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Saint Andrew´s Day How people in Poland celebrate it.

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1 Saint Andrew´s Day How people in Poland celebrate it

2 Saint Andrew he lived in Galilee ( present-day Israel ) a Christian apostle, a brother of Saint Peter his occupation was a fisherman he is the patron saint of Scotland, Greece and Russia

3 Saint Andrew´s Day in Poland the holiday is celebrated on the night of the 29th through the 30th of November on this day there should be a fun night party combined with some fortune telling Andrzejkithe habit of fortune telling in Polish is called briefly Andrzejki Andrzejkithe main purpose of Andrzejki is to predict the future of an unmarried girl, especially her prospects for a good marriage

4 Andrzejki There are lots of games/fortunes that are typical for this day in Poland Andrzejki:Here are some traditional games that are still played during the Andrzejki:

5 1. Pouring hot wax hot melted wax is poured through the hole in a key into a bowl of cold water in the past not a usual key was used to this ritual but a key from door in the church was the best hardened wax is held up to the light and the future is guessed from its shadow cast on the wall the lights are usually off (except the light of the candle), which adds to an unusual atmosphere of this evening

6 Different meanings of the shadows: loveheart or man = love fortune and happy lifestar = fortune and happy life nice surpriseflower = nice surprise engagementring = engagement dangerowl or fox = danger

7 2. Lining up shoes shoes of all the girls are arranged in a straight line at the back of the room (each girl takes off just one shoe) the girl whose shoe is at the end takes it and moves it to the front of the line all the girls take turn to move their shoes towards the door the girl whose shoe would first cross the doorstep would be married first

8 3. Throwing shoes all the girls are gathered in the middle of the room left shoeeach of them throws their left shoe towards the door facing the doorif the shoe falls down facing the door, it means fast wedding

9 4. The apple-peel toss each participating girl peels an apple so the entire skin comes off in a single strand she then flings the unbroken peel over her shoulder the peel often lands on the floor and assumes the shape of a letter which is said to indicate the name of her future fiancé or husband if the peel does not resemble any letter, that means the peel-tosser will not get engaged for some time

10 5. Pins 713for this game either 7 or 13 pins are needed the pins are placed in a cup and shaken well before thrown on the table the letter formed by the pins is then read

11 Meanings of the letters AA – trip EE – happiness in love or in work HH – marriage KK – success in work LL – be careful TT – help of friends VV – somebody wants to use you WW – be afraid, cheater XX – happiness

12 6. Date of birth date of birth must be expressed as one number the final number will be the total sum of all the individual numbers F or example: 21.01.1990 = 2+1+0+1+1+9+9+0=23 2+3=5

13 Meanings of the numbers: 11 = ambitiuos 22 = gentle 33 = trustworthy 44 = obstinate and sentimental 55 = cheerful 66 = sociable 77 = romantic 88 = underestimated 99 = independent

14 7. Pieces of paper with male first names in a bowl the bowl is filled with water with a candle floating in the middle pieces of paper with male first names are put on the edges of the bowl the first burnt paper piece indicates the name of the future husband

15 8. Pieces of paper under the pillow girls and unmarried women put pieces of paper ( with the names of the boys they fancy ) under the pillow the first thing in the morning they take out one piece of paper the name on the paper reveals the name of the future husband

16 9. Three cups three cups are flipped upside down to cover marriage ring, small cross and a piece of green plant girls choose one cup which indicates their future fate: the ringthe ring - the marriage thecrossthe cross - life as a nun in monastery the green plantthe green plant - the unmarried life

17 10. Barking dogs when the dusk comes, you should listen to the dog barking - from this direction the future husband will come

18 11. Dreams your dreamtry to remember your dream at St. Andrew´s night - if you see a man in a dream - this might be your future husband thewater reflectionlook at the water reflection in a well or in the mirror at midnight to see his face

19 Try some or all of the above games at your late-November get- together and see how much fun you and your group may have been missing. Andzejki If you’re attending an Andzejki dance, do not be surprised to see everyone engaged in a little fortune telling as a part of the celebration.

20 Thank you for your attention

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