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Indira Gandhi National Open University presents. A Video Lecture Course; System Analysis.

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1 Indira Gandhi National Open University presents

2 A Video Lecture Course; System Analysis

3 Fact-finding techniques (Part-2)

4 QUESTIONNAIRES Special purpose document to get information from a large number of people Set of questions

5 ADVANTAGES Standardised instructions Anonymity in response Quantitative analysis & predictive interpretation Can complete them at their convenience Added time to think about responses Relatively inexpensive

6 DISADVANTAGES Number of respondents is low No guarantee of response Tend to be inflexible Prejudiced against them

7 DISADVANTAGES Cannot study body language No immediate opportunity to clarify Difficult to prepare

8 Questionnaire types Free-format (unstructured) Fixed-format (structured)

9 FREE-FORMAT Descriptive answers Difficult to tabulate Answers may not match questions

10 FIXED-FORMAT Multiple choice several answers very brief free-format answers

11 FIXED-FORMAT Rating supplied responses to state an opinion Ranking answers to be ranked in order of preference or experience

12 DESIGNING A QUESTIONNAIRE Determine facts & opinions to be collected Identify target audience Decide on type of questionnaire Write & edit questions. Check for errors Pretest questions on small sample Duplicate & distribute questionnaire

13 PERSONAL INTERVIEW Most important & often used Analyst (interviewer) User (interviewee) Good human relations skills

14 ADVANTAGES Can establish rapport with interviewee so that he/she responds freely and openly Probe for more feedback; clarify doubts

15 ADVANTAGES Adapt or reword questions depending on individual Observe non-verbal communication

16 DISADVANTAGES Time-consuming & expensive Dependent on analyst’s human relations skills May be impractical

17 INTERVIEW TYPES Structured specific set of questions could be closed-ended or open ended

18 INTERVIEW TYPES Unstructured general goal or purpose interviewee provides a framework frequently gets off track not very popular

19 PERSONAL INTERVIEW Select interviewees organisational chart learn user characteristics interview time 30 - 60 min supervisory permission without peers present

20 PERSONAL INTERVIEW Prepare for the interview inform user about the agenda interview guide avoid loaded, leading, biased questions

21 PERSONAL INTERVIEW Conduct the interview opening, body and conclusion deductive and inductive approach

22 PERSONAL INTERVIEW Follow-up on the interview formal memo informal call


24 K Vishwanath Trans-Slide

25 Raghav Mishra Set Mukesh Saxena Gajendra Diwakar Floor Assistant

26 Sunita Chhabra Makeup Sanjeev Katoch Floor Manager

27 Deepak Sharma Arun Firoz Camera R Sekhar Lighting Director

28 Ravinder Singh CCU S B Saxena Vision Mixer

29 Shamim Khan Sound Satish Kumar Video Recording

30 Vinod Mago Technical Director Manoj Bhatnagar Assistance in Production

31 YOGESH KUMAR Edit & Produced by

32 An EMPC Indira Gandhi National Open University Presentation -1999

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