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21st Century Healthcare Ltd. M-zuri Skincare System TM BANISH A BLEMISH.

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1 21st Century Healthcare Ltd. M-zuri Skincare System TM BANISH A BLEMISH

2 Mission statement Our commitment is to use non-invasive treatments that do not interrupt your lifestyle. Skin texture and complexion within each facial zone are preserved unlike with lasers. References to the fundamental principles of Hara Shiatsu are observed (See USO LOGIC). M-zuri Treatment Treatments are spaced at monthly intervals for three months. Thereafter, a prevention of recurrence programme is followed. M-zuri treatments are safe, effective and work without laser and scalpel surgery. M-zuri restores to the skin that what nature has intended. There is no oozing or crusting and bandages are not required. Redness is minimal and normal cosmetics and makeup may be worn.

3 ACNE The Facts The Note Classification Acne is a skin condition which is both commonly experienced and greatly misunderstood. Associated with adolescence, but can persist well past. Allergens in foodstuff, grains, nuts, meat, fish and milk products are considered to be responsible for similar skin eruptions. Acne is clinically classified by types and numbers of inflamed spots. Grade 1: Few pustules on coarse skin. Grade 2: Clogged pores on oily skin. Grade 3: Clogged pores and pustules. Grade 4: Pustules, nodules and cysts.

4 ACNE SURVIVAL by M-zuri Skincare System TM Before Treatment After Treatment

5 BANISH ACNE You can PROMISES made are kept PROMISES RESTORATION Begins now We are dedicated and qualified to making your lifestyle FUN AGAIN! Finding solutions from our premium products for visible skin improvements. Guarantee simple and easy maintenance.

6 From Grade 4 -to- Grade 0 by M-zuri Skincare System in 3 months Before Treatment After Treatment

7 Maintenance Lifestyle & Lifelong EXFOLIATION Process of a continuous renewal of the skin surface is cell exfoliation. Cells migrate to the surface from the deeper layers. Over three weeks, they are thinned, flattened and prepared for shedding for a flawless and radiant complexion. FLAWLESS & RADIANT

8 What causal factors? Acne or chronically inflamed spots may result from: Environmental & atmospheric pollutants, oil droplets and dust. Cell debris, sebum and fatty acids from skincare products. Hormonal (PCOS) and dietary influences on healthy skin. Allergens and bacterial sensitivities (p.acne) inhabