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«Creative Agency» full-cycle networked advertising agency «Creative Agency» full-cycle networked advertising agency 2010 г.

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1 «Creative Agency» full-cycle networked advertising agency «Creative Agency» full-cycle networked advertising agency 2010 г.

2 «Creative Agency» - is The united team of experts. «Creative Agency» - is Client, creative, consumer. A «Single Window Service» approach. Optimization of our customers' marketing & advertisement costs. «Creative Agency» - is Rendering services involving peculiar, creative approach to conducting business and to reaching our customers' goals. A full-cycle networked advertising agency rendering a wide scope of services targeted at attracting and retaining customers through realization of creative ideas and the newest marketing and advertising technologies «Creative Agency» - spices for your business!

3 Sponsorship Direct Mail Radio Marketing communications Events Points of sale Merchandise «Mystery Shopping» Demo Extra packing Website TV POS Internet Game PR SMS Press Contests Personal sales Telephone E-mail One-way mass communications Communications including further feedback Communications at points of sale Cinema Product Placement Outdoor

4 Маркетинговые акции new generation of «Creative Agency» team takes the advantage of the new generation of marketing efforts tools: high-hume & high-tech, which enable our clients to:  properly and effectively promote their products and services  win loyalty of their customers  work up new markets Special Event actions«Sales partner» Depending on our clients' business goals there might be Special Event actions as well as active search for new customers involving the «Sales partner» program, coupled with modern marketing efforts tools. Маркетинговые акции Marketing efforts

5 We are ready to help you to: While making the scenario of the reel the following points are taken into consideration:  the goals and objectives of the advertising campaign  peculiarities of a certain product or service  the target group and its psychological description  current brand position of the client's company For the most effective coverage of a certain advertising drive on TV or on radio we are ready to make a video- or an audio commercial presenting information on a product or a service as well as on the very advertising campaign your company is making. Adaptation of our clients' commercials. «Creative Agency» has at its disposal its own team of experts and two shooting areas equipped with all necessary facilities for production of top quality audio- and video reels. Broadcasting of audio- and video commercials by the leading national mass-media companies.  write the scenario of the reel  to shoot the reel  dub it by professional actors or announcers  edit the reel and to organize its broadcasting by a certain radiostation or TV-channel Production of audio- and video reels

6 Elaboration of the strategy and tactics, integrated BTL campaigns for the promotion of a certain brand. Customer promotion Customer promotion  Organizing tasting, sampling and presentations  Holding contests and drawings among customers  Advising at the points of sale Trade promotion Trade promotion  Promotion programs  Mystery shopping Event marketimg  Corporative events  Sporting and entertaining events  Theme events «Creative Agency»: preparation and realization of BTL actions

7 Experience in realization different projects all over the world, in 38 cities of Russia and CIS in such segments of the market as:  FMCG  Network companies  IT/Hi-tech  Vehicles  Banking and Finances  Insurance  Hotels  Medicine and pharmaceutics  Mobile network providers  Other Wide-Area Coverage

8 Own database of promoters  Own database of promoters  Assistance in organizing exhibitions  Presentation of new products and services  Making presentation of the whole company Preparation and realization of BTL actions

9 All printed matter is to be made in one style which can be based on your company's corporate identity.  POSM  leaflets  banners  billboards  over-the-road banners  invitation cards  package Corporative publications B2B & B2C High quality printed matter in shortest time Stylish appearance Competent design. Urgent replication. Printed matter for an advertising drive is prepared and made by our Design Department. Making POSM and printed matter

10  Presentations  Presentations of new products or services  Concerts, festivals  Opening of car sales centres  Exhibitions  Corporative events: company's Birthday, New Year, etc.  Opening day ceremonies  Charitable actions  Conferences and seminars Preparation and realization of Special Events Preparation and realization of Special Events - actions intended for promotion of trademarks or services of a Company by means of vivid catchy events which can not only draw attention and be found impressive but also can become a news item. Preparation and realization of Special Event projects

11 Corporate PR. Cooperation with «glossy» publishers. Integrated PR support of a Company or a brand. Over 500 contacts in federal and regional mass media. Internet PR.  Suggesting an optimal strategy for carrying out the PR campaign  Information support of the project  Press-conference  Productio of audio- and video reels  Preparation of competitive assignment for the radio and the press  Design  Outdoor advertizing  Media plan for TV and radio commercials  Detailed report on the carried out PR campaign Intergrated support of special – event projects: PR Support

