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Tainan City Monuments, landscape patrol brigade Tainan City Government Labor Affairs Bureau.

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1 Tainan City Monuments, landscape patrol brigade Tainan City Government Labor Affairs Bureau

2 ~~ The old Tainan ~~ Anping Fort Confucius Temple Chihkan Building

3 Tainan Monuments - Anping Fort ◆ Anping Fort History

4 Anping Fort is transferred from the ancient city of lime, oyster shell powder, glutinous juice and sugar mixed, after the Netherlands, Ming Cheng Ching Dynasty, the Japanese occupation and retrocession. Anping Fort old banyan tree root growth, witness traces left period 300 years. Tainan Monuments - Anping Fort

5 ◆ Anping Fort Anping Fort is Taiwan's oldest a city, as a national historic, called Fort Zeelandia, castle Western architecture Japan Times renovation, upper and lower layers rich battlements prominent bastions has watchtower, bastionas turret with each cannon five central Western-style building was built in arch coupon most unique sword lion in Baonei Heritage Centre, is said to have ended evil evil town house function. Tainan Monuments - Anping Fort

6 ◆ Anping Fort Vestiges Right castle an old well for the Dutch share units built one four wells, outside the city of the south wall of the third year Zhang Yu, wall banyan tree roots twine, number existing walls segment, and today only a wall of old Banyan disk data, thick mottled walls of the castle north platform two sections of the inner semicircle remnants, brick layers visible, the real remains the Dutch period. Tainan Monuments - Anping Fort

7  Anping Fort Museum City of Anping Fort cultural relics exhibition hall, display Zeelandia recovery plan, the Netherlands designed make sum information warfare map, and Zheng Chenggong like kinds model building, place glass cabinet indow. Tainan Monuments - Anping Fort

8 ◆ Confucius Temple History Tainan Monuments - Confucius Temple

9 ◆ Taiwan first school The Confucius Temple addition Temple school building, the majority of the garden is also a major feature of the other counties Taiwan Confucius Temple can not be compared.East Dacheng Square entrance north of the gallery are featured in the Confucius Temple built over the years chronology, original Zhu Wengong Temple amount of doors and two like Confucius. Tainan Monuments - Confucius Temple

10  Confucius Temple navigation Plans Three hundred years, Temple of Confucius has undergone several major renovations, historic style gradually developed to Tainan today become the most complete traditional Minnan construction group, listed a monument. Present the spatial pattern Tainan Confucius Temple in east stand Pan Palace Square, South Pan pools. Palace Square Pan Qing Emperor Qianlong 14 years (1749) beginning Li, Jiang Yuanshu reasonable repair, wood structure the Shihfang Pan pool round, connecting with garden wall containing "Sinodata Panshui" monument. Tainan Monuments - Confucius Temple

11  New Division champion the Great Hall Royal Road Of the main building Confucius Temple follow left right temple the regulation, in front of the temple things divided polite door and the way of righteousness, Dacheng Gate entrance the Great Hall as the main, both sides of the former East and West veranda, after the ritual objects andinstrument library. apse Chong shrine next to the books into College.Dacheng Hall located on top of pedestal, center ladder as a ramp known "Royal Road", carved chess piano painting with the leading, ordinary people not walk in ancient times, only new champion with the emperor respectfully for only that line. Tainan Monuments - Confucius Temple

12  Chihkan Building History Tainan Monuments - Chihkan Building

13 ◆ Chikan Building navigation Plans Tainan Monuments - Chihkan Building

14 ◆ Chikan Building Fujian-style building Department Chihkan floor with sugar, glutinous rice juice, stirring oyster shell gray stacked brick built.Around about 141 meters, height 10.5 meters, north and south corner observatory, Furui two cellar Chikan floor of the main building two Taiwanese-style loft, Tanah Lot and Wenchang Pavilion. Tainan Monuments - Chihkan Building

15  Tanah Lot Tanah Lot is a quaint pavilion, main mining surrounded by " eaves Xieshan" house slope shape. On the spacious terrace in front of various artifacts scattered; main hall displays the general people cover city recovery model "elsewhere and on the second floor show relevant Chi Qianlou the photos.Another turn in the roof " end carp jump" embellishments, and back of the bottle doors also are worth studying. Tainan Monuments - Chihkan Building

16  Wenchang Pavilion Wenchang Pavilion Tanah Lot adjacent door, it's on the first floor Heritage Gallery, repair drawings show Chihkan House said and preserved repair process column beads, wood carving and Jiannian decoration. The second floor is mainly used to worship "Quebec Yeh, Wenchang Pavilion, originally part of the part penghu College, dedicated to Quebec Yeh, available for college teachers and students Shrine, to bless the literary Changlong, pass. Tainan Monuments - Chihkan Building

