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Juan N. Seguin Elementary Wed., Jan. 21 st – Fri., Jan. 23 rd.

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1 Juan N. Seguin Elementary Wed., Jan. 21 st – Fri., Jan. 23 rd


3 Outdoor Education Center The OEC has been in operation since 1975. Schools have been sending their 5 th graders for 33 years.

4 Natural Adventures

5 Native American Life

6 Pioneer Life

7 Geology

8 Journaling

9 Archery

10 Top 10 reasons to go to camp. 10. Ride a horse 9. Make New Friends 8. Stargaze 7. Canoe 6. Be up-close to wildlife 5. Catch a Fish 4. Amazing Classes 3. Archery 2. Play New Games 1. Yummy Food!

11 Outdoor Education Center Staff Professional team On-site administrator Certified teachers Program leaders Carefully screened by the HISD Human Resource Department Nurse on duty whenever children are present.

12 Cabin



15 Bathhouse

16 The Dining Hall


18 Medication Prescription –You will need to fill out an additional form. –The doctor will need to sign the form. –The medicine will need to be hand-delivered to Ms. Baker the morning we leave for camp. –I will transport it to camp and give it to the camp nurse. Over-the-counter –The camp nurse has over the counter medicine such as Advil available at camp. –You can indicate on the permission slip if you are okay with the camp nurse giving that to your child if needed. –She will call you beforehand.

19 What do I pack? Bring: –Toiletries –Sleepwear –Hat –3 changes of clothes –Jacket –Tennis shoes –Rainwear –Flashlight –Pillow –Bug Spray Do NOT bring: –Radios/Music players –Knives –Food, candy, gum –Toys/Video Games –Money –Jewelry –Cell Phones –Items of value

20 How do I pack? The camp wants you to place everything in a pillow case. Place the pillow case and your pillow in a garbage bag. Label the garbage bag with your name and school.

21 Considerations A nurse in on duty 24 hours a day. Every effort is made to provide a safe and secure environment for the children. The children are assigned to an adult chaperone 24 hours a day. It is not possible for students to make or receive personal phone calls while at the OEC site unless there is an emergency. Seguin teachers will travel and be at camp. We will have our cell phones.

22 Permission slips are due by Friday, December 18 th. Transportation money ($15.00) is due a week before camp. Please let us know if the cost is a concern. Due Dates

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