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Welcome to 4th Grade Dallastown Area Intermediate School Team Diligence.

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1 Welcome to 4th Grade Dallastown Area Intermediate School Team Diligence

2 Team Diligence Mr. Bricker – Math & Social Studies Mrs. Corwin – Language Arts Miss Kurnat – Language Arts Miss Mellinger – Math & Science Mrs. Mummert – Learning Support

3 Each student has a schedule in the front of their assignment book for Core and Encore subjects. 4 th Grade Encore classes: PE, Health, Art, Music, Library, Guidance, and Computer.

4 PLACE VALUE- MONEY: to 100,000, rounding, least to greatest, comparing number values, estimating, decimals ADDITION and SUBTRACTION: with regrouping of 2 to 6 digit numbers. TIME: telling time to the minute, elapsed time. MULTIPLICATION: by 1 and 2 digit numbers. DIVISION: into 3 digit numbers with/without remainders, averages GEOMETRY: plane and solid figures, perimeter/area, measurement, etc. PROBLEM SOLVING: various strategies for problem solving CHARTS, TABLES,GRAPHS: make, read, and interpret. FRACTIONS: comparing, adding/subtracting

5 Teachers will administer a pretest at the beginning of each marking period. Then students will be grouped within or between classrooms based on their need for diagnostic and remedial teaching, re- teaching of specific skills, or enrichment. Flexible Grouping in Math Flexible grouping creates temporary groups. Students will be regrouped based on individual student’s achievement.

6 States and Regions of the U.S. Land/People/Regions Northeast Southeast Middle West Southwest West

7 Life Science Plant and Animal Structure And Function Energy in Ecosystems Surviving in the Environment Earth Science Measuring Weather Makeup of the Earth Exploring the Oceans Movements in the Solar System Physical Science Matter Force and Motion Electricity and Magnetism Light and Sound **Students will work in the SCIENCE LAB once each cycle.**

8 Science and Social Studies study guides will be sent home with students prior to the test. Science study guides, class lessons, and extra materials are posted on Miss Mellinger’s Science Moodle. A direct link can be found on the TeamMiss Mellinger’s Science Moodle Diligence website.

9 Reading Activities Read alouds Interactive read aloud Shared reading Guided Groups Literature Circles Silent reading Journal entries Reading responses Book projects Research Types of Genre Historical Fiction Fantasy Non-fiction Mystery Adventure Poetry Reading Strategies Connections Predict/Infer Questioning Monitor Summarize Evaluate Visualize Author Studies Patricia Reilly Giff Gordon Korman Roald Dahl

10 TYPES OF WRITING Narratives Informative Persuasive Expository Descriptive Poetry Summarizing Note Taking Friendly letters Responding to open ended questions (RAFT Responses) Learn Speaking and Listening Skills Students will write paragraphs and stories that display understanding of: Focus- staying on topic ContentContent- using elements of a particular type of writing. OrganizationOrganization- have a beginning, middle and end. Style- use a variety of words, types of sentences etc. Conventions-correct punctuation, spelling, capitalization.

11 SPELLING Word Study Word sorting to identify spelling patterns Spelling lists go home on Monday and the test is always two weeks later on Friday. Expect homework weekly!

12 Language Arts Homework Students will be required to read at home each week. Detailed information will be sent home with students during the first week of school. Word study sorts will be pasted into the agenda on the right hand side of the week. Please use these sort keys to study spelling throughout the week. We will assign word study homework weekly. Word Study homework is due the day of the test.

13 Homework! Team Diligence Homework Policy All Homework is to be completed and must be made up if missed. Warning for 1 st missed assignment Loss of recess for 2 nd and subsequent missed assignments. Parent Contact (email or phone call) for 3rd missed assignment. 4 th missed assignment may result in a parent/student conference with teacher, administrator, and guidance counselor. Monthly Homework Rewards Students who miss an assignment will not receive the reward. Students will start with a clean slate at the beginning of each month.


15 Discipline Team Diligence Policy (3 Strikes) 1 st offense (warning) 2 nd offense (loss of recess) 3 rd offense (appropriate consequence)

16 Every student has his/her own locker. There are no locks on the lockers. Students must keep their personal belongings in their lockers during the school day. Students may not decorate or adorn their lockers with stickers. Magnets are permitted.

17 Every student will receive a student ID card. ID cards will be used to purchase lunch and to borrow books from the school library. ID cards must remain in school at all times.

18 Accessing our Team Website Step 1: From the Dallastown homepage, select Dallastown Area Intermediate School.

19 Step 2: Select Team Diligence from the Blue Community drop down menu.

20 Access our site for: Nightly homework assignments Team Encore schedules Individual teacher pages Links to class Moodle sites

21 COMMUNICATION You and your child are extremely important to our team. We want you to feel free to contact us whenever you have a question or concern about anything. You can reach us in the mornings most days from 7:50 A.M. to 8:15 A.M. Call the school @ 244-4021. It is best to reach us by email.

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