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39 th Joint School Science Exhibition Competition Science Unlimited, Health Potentiated.

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1 39 th Joint School Science Exhibition Competition Science Unlimited, Health Potentiated

2 Group 26 Shatin Tsung Tsin Secondary School Project Holders: (Tony) Leung Chun Yam (Chloe) Lai Ka Ni (Kim) Lam Chun Kong (Charles) Tang Chi Hung

3 Better Sleep, Better Health Better sleep leads to better health because during sleep… - lower metabolic rate - lower heart beat rate - muscle relaxation - repair of damaged cells - less susceptible to diseases

4 Better Sleep, Better Health BUT, Hong Kong citizens commonly suffer from –Insomnia –sleep apnea syndrome

5 Objective To improve the quality of sleeping by: Increase the chance of falling asleep Reduce the frequency of awakening during sleeping

6 Insomnia Cause 1.Stress 2. Disturbance from surrounding : noise

7 1. U-shape pillow


9 Features of the pillow 1. U-shape 2. Sound-proof material -reduce the disturbance to sleep

10 Features of the pillow 3. Music player a. theory of music therapy b. increase the ease of falling asleep

11 Features of the pillow 4. Vibrator a. promote transmission of sound b. does not disturb the others

12 Transmitting sounds through air and skull bones

13 Advantages of the pillow Reduce disturbance from falling asleep Help relax and reduce stress by playing music Promote transmission of sound when playing music

14 Sleep Apnea Syndrome (SAS) Obstructive Sleep Apnea Syndrome Cause: Collapsing of soft tissue in the rear of throat during sleeping Picture from

15 2.Balloon Jacket

16 Features of the balloon jacket 1. Air pump - controlled by a sound sensor for detecting sound intensity of snoring

17 Features of the balloon jacket 2. Air bag a. its inflation (gradually) turns the user to the position of side-sleep b. relieve the syndrome of sleep apnea

18 Diagrams illustrating how the air bags work

19 Advantages of the jacket Reduce the disturbance caused by the air tube connected to the air pump Provide more ‘natural’ ventilation Allow different sleeping postures Suit all ages

20 3. Demonstrations in exhibition a. Music Therapy - Comparing the heart beat rate of an audience during normal activity and listening to music with different tempos. -listen to music with… slow tempo → heart beat rate decreases fast tempo → heart beat rate increases

21 3. Demonstrations in exhibition b. Pillow of different materials - Let audiences compare pillows which are made of different materials e.g. Memory foam, cotton etc. - Explaining the difference between them and why we chose the material to made the pillow

22 3. Demonstrations in exhibition c. Transmission of sound by skull bone - The following device is to demonstrate the idea:

23 3. Demonstrations in exhibition d. Inflation of the air bags -A small scale model is used in order to demonstrate the method of using the inflation of the air bags to adjust the sleeper in side-sleep position.

24 -The End-

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