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Chapter 1 Section 3 Changes on the Earth’s Surface.

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1 Chapter 1 Section 3 Changes on the Earth’s Surface

2 Weathering The breakdown of rock at or near the earth’s surface into smaller and smaller pieces 1. Mechanical 2. Chemical

3 Mechanical Weathering Occurs when rock is actually broken or weakened physically 1. Frost Wedging- water freezes to ice in a crack in the rock 2. Seeds take root in cracks in rocks

4 Chemical Weathering Alters a rock’s chemical makeup by changing the minerals that form the rock or combining them with new chemical elements Can change one kind of rock into a completely different kind

5 Acid Rain Chemicals in the polluted air combine with water vapor and fall back to earth as acid rain

6 Erosion The movement of weathered materials such as gravel, soil, and sand 1. Water 2. Wind 3. Glaciers

7 Water Moving water is the greatest cause of erosion Sediment- small particles of soil, sand, and gravel- act as sandpaper Rivers wash away soil and rocks and change the landforms Ocean waves wash away coastline

8 Wind 2nd major cause of erosion It blows the soil away from farmlands Loess- extremely porous soil that absorbs and holds great amounts of water Sandstorms effect desert areas

9 Glaciers Huge, slow moving sheets of ice Carve a U-shaped path in the earth as it slowly moves

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