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Case Packing A World of Material Handling Solutions.

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1 Case Packing A World of Material Handling Solutions

2 Case Packing Products HP20 HP3 HP6 HP5

3 Feature In combination with vision sensor, it can vacuum-grip products to correct for position and direction. Suitable for Croquettes, pork cutlets, hamburg- steaks, etc. Feature Provides wide vacuum surface to handle packaged products. Suitable for Bagged products (pillow-type packing), packaged products, etc. Feature Grips the product to fit the shape so the product will not be damaged. Suitable Frozen rice balls (ONIGIRI), frozen croquettes, etc. Vacuum-type Gripper-type Feature Simple structure handles mass quantities at one time. Suitable for Canned/boxed products, etc. EOA Tool

4 Typical Configuration

5 Basic Case Packing Module

6 Case Conveyor and Pick-up Point B

7 Packing Position and Slip Sheet Stand

8 System Component Robot Programming Pendant Power Supply Cable Tool Hose/Hose Support Robot Stand Vacuum Tank(with shutter) Air Intake Filter Blower(output of 3.2kW) Tool selection for various types of products piece-by-piece gripping Vacuum-type Package in primary packaging

9 Positioning cylinder Flow of products Motoman robot Product Processing Capacity Number of robots to be used Tool type Package style by positioning cylinder Case Erector Sealing machine Product carrying conveyor Positioning System Outline The bagged products(pillow-type packaging) are carried on conveyors and are arranged in five by five rows. Robot handles and put them in a box, at the same time. Specifications Blower Bagged products (pillow type packaging) 6000 bagged products per hour (handle in 5’s) 1 robot Pillow-type Bagged Product Packing

10 System Components CCD camera Vision Sensor Unit Monitor Image Processing Interface Board Light/Light Stand Encoder Case for Vision Sensor and Monitor (Drip-proof construction equivalent to IP54) Notes:  The other components are same as those for vacuum type packages  Piece-by-piece gripping tool is used Vision and Convey Tracking

11 Bottle Packing

12 Form, Fill and Seal Loading Products

13 Overview  Two robots remove parts from conveyor pallet and place solution sets into conveyor pockets  Blister pack array is four pockets wide on pocket conveyor  Each robot handles two parts simultaneously  Pallet fixture accommodates four parts  Blister pack machine indexes a single row of pockets at a time  Blister pack machine operates at six-second process cycle, with five seconds for blister forming and one second for index

14 Form, Fill and Seal Loading  Product  Medical kits  Placement rates  5 seconds per index/1.25 seconds per unit  Challenges  Limited floorspace  Containing the fine hoses (up to 125” long)  Placing parts into formed film pockets  Cognex vision for part-presence inspection

15 Solution  Two 3-kg robots  Dual part gripper  Cognex Insight vision  Machine interface  Conveyor interface  Monorail conveyor  Safety system

16 End View of Robot and Blister Pack Machine

17 Top View of Blister Pack Machine and Robots Blister Pack Area MonTrac Conveyor Cognex Vision

18 Multi-Part Gripper

19 Form, Fill and Seal Loading


21 Packing Grippers

22 Dual-Axis Gripper in Flipped Position

23 Universal Packing Gripper

24 Bottle Grippers

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