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City Management Economic Development Dr. Adnan Alshiha.

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1 City Management Economic Development Dr. Adnan Alshiha

2 Economic Development A process of for a achieving economic change through the attraction, retention, and expansion of commerce and industry. A common assumption is that economic development occurs because local government incentives. Some assume it is synonymous with urban revitalization financed by central government

3 Economic development Changes the Community It causes: population change, population change, create employment opportunity, effect the community socioeconomic makeup, Determine the cost of goods and services

4 Economic development Process Economic development policy decision Information and analysis ResourcesImplementationevaluation

5 Economic development policy decision Factors effecting ED program: Values of the community Availability of resource Complexity of economic problem

6 Economic development Goals Overall goal: Improving the quality of life Employment: More jobs or better jobs? Income: which jobs raise per capita income? Fiscal health: provide additional municipal revenue.

7 Economic development Strategies Constitute a second set of policy decision. Ways of a achieving goals Major strategy: Job creation, retention, or expansion Export sector job Capital – intensive or labor intensive industry Government role in ED: community promotion, supply side, institutional factors

8 Information and analysis An analysis of industry performance and component s of change for targeted industries. (identify growing industries) An assessment of community competitive advantages and disadvantages (opportunity). An assessment of recent area business trend (production and employment).

9 Economic development Resources Development attitudes (the community vision) Economic base (exporting sector) Financial resources (government and private).

10 Implementing Economic development Organization structure: Economic development coordinator Economic development department Economic development division Economic development commission (independent from local government) Economic development authority (down town authority)

11 Evaluation and Economic development Three measure of program performance: Whether a program is accomplishing the goal for which it was designed. Programs should be evaluated from cost / benefit perspective. The secondary and unintended effect of ED program.

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