12 «Sales – partner» «Sales – partner» - is a program designed for those companies which need to:  attract new customers and new partners  increase their sales volume  promote their sales «Sales – partner» «Sales – partner» - is a combination of active sales with marketing effort instruments. «Sales Partner»

13 Difference between Sales – Partner Program and typical services provided by a call-centre We act as an outsourcing sales agency for our clients We act as an outsourcing sales agency for our clients thus we can either be responsible for pre-sale phase or can run the whole cycle of sales starting from screening the list of potential customers ending up with signing contracts. Our client is to pay only for the amount of potential customers Our client is to pay only for the amount of potential customers, rather than for the total number of calls made. We service different types of marketing efforts carried out in the framework of cooperation with our agency, including incoming and outgoing calls' processing. stick to our own KPIs We stick to our own KPIs which are invented individually for each project.

14 Sales - Partner Program realization directly impacts on the growth of your business: You Company will run at a greater profit You Company will run at a greater profit due to combination of active sales technology and effective marketing actions. You are to considerably save your money You are to considerably save your money once in a while attracting new customers by means of our agency's team. Nonrecurring actions for attracting new customers eventually are considerably cheaper than staff sales-managers' remuneration of labor. No need to spend money on sales skills training. An opportunity to focus on your principal activity. sales managers can save a lot of time at the Presale phase If your Company has already set up its own Sales department your sales managers can save a lot of time at the Presale phase, for they can directly focus on dealing with motivated clients (brought by our agency).

15 Our own database of customers : Our own database of customers : list of our clients (large scale Russian and Western companies), with whom we cooperate in different areas of business. Modern software Modern software enabling to apply quickly and effectively all range of services provided by Sales-partner program. Elaboration of presentation materials Elaboration of presentation materials capable of drawing attention of a potential customer. Flexible service packages Flexible service packages – different options depending on the total amount you are going to spend for bringing in new customers. Affordability of our service Affordability of our service for small- and average scale business.  deep understanding of sales technology  several years of successful relevant experience in carrying on negotiations on different levels  relevant experience in realization of marketing actions for large scale local and western companies. Advantages of using Sales – Partner Program Professional competence Professional competence of «Creative Agency» team:

16 «Creative Agency» suggests different programs targeted at increase of social responsibility level, which enable our clients to run them not only within their Company, but also at regional or federal level. Elaboration of a strategy  Elaboration of a strategy of the sponsorship action.  Choosing the optimal object of sponsorship (not all objects are equally interesting and promising for the client's Company including their coverage by the press). Writing a concept  Writing a concept of the realization of the sponsorship action. Preparation of the optimal budget  Preparation of the optimal budget on the «nothing extra» principle.  Detailed description of the technology of carrying out the action. Using our proven subcontractors  Using our proven subcontractors or organizing a tender (at the client's choice). Choosing mass media  Choosing mass media for the coverage of the event by the press.  Having carried out the action we provide our client with a detailed final report accounting records including photo- and video materials and accounting records proving payments to our subcontracts. To enable realization of a proper sponsorship program by our clients «Creative Agency» is ready to offer the following services: Sponsorship and social awareness

17 Helps to create a favorable public image of the Company and its leaders Helps to create a favorable public image of the Company and its leaders in the eyes of different social groups. Promotes to establishing confidential relations with the groups Promotes to establishing confidential relations with the groups which can in a certain way influence further success of the business. Favors to forming of positive public opinion on the Company's activity Favors to forming of positive public opinion on the Company's activity, to establishing of regular relations with the mass media and with the public authorities, and to creation of favorable relations within the Company. Sponsorship quite often is related to socially significant events which on their own account act as news items Sponsorship quite often is related to socially significant events which on their own account act as news items and draw attention of the mass-media and of the general public.. Sponsorship and social awareness: strong points

18 т Lyudmila Mikhaylova CEO Аndrey Shapovalov Creative Director Vlada Yassinskaya Editor Alexey Kosmin Business Development Director Composer Helen Karpova Art Director Eugenia Laptik Head of BTL Projects Arkady Devyatkov New-Business Director Julia Goncharova PR and Advertising Director Eugene Belioglov Editor-In-Chief Marina Ignatyeva Make-Up Artist. Stylist «Creative Agency» Team

