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Parkview Library Renovation Phase 1 A Budget Proposal to the Parkview PAC January 19, 2011.

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1 Parkview Library Renovation Phase 1 A Budget Proposal to the Parkview PAC January 19, 2011

2 The Visual Plan See handout for the new layout More inviting spaces (“nooks”) for students to read with lots of kid furniture, beanbags, throw pillows and area rugs A more functional space to utilize the interactive technology A new centralized circulation desk Uniformity of shelf color New paint, murals and stenciled quotes

3 New Shelving Stores over 300 books 23in wide, 53in long, 26in tall Book display shelves on each end, 8 roomy pockets on top for easy accessibility for K-2 One bottom shelf on either side for oversized books 98 pounds

4 Child Friendly Seating Reading Pillow Set (4 pillows per set), machine washable covers, fire-retardant foam filling, 24 inch square and 8 inches thick. Multi-color bean bags. (4 bean bags per set). Not pictured: Another set of the small red cushioned chairs and couch

5 New Area Carpeting 8’4” x 13’4” Rectangle-shaped Great for whole class read alouds or presentations To be positioned under windows Library-themed

6 Carpets for each Reading Nook “Fishing for Literacy” 5’5” x 7’8” The following two carpets are the same size.

7 Travelin’ The USA Carpet

8 “Butterfly Fun”

9 New Circulation Desk Just need the middle console (CDCR). Dimensions:

10 Budget for Phase 1 QntyVendorItem #DescriptionNet PriceExtended Price 6School Specialty071912Book Display Mobile162.74976.44 8School Specialty270259Bean Bag Chairs, multicolored 19.22153.76 1School Specialty295346Red set of chairs, couch, 3 pieces 41.46 2School Specialty1290759Pillow Set (4 pillows per set) 162.17324.34 1School Specialty082428Carpet, Reading by the Book 8’4”x13’4” 376.56 1School Specialty084726Carpet, Traveling USA 7’8”x5’5” 182.79 1School Specialty679216Carpet, ABC Butterfly182.79 1School Specialty091541Carpet, Fishing for Literacy 182.79 1Circulation Desk ACE FernandesPaint, Exposed Beams, Mural $300 Total Cost

11 Work Required Work to be completed the week before and the week of February Vacation Interactive Whiteboard to be relocated by town electrician Books to be weeded the week of February 14 Books no longer needed at Parkview will be donated to other school libraries Shelves emptied and moved to match color Furniture moved to match plan New shelves and circulation desk assembled and stocked Carpets and seating set up Exposed wooden beams painted Murals begin to be sketched and painted

12 Looking Ahead to Phase 2 Brick Fundraiser to raise money for more books Brick pathway to be the walking path in front of library Application for FEEE Grant to purchase Alexandria Library Software to digitize book inventory, scan books with barcodes, and provide laptops for students to search and find books in our library. Stenciling of famous quotes from children’s literature around perimeter walls Gradual repainting of shelves to one neutral color Purchasing of more books appropriate for the reading level range of our PreK - 2 students. Phase 2 to begin next year

13 Special Thanks A sincere thank you to the library design team for their expertise and hard work toward this proposal: Gerri Kane, School Librarian Karen Cacciapuoti, parent volunteer, PAC member Gretchen Eldridge, parent volunteer, School Council and PAC member Steve and Jayne Viveiros, parent volunteer, School Council and PAC Gretchen Cupples, parent volunteer, School Council and PAC Jay Pike, parent volunteer, School Council and PAC member Jane Garvin, Clerical Aide, front office of Parkview

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