17  Chikan Building Bixi Chikan Building Bixi gigantic strength arranged on the floor in front of Chihkan nine turtles monument "called Bixi gigantic strength, also fill or tyrants, shape turtles and good weight, pack negative Sanshanwuyue, mostly stele, stone pillars of the end of Taiwanand wall decoration, spiritual poultry lucky beast.Monument group because Emperor Qianlong happy Binh Dinh Lin Shuangwen event, special award merit monument, nine pass this inscription engraved with the Manchu and Chinese the four-way, one-pass Manchu and Chinese co-engraved. Tainan Monuments - Chihkan Building

18 ~~Taijiang line sea patrol brigade~~ Chiku mounds wells Ka Watt Panel of Yantian Cigu reward black-faced spoonbills

19 ◆ Chiku mounds wells Within the the Chiku district and the General District area, is the the Taiwan Salt youngest ever solar salt field, after the development and management of the Japanese Corporation and the National Government, to become the largest in the history of the solar salt field, salt flats crystallization pool are a dependent territory of diskstructure, Taiwan's industrial salt supply base. Tainan City attractions - Salt Township

20 ◆ Taiwan Salt Museum In Chiku, Tainan City, Taiwan Salt Museum is the only salt industry museum, and the construction of its main purpose is to save hundreds of years in Taiwan Salt cultural assets. "Salt" for the crystallization of the salt workers sweat and tears. Salt pile-like appearance made ​​ the concept of extra features. Yuan Wang feels like two white pyramid stands in Yantian. Tainan City attractions - Salt Township

21 ◆ Well ka watt panel Yantian "Well ka watt panel Yantian" north gate of the first Yantian, is the oldest surviving watts plate Yantian ruins, the original Ching period Seto East saltworks formerly known as "Seto East Course" Well ka watts diskYantian original in Fengshan District, Kaohsiung City, the 1818 relocation of the north gate has not shift, is the the North Gate saltworks first port of Yantian, is the oldest Yantian, has 180 years of history. Tainan City attractions - Salt Township

22 ◆ Well ka watts plate Yantian According to historical records, Zheng Advisory army Chan Wing-wah, that plains salt making poor technical quality of fried salt and bitter, so the reform of salt making methods in the seaside built the rubble films, and then, in its upper berth water to salt ponds, through the sun into a crystalline salt on the tile. But the latter due to excessive labor costs, in 2002 the end of the solar salt industry for 338 years, so that the original here throughout the Yantian, gradually abandoned. Tainan City attractions - Salt Township

23 ◆ Well ka watts plate Yantian Watts disk Yantian showing the beautiful art of mosaic tiles, Southwest Coast National Scenic Area Administration for the continuation of the spirit of its solar salt industry, culture, saltworks restoration, well ka "special salt production landscape still retainsin the north gate of the coast, which has become the most unique sightseeing Yantian Southwest Coast National Scenic Area can experience the traditional salt production, pick salt, to close the fun of salt. Tainan City attractions - Salt Township

24 ◆ Black-faced Spoonbill Black-faced spoonbill, also known as rice spoons birds, pipa mouth heron. Because of its flat as long spoon-shaped mouth, pipa and Chinese musical instruments are very similar, hence the name.The black-faced spoonbill is a very rare bird species in the world, is listed as threatened with extinction animal protection, October each year from Korea or China's northeast region, flew Chiku estuary to spend the winter, and stayed until the following year in MarchMay was finally able to fly to Taiwan, the period is seven shares reward the best time of the black-faced spoonbill. Tainan City attractions - Chiku reward black-faced spoonbills

25 ◆ Black-faced Spoonbill Conservation Management Research Center Black-faced Spoonbill Conservation Management and Research Center, located in Chiku, Tainan important black-faced spoonbills habitat within the building in the water, the shape is quite special, internal planning exhibition show room area, nature film about multimedia screening room, a casual dining space and a viewing platform; exhibition the shown room space theme to black-faced spoonbill, including the black-faced spoonbill life history, wetland ecosystems conservation movement and sustainable development. Tainan City attractions - Chiku reward black-faced spoonbills

26 ~~ The Siraya Mountain Feast ~~ The Scenic Spot Wushantou Wushantou Reservoir Reservoir Hutoupi

27 Tainan attractions - Guanziling Spa Scenic Area ◆ The guanziling spa scenic area location The guanziling spa scenic area is located in the east of the White River District, surrounded the pillow Hill, Hutoushan, surrounded by peaks, in the role of geothermal temperature climbed.Japanese colonial period since the history of Guanziling Spa has more than 100 years, is also mixed with argillaceous rock formations in the basement, so when the hot spring water gushing shale particles and a variety of minerals, salts, so that the spring water appear black, thus"black Spa" title.