19 My life is a daily joy of creation of my world around me. Proper business- education and experience in different projects help to effectively accomplish my clients' plans and to achieve assigned goals. Creative approach and ability to see things in an off-beat way give an opportunity to invent something new, original, uncommon, not alike something which already exists.  Graduated from International University of Business and Management Business and Management where she obtained fundamental education in Economics and management. She also has a diploma of interpreter and teacher of English.  She has a good command of three foreign languages  She has a good command of three foreign languages: English, German and Italian.  Over 7 years of experience in consulting projects  Over 7 years of experience in consulting projects in sales, business management and business development. Experience in consulting and writing theses for MBA graduates.  Proficiency in SPIN – methods of sales  Proficiency in SPIN – methods of sales and methods of negotiating over knotty issues.  Financial management skills:  Financial management skills: budget preparation, pricing and price policy.  Profound knowledge in marketing, brands' promotion, preparation and realization of marketing actions ordered by clients. Lyudmila Mikhaylova: General Director of «Creative Agency»

20 Can boast of two higher education diplomas with honors Can boast of two higher education diplomas with honors saying nothing of many certificates of different training programs in communications, products and services promotion, marketing and advertizing, customer service, negotiation, interview and presentation skills.  Creation of new products and services.  Elaboration of new concepts and scenarios for realization of different actions and events.  Getting the Business Development Department's endorsement of suggested options for concepts' realization: stage site, actors, catering, illumination, sound, printed matter and hand-outs, souvenir items  Writing scenarios for shooting films and commercials for our clients.  Production of video-captions.  Selection if mood music for carrying out different events.  Writing creative news for further mailing to the mass media.  Preparation of presentations and other events for the mass media while carrying out a PR-campaign for a tradename or a separateproduct. In «Creative Agency» Andrey is responsible for: A David Copperfiel of the «Creative Agency» team, a top- level conjurer, a real think tank and a master in putting everyone in a good. Uses a creative approach to everything. Treats every project with more reverence and awe than the Old Believers revere their rites. A real master in writing concepts, having a subtle perception of clients' expectations, capable of selecting the very right thing out of innumerable variety of possible options. Аndrey Shapovalov: Creative Director

21  To single out main goals of a PR-campaign.  To chose the proper strategy for the PR-campaign covering your event: Julia is ready to help you: A straightforward person, a real professional who knows «what is better» and «where better not to». With the thorough and scrupulous approach to everything she deals with. Always carries everything she started to completion. Has the first-hand knowledge of the high society life and can boast of over 12 years of experience in journalism. Julia Goncharova:PR and Advertising Director To identify the target group for your project To make an assessment of mass-media companies and to recommend the most appropriate for the successful realization of the PR-campaign To chose expedient information sponsors: TV, radio, newspapers, magazines depending on the format of your PR-campaign.  To prepare and to hold a press-conference.  To identify the most effective ways of outdoor advertizing and printed matter placement and distribution.  To prepare a media-plan for tv- and radio commercials.  To prepare a detailed final report on the accomplished assignment, covering all events the PR-campaign included and stating the efficiency and the results achieved.

22 Carrying out Special events, sales, quizzes, contests. Creation of loyalty programs: preparation and realization of stocker and bonus systems. Preparation of all printed matters and hand-outs: cards, posters, invitation cards, coupons, etc.. A strong personality with an inimitable sense of humor and style. Vivid, full of new ideas, capable in seeing unusual things in everything around him. Happened to work for such clients as: «LG», «M- Real», «Trevis Jordan» (fashion boutiques network), «Autocentre na Taganke» (dealer of «Nissan»), «Euro- Partner», «X- Ring», «Bliss», «Panasonic» and others Vast experience in different projects for fashion clothing boutiques: Arkady Devyatkov: New-Business Director  Possessing a gift of a fine taste and professional artistic flair he is very good in designing shop-windows, interiors, displays and exhibitions.  Creates original house style of a company starting from the company's logo and web-site design up to the company's interior design.  Arkady designs presentation materials and POSM.  Works on magazine covers and the content of our clients' corporate publications inventing original headers to the articles and selecting well-matched photos

