canal at Head 10 D/s Thein Dam (Gammon Bridge)

9 Data Acquisition System
PROPOSED STATIONS 85 Data Acquisition System SATLUJ 58 BEAS 27 GAUGING 24 HYDRO-MET. 34 GAUGING 18 HYDRO-MET. 9 BUBBLER AND CABLEWAY 5 S.W.E. 9 A.R.G. 14 RADAR 12 BUBBLER AND CABLEWAY 5 S.W.E 0 A.R.G. 3 FULL CLIMATE 6 SNOW DEPTH ON IMD 5 BBMB UPGRAD. 1 FULL CLIMATE 5 SNOW DEPTH ON IMD 1 Total stations 95 civil work completed 83 Balance 12 stations under progress

10 Telemetry Data – Full Climatic Station
Data Acquisition System Full Climatic Station Installed at Kalpa, Elevation ft

11 Telemetry Data – Full Climatic Station
Data Acquisition System Full Climatic Station Installed at Pandoh Dam, Elevation 2949 ft

12 Telemetry Data – Snow Water Equivalent
Data Acquisition System Snow Pillow Installed at Chumar, Elevation ft

13 Telemetry Data – Snow Water Equivalent
Data Acquisition System Snow Pillow Installed at Tso-Morari, Elevation ft

14 Telemetry data – Water level recorders
Data Acquisition System Automatic Water Level Recorder Installed at Olinda, Elevation : 1200 mft AMSL

15 ADCP in Operation - Rampur
Data Acquisition System

16 Satellite Data Communication
Raw Data Module Data Transmission through satellite Data Transmission from Remote Stations Data Acquisition System Workstation Modeling Server (300GB) Data Decoding Module Workstation Database Server (1 TB) DAS Server (1 TB) Backup Server (1 TB) DMS/ Backup Server (1 TB) Workstation

17 BBMB – Control Room Data Acquisition System

18 Real Time Data - Snapshot
Data Acquisition System

19 Data Acquisition – IMD data
Installed Stations – 28 Balance - 30 Data Acquisition System Rainfall and Temperature Data downloaded for 30 IMD Stations

20 Data Acquisition – RIMES Forecast
Data Acquisition System RIMES Forecast received for 3 days, at 6 hour interval

21 Data Acquisition – MODIS Imageries
Data Acquisition System MODIS Imageries for Snow Cover downloaded twice daily

22 Data Acquisition – TRMM Satellite Precipitation
Data Acquisition System Near Real time Precipitation data downloaded at 3 hours interval

23 Data Flow Database Telemetry data received from DAS system every hour
Scheduled scripts Run every hour to read data Filter and populate into database software Scheduled Download using Scripts IMD rainfall and Temperatures, TRMM and MODIS imageries Automatic Attachment download scheduled Reads RIMES forecast from Reads manual data received by All the data populated into database in structured time series hierarchy Database

24 Modeling - Process Models IMD Rainfall Telemetry Precipitation
Weighted Average Precipitation IMD Rainfall Telemetry Precipitation Satellite Precipitation RIMES forecast Geographical shapes Rainfall Runoff Model Sub catchments Area Parameters Snow coverage and depth Temperatures Hydrodynamic Model Cross sections DEM Flow parameters Structures Inflow and water levels forecasts Models

25 HD Modeling - Results Models
Simulation for 5 days before Time of Forecast (ToF) and 3 days after ToF Actual Rainfall data till time of forecast RIMES forecasted rainfall for 3 days Models Forecast Period Simulation Period

26 Flood Modeling Models

27 Outreach Activities Dissemination SMS and Email Alerts
Website based on Dashboard Real Time manager Interface Trainings and Workshops Skill Enhancements Dissemination

28 Dashboard - Discharge Dissemination
Snapshot of Website with Discharge Data

29 Dashboard - Rainfall Dissemination
Snapshot of Website with Rainfall Data

30 Dashboard - Temperature
Dissemination Snapshot of Website with Temperature Data

31 Results Visualization - RTDSS

32 POST PROJECT PLAN Lessons Learned


34 Backup and Security Database Backup Security
Database backup is created every day at 10 PM Daily backups are stored on backup server 15 Days backup are archived for permanent storage Security Access to computers – Authenticated by Active Directory Usernames and Passwords Access to Database – Authenticated by MIKE Customized user name and password Three levels of access rights, based on user passwords Database

35 Weighted Average Rainfall
Convert Point Rainfall Data to Weighted Average Catchment Rainfall Use Telemetry and IMD data if Available Fill the Gaps using Satellite Precipitation Use RIMES Forecast for the Period Beyond Time of Forecast Models

36 Rainfall Runoff Models Use MIKE 11 NAM Model for rainfall runoff
Runoff calculated at each sub-basin Snow coverage, snow depths and temperature used to estimate Snow melt Runoff forecasted for next 3 days Snow melt forecasted for long period Models

37 Satluj and Beas Sub-Catchments
Sub-catchments in Satluj – 24 Sub-catchments in Beas – 18 Models

38 NAM Model - Parameters Models

39 NAM Model – Precipitation Input
Data Ensamble – Measured point rainfall and Satellite precipitation Models

40 Hydro-dynamic Modeling
MIKE 11 used for HD modeling of rivers Uses one dimensional Saint Vanant’s Equation Runoff (calculated by NAM) routed from each sub-catchment to reservoir Calculates water levels and discharges at each computation point Models

41 Satluj and Beas Rivers Models

42 Satluj River L-Section – Upstream Rampur

43 River Cross section Input Interface
A typical section at 172 KM upstream of Bhakra Dam Models

44 Downstream Allocation Model
MIKE BASIN setup for downstream allocation Model starts from downstream of Bhakra and Pong dams Goes up to Pakistan Border along Satluj River All barrages and canals simulated Incorporates Shareable water at each node Calculates percentage share of each state – and flow to each canal Incorporates indent and share of each state for water allocation Models

45 MIKE BASIN Setup Models

46 BBMB - IT Infrastructure (Workstations)
RT-DSS Centre, Chandigarh O/o Director Power Regulation, Chandigarh O/o Member (Irrigation) Data Acquisition System RT-DSS Project Office, Nangal RT-DSS Project Office, Sundernagar RT-DSS Project Office, Talwara Buildings Identified ADE Office room (O/o Director Water Regulation) Control Room (Water Regulation), Bhakra Dam O/o S.E, BDC, BBMB, Nangal ADE Office room (O/o SDE Hydrology Division), BBMB, Nangal J.E Office, Rampur Buildings Identified Control Room, Pandoh Dam O/o S.D.O , Gate Operations, Baggi Control Works O/o S.D.O , Water Regulation, Balancing Reservoir, Sundernagar Control Room, Dehar Power House Buildings Identified Night Duty S.D.O room (near the O/o Xen, Water Regulation at Pong Dam) O/o Xen/S.D.E Water Regulation, Talwara T/ship O/o Xen, Reservoir Management Division, Talwara T/ship Control Room, Pong Power House

47 Flood Modeling Indian Satellite CartoSAT 30 m resolution DEM used 1-D HD model run with 2-D mapping Model setup for Satluj River between Nangal and Ropar September 1988 (flood period) Data used as release from Nangal Time varying 2-D flood inundation map generated The results uploaded to Google earth for visualization Models

48 Flood Modeling Models


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