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1984 Book by: George Orwell Presentation by: Sam Meinel, Colin Takata, Phillip Tran.

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1 1984 Book by: George Orwell Presentation by: Sam Meinel, Colin Takata, Phillip Tran

2 Setting

3 S Victory Mansions This is an apartment building where Winston, the main character, lives. It is small, a very moody building that has an air of worry about it. Winston’s apartment is a small square room, with a twin bed and a simple kitchen, and a telescreen. The outside of the Victory Mansions as portrayed in the UK movie version.

4 S The Ministry of Truth It is an enormous pyramidal structure made of white marble, 300 meters tall. This is one of the five main buildings of the government of Oceania. It is where Winston and Julia work. The outside of the Ministry of Truth as pictured in the UK movie.

5 S The Junk Shop The Junk Shop is located in the Proles area, selling antiques. It is described as a small shack, with broken down boards and windows. This is where Winston committed his first thoughtcrime by buying the diary. This is also where he and Julia meet up, because Winston is renting the room above the shop. The Junk shop, as portrayed in the movie.

6 S The Ministry of Love This is where the head of the party is located.
We don’t ever see the outside, but the inside, from what Winston sees, is the holding cell, which is a room filled to the brim with people with no light. He also sees his interrogation rooms, which are square rooms with grey walls and a desk with two chairs. His living quarters there was a small room with a mattress and a hard pillow. He also experiences room 101, which is a big room where the party uses a persons deepest fear to break them. The inside of room 101.

7 Characters

8 C Winston Winston is a major character, in fact, he’s the main character. Winston works in the records department of the Ministry of Truth. Winston is a dynamic character. Winston is a 39 year old white male. Winston is tall, has blonde hair, and blue eyes. Winston is a Protagonist.

9 C Julia Julia is a 27 year old white female. She is short, has black hair, and brown eyes. She works in the fiction department section of the Ministry of Truth. Winston originally thought that Julia was a Antagonist, but it turns out that she is a Protagonist. Julia is a major character. Julia is a dynamic character.

10 C Big Brother Big Brother is a old white male who has dark hair with a small moustache and blue eyes. Big Brother is the dictator that rules Oceania. All he represents is a figurehead for the party, who may or may not exist. Big Brother is a static character. Big Brother is a minor character.

11 C O’Brien O’Brien is a old, overweight white male with a thick neck.
O’Brien is a member of the inner party. O’Brien works in the Ministry of Truth. O’Brien was originally a member of the Brotherhood, but was turned back. O’Brien is a major character. O’Brien is a dynamic character. O’Brien is an antagonist.

12 C Syme Syme is a short, dark haired white male, with very large eyes.
Syme worked in the Research Department of the Ministry of Truth, specializing in Newspeak. Syme is a static character. Syme is a minor character.

13 Plot

14 P Rising Action The rising Action is where the author develops characters and creates the setting. It also starts the story. In 1984 the rising action begun when it introduced Winston Smith, the main character, and began adding setting, like the victory mansions and the Ministry of Truth. The plot really began when the author introduced the diary, and the more broad setting, ex: Airstrip 1.

15 P Climax The Climax is where the story reaches its highest point, and then continues downward from there. The Climax of the story is when Winston and Julia are discovered as thoughtcriminals and are taken to the Ministry of Love. This happens because it turns out that Mr. Carrington, the person who owns the junk shop and is renting them the room, is an agent of the thoughtpolice.

16 P Falling Action Falling action is what happens in a story after the climax, where the author begins to wrap up the story. The falling action begins with O’Brien interrogating Winston, trying to make him believe anything the party says. There is also all the time after room 101, like when they declare that Oceania has captured all of Africa, until they finally execute Winston.

17 Conflict

18 C Person vs. Person Winston vs. O’Brien – Throughout the story, Winston originally believed O’Brien to be a good guy, but O’Brien turns out to be an evil agent of the inner party. He brainwashes Winston to make him believe everything that the party says is true, like that 2+2=5.

19 C Person vs. Self Winston vs. Winston - Winston was debating at the end of the book whether he loved or hated Big Brother, and at the end of the book he decides that he loves big brother, but that is only because the party hypnotized him.

20 C Person vs. Society Winston/Julia vs. the Party – Both characters fight fiercely against the party, however they are eventually captured by the thought police, and broken in the Ministry of Love.

21 C Society vs. Society Oceania vs. Eurasia/Eastasia – These are the three super countries that are constantly at war with each other. This is resolved when Oceania takes all control of Africa, forcing Eurasia to retreat, bringing the war to a foreseeable conclusion. The Party vs. The Brotherhood – It is never confirmed that the Brotherhood does truly exist, but there will always be people who oppose the party, and that in itself forms the brotherhood.

22 Theme and Resolution

23 T&R Theme Theme is the lessoned learned throughout the story.
The theme of this story is that even though you may be faced with great adversity, don’t betray your own thoughts to that of other people.

24 T&R Resolution Resolution is what wraps up the entire story, solving whatever conflicts that remain. The resolution to all conflict within Winston is that Winston is brainwashed into believing everything that the party told him. The resolution to Oceania vs. Eurasia/Eastasia is that Oceania gains control of Africa, thereby defeating Eurasia/Eastasia.

25 Mood

26 M Mood The mood of the book was, in our opinion, very dark. There is a myriad of times where this is proven. This is proven when O’Brien threatened to have rats eat Winston’s face. It is also proven when there is horrible description of Winston’s spine snapping in half, given to him by O’Brien when being interrogated. Another thing is when they do eventually shot Winston, they had brainwashed him so far that he lost all will to continue. Winston wearing the rat cage mask.

27 Bibliography\

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