28 ◆ Fire and water homologous Fire and water homologous also known as "fire and water holes".In accordance with the laws of nature, the incompatibility of the fire and water, however, the special geological structure in place, cliff gas emitting point and then the flame never goes out, springs gush at the same time there are cracks in the cliffs, and a "waterfire, fire, fire and water the homologous special natural water ". Tainan attractions - Guanziling Spa Scenic Area

29 ◆ Azure Clouds Temple Azure Clouds Temple formerly volcanic Temple, built in the Jiaqing three years.Pillow south of Shanxi, commonly known as the "new rock".From the Tai Sin Temple, dedicated to Guanyin, according to legend, was built during the Ming Zheng.Large part of the structure of the building is still preserved Minnan and a mix of Japanese style, Xi Danzi large-scale use is a major feature of the shear viscosity of the main hall and the gate, clay great local color, most notably a pair of laughing in the mountains outsidelion. Tainan attractions - Guanziling Spa Scenic Area

30 ◆ Tai Sin Temple Tai Sin Temple is located in White River District, the foothills of pillows, antique hall, very classic beauty, commonly known as the "Old Rock".Qing Emperor Kangxi years, commanding the Buddha, the Goddess of Mercy, Sambo Buddha, Earth Store Bodhisattva, the temple has mainland China Meteorological style, different from the typical temple architectural style, building complex configuration, inherited the tradition of Chinese Buddhist temple construction. Tainan attractions - Guanziling Spa Scenic Area

31 Tainan attractions - Wushantou Reservoir ◆ Wushantou Reservoir Located the the Rokko area and Guantian area at the junction formed meandering shoreline overlooking empty, as if like a turquoise coral reefs, it is known as the "vistas".The the Wushantou Reservoir is then Jia'nan the most important one of the water conservancy project, early reservoir systems in the world, was the order to Chiayi plain agricultural irrigation, a plan completed by the hydraulic engineer in Japan Hatta.After the completion of the construction, not only the period of Japanese rule of Taiwan's largest reservoir, the top of the reservoir water storage dam is the world's only semi-water erosion and deposition embankment dam structure, its special place in the history of the reservoir's construction.

32 ◆ Triangle Pi park The Wushantou Reservoir today, there are a "triangle Pi Park", resulting in commonly mistaken for the triangle Pi formerly Southwest Village Wushantou Reservoir yore water conservancy facilities and for its ponds.In fact, Southwest Village, the old place names an exercise in "three-legged Pi", three separate ponds, which are located at the reservoir fisheries management, net waterworks rear and sent near the outlet, namely the use of the Dutch governance of TaiwanThe feet Picheng Hing building water conservancy facilities.Exciting water dance show the triangle Pi park set are regular daily performances. Tainan attractions - Wushantou Reservoir

33 ◆ Heaven Temple Heaven Temple of 1973 by members of the community to promote the construction of a grand scale of the palace buildings, exterior imitation Chinese the Beijing Tiantan sixth proportion construction.The meaning of the Temple of Heaven, in fact, the ancient Chinese emperors held ceremonies to worship heaven and pray for good weather premises."Temple of Heaven Cultural Exhibition Hall" show the Wushantou reservoir covering irrigation, supply of the heritage of the people's livelihood and industrial water, power generation and tourism and many other features, Wushantou Reservoir special historical status people know its Evolution. Tainan attractions - Wushantou Reservoir

34 ◆ Water Park This project with the the planning of the Wushantou Scenic inlet Park, to create a new image to increase the diversity of the park entrance. Tourists' new stronghold, mainly hydrophilic facilities.Park planning for the Nanyang style landscape, so that visitors can enjoy not to go abroad swimming fun. Tainan attractions - Wushantou Reservoir

35 Tainan attractions - Hutoupi reservoir ◆ Hutoupi Reservoir The reservoir Hutoupi Taiwan reservoir, built in 1846.One of eight Nanying King, and the name of Sun Moon Lake. Hutoupi Scenic Area is located in the south of the Tropic of Cancer, is a subtropical monsoon climate, rich flora and fauna in the park.

36 ◆ Trails around the lake Detour around the reservoir lake trails, walk a circle about 4.5 km, allowing visitors to fully enjoy the lakeshore scenery, is the most unique trails in the park. Tainan attractions - Hutoupi reservoir

37 ◆ Rainbow Fountain Located next to the first pier, 15 minutes every 45 minutes fountain refraction of sunlight and moisture, produce rainbow, according to the direction of the sun, adjust the angle views of the beautiful rainbow is a good place to take pictures. Tainan attractions - Hutoupi reservoir

38 ◆ The spillway wood trestle Above the original gate trails for single passage, in 2005 the construction of the spillway wooden trestle, concatenating the south bank of the dam embankment, allowing the park to become a good place for cycling around the lake scenery in southern Taiwan. Tainan attractions - Hutoupi reservoir

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