23 Helen will help you: Over 10 years of experience in marketing, BTL and advertizing. Immediately grasps the client's ideas and very often can foretell his train of thought 3 steps ahead. Always plays with the whites but doesn't start first giving the client an opportunity to express himself and his ideas. Proficiency in Corel Draw, Photoshop и other software. Huge vector clip art database (over 50.000) on different subject areas. Projects for: JSC «RAO EES», (Russian Railways) «RZhD», «Renault» and others. Helen Karpova: Art Director  To carry out a BTL action  Create a unique house style for your Company.  To implement it in the logo, printed matter, advertizing materials, hand-outs, leaflets and business-cards.  To make design of your Company's web-site.  To create an exclusive set of greeting cards for your clients and business-partners.  To select a proper set of souvenirs or business-presents.  To place an order for printed matter promptly and at a moderate price.  To chose the most effective ways of printed hand-outs distribution.  To organize an exhibition. Carrying on the project from «a» to «z»: Assessment of the expedience of such an exhibition, preparation of all supporting materials. To prepare animated presentations in Power-Point. To work out the Company's vehicle fleet's branding design. To design POSM: stickers, wobblers, etc.

24  BTL-actions' budget preparation.  Elaboration of the mechanism of the action.  Preparation of agency briefs for functional units.  Supervision of all current projects and actions using СМС, WEB, IVR-techniques.  Assistance in the design of printed matter and of the uniform for the promotion actions.  Conduct of the lotteries.  Working with the subcontractors.  Keeping of all related documentation and progress reporting on the projects.  Preparation of timing-plans and elaboration of reporting forms. Sociable and creative. She is fond of Hustle dancing and keen on music and drawing. Graduated from Russian State Social University with the diploma in advertizing. She also finished an art school where she specialized in painting and drawing. Has worked for such clients as: «Procter & Gamble» (Gillette Fusion, Oral-B, Blend-a-Med, Pampers, Always, Tampax), «Gallery»,«Kerrygold», «Beko» and others. Having a profound experience in realization of BTL-actions for large scale branded companies, at «Creative Agency» she is responsible for: Eugenia Laptik: Head of BTL Projects

25 Over 10 years in modelling business. Under Oleg's supervision we organize:  Casting of models for participating in our actions.  Fashion defile staging.  Carrying out presentations and exhibitions including those outside Russia  Catwalk demonstration of clothing, footwear and accessories  Advertizing photography and video shooting for fashion magazines, catalogues and commercials.  Carrying aut BTL- and promo- actions. Has participated at fashion parades by Ermenegildo Zegna, Meucci, Guess, Valentin Yudashkin, Andreyanova, Sharov, Dalakyan, at Russian and Moscow Fashion Weeks. Works as a photo model for glossy magazines such as: Men`s Health, Men`s Fitness, BEAUTY, Energy, Liza, Hooligan, etc. Works a model at fashion parades by KETROY, Chistova & Dourova, Fashion House KYARA, etc. Acted in commercials for Sportmaster, Cool Air, Savage, Faberlic., and also in a musical clip of a prominent Chinese female singer dedicated to the Olympic Games 2008 in Bejing.. Oleg Rozental: Head of Modelling Projects. Fashion Show Manager.

26 A multitalented person without borders in his life and in his mind. Artistic education. Since 1996 has been working for advertizing agencies making commercials and mucical clips. Has a vast experience in organizing events and in project management. In 2001 worked on creation of a cult television serial «10 Days That Shook Us» In 2001 worked on creation of a cult television serial «10 Days That Shook Us» with Khryun and Stepan starring. Spent 8 years living in Germany. During that time has been working for the most expensive German cinema projects as a technical director. Accomplished Projects:  «Dragon Hunters»  «A Ghost Under The Law»  «A Fuss In The Himalayas» During 10 years he has been teaching video graphics During 10 years he has been teaching video graphics in Realtime School, Screamschool and SAE Munich. His main strong points:  Has a creative approach  High level of logical thinking  A workaholic  An incorrigible optimist Stanislav Glazov: Head of video reels and video graphics projects.

27 A cheerful, jovial person, gushing with energy and ideas, which he successfully embodies in the form of fine music. He is the picture of manliness, refinement and an inexhaustible source of positive mood. The Moscow State University graduate having over 10 years experience in business development in local and Western companies. Fluent in French Alexey is ready to help you if: The composer writes any tunes in new age, pop, rock, new vawe, house, R&B, techno, funk, folk, blues, dicso, trance, classic, hih-hop, synthy rock and dream styles. He uses not only the sound of conventional musical instruments but also the most modern PC software and samples for writing and arranging music, making audio- and video reels. In his work Alexey uses digital and analogue libraries of classical and «live» musical instruments. His soft-library can boast of more than 2000 CDs and DVDs. He also writes in «live» guitar parts and percussion. Up to now our composer has written over 500 tunes, acoustic backings and arrangements. Alexey Kosmin: Business Development Director Composer  You are a star or just a beginner: Alexey will help you to create musical material specially for you.  You are looking for an arrangement, an orchestration, music for films or cartoons, acoustic backing for performances, shows or tunes for TV- and radio projects or commercials.  You need a qualified assistance in on-line recording and mastering: combining of vocals and music together, as well as album mastering.  You decided to record a tune which would emphasize the corporate identity of your Company.  You would like to select music for your event: our huge library of audiofiles of every sort and kind is at your disposal.

28 Over 12 years of relevant experience in PR and advertising. In «Сreative Agency» Eugene is responsible for: A poet in his soul and by vocation. Optimistic, cheerful, quickly forming a clear picture of what's going on, gifted in seeing unusual in daily routine, expressing his ideas in a vivid and pronounced way, capable of making surprises and making vapid spicy and piquant. He is the author of many original rhymes, concepts (including television series) and commercials. Eugene Belioglov: Editor-In-Chief  Responsible for concepts and scenarios for realization of different types of events, socio-public projects, TV projects, popular-science programs and telefilms.  Making and editing press releases.  Writing all commercials and PR-texts.  Acting as an Executive Editor for Corporate Publishing sector  Acting as a Managing Editor for corporative editions of our clients.  Assigning jobs for copywriters of our Agency and free- lance writers.  Text editing: stylistic editing, copy editing, text layout and pagination.  «Final finishing», «glossing and sleeking».  Page makeup control of our customers' corporative publications.

29 In «Creative Agency» Vladislava is responsible for: In «Creative Agency» Vladislava is responsible for:  making press releases,  writing screen scripts for TV programs,  writing reviews for theater shows,  editing copywriters' texts,  decorative design and editing of corporative publications. Self-critisism, responsibility, competence, amicability, efficiency accompanied with exemplary upbringing and puritan convictions. Graduated from Moscow State University of the Press as an editor, then from Moscow Institute for TV and Radio «Ostankino». Diplomas with honours. Vlada Yassinskaya:Editor

30 т Marina has over 13 years of hands-on experience in hairdressing Marina has over 13 years of hands-on experience in hairdressing and has proved the highest professional degree in it. Qualified make-up artist Qualified make-up artist. She possesses profound knowledge in medicine and applies it in cosmetology for effective skin and hair care. Graduated from Moscow artistic and pedagogical high school of technologies and design Graduated from Moscow artistic and pedagogical high school of technologies and design, «Hairdressing and make-up» department. This is one of the most prominent institutions where a student spends 4,5 years styding not only hairdressing, but also make-up technologies as well as painting and sculpture modeling. She happened to work with such Russian show-biz celebreties as: Sergey Zverev, Philip Kirkorov, Irina Ponarovskaya, Alyona Apina, Irina Saltykova, Masha Tsygal (fashion designer), Sergey Mazaev «Moralny Codex», Andrey Makarevich, «Mashina Vremeni», Sasha Pryanikov, Mikhail Boyarsky, Anton Makarsky And many others… Marina Ignatyeva: Make-Up Artist. Stylist As an extra education she attended seminars and practical training held by «L’Oreal» and «Wella», where she became proficient in new hairdressing and hairdyeing technologies.

31 A full-cycle networked advertizing agency Using technologies which help to invent and to implement creative ideas. Our team's professional competence Our team's professional competence achieved during many years of practice in the areas of marketing effort, PR, event and project management which enables us to implement our ideas in projects of any level. Legality and transparency of the Company Our commissionsubcontractors never exceeds 10% Our commission while using subcontractors never exceeds 10% Open book Open book approach when drawing the estimate of expenditures for the client Experience in realization of our projects throughout Russia and CIS. Our competitive advantages

32 Автоцентр на Таганке официальный дилер Nissan Our team’s portfolio

33 Regus Business Centre, 7th Floor, Smolensky Passage, Smolenskaya Square 3, Moscow 121099, Russian Federation. Phone: +7 (495) 510 50 86 Fax: +7 (495) 937 82 90 Moscow Representative Office

34 Thank you for your time!

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