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SOLO SEX Male Masturbation: Oscar Wilde: Masturbation is clean, efficient and you meet a better sort of people Sex is like bridge: if you don’t have a good partner, you better have a good hand However: not a preparation for heterosexual sex for men

2 Female Masturbation: masturbation helps for heterosexual sex
many people masturbate, including coupled and married people techniques vary but basically men stroke the shaft up and down and women stroke the vulvar area (clitoris, labia, minora), some stroke the mons, different motions some women have used cucumbers, bananas, even bottle necks. NOT recommended

3 Devices Designed to Curb Masturbation
some people masturbate rubbing against objects, such as a hard pillow, a teddy bear, etc. masturbation greatly censored in Judeo-Christian tradition Devices Designed to Curb Masturbation

4 Graham crackers (invented by Rev
Graham crackers (invented by Rev. Graham, 1830s) and Kellogg’s corn flakes (by Dr. Kellogg, a psychiatrist) were marketed based on the belief that grains could neutralize sexual desire. (anaphrodisiac) saltpeter (potassium nitrate) was rumoured to be used by the U.S. Army as a food additive for the same purpose acceptance and openness more common today but still uncomfortable topic

5 Gender Differences in Fantasy While Masturbating:
more detailed and elaborate in women, but more frequent in men (+90 vs. 70%) Influence of culture. use of porn: more common in men Internet: illusion of partner, replaced paid phone sex. need to know what feels good and what doesn’t

6 Sex toys for solo sex or couples. Variety. Therapeutic uses.
Giving permission to enjoy sex. Vibrators used in the late 19th/early 20th century by physicians to treat female hysteria.

7 Techniques vs. genuine pleasure in giving pleasure, focus on partner.
Importance of other senses (cleanliness)

8 Is sex natural or does it require learning?
Basic impulse natural, behaviours to satisfy it mostly learned. Interesting cultural differences, both in solo and partnered sex. Children curious, explore their bodies, find pleasurable stimulation. Playing doctor. Sadly, we also need to unlearn sex-negative messages.

9 INTERPERSONAL SEX General and specific touching Can use hands, mouth, other body parts or objects Vary touch, pressure, speed and frequency based on reactions (verbal and non-verbal)

10 TWO PERSON SEX Most common erogenous zones:
Males: penis, scrotum, area in front of the anus (prostate gland) Females: nipples, whole breast, clitoris, labia minora, mons, perineum These stimulations can lead to orgasm, and/or be a preparation for sexual intercourse Areas that have more nerve endings can also feel more pain in addition to more pleasure: glans of penis and clitoris very sensitive when fully aroused

11 Foreplay: can begin hours before sexual intercourse, in the kitchen, car, shopping mall, etc.: looks, words On the “scene”: touching e.g., squeeze, caress, rubbing, kissing movements sounds smells sights, facial expression, gestures varied speed and duration Great variability between and within individuals (fast/slow, rough/gentle, etc.) = every time is the 1st time! focus, attention General formula: longer foreplay  better sex

12 TWO PERSON SEX Positions for penis-in-vagina intercourse; most common:
man on top (missionary) woman on top rear entry sideways frontal or spoon Almost endless variations in each position Personal preferences, mood, circumstances

13 TWO PERSON SEX Oral-genital sex: cunnilingus fellatio sixty-nine
More likely in higher SES/education Taste of ejaculate: bitter: coffee, alcohol, cigarettes, pot sharp: red meats, greasy foods, dairy, asparagus, spinach, broccoli mild: vegetarian diet, fruit (pineapple), parsley, celery










23 Emotional involvement, love, they make a difference?
Rule of Thumb: ask (do you like this?) and observe reactions. have fewer rules, more fun Emotional involvement, love, they make a difference? Tantric sex: Eastern approach, combines spiritual, emotional and physical aspects of sex for a higher order experience. Can take several hours. Not for every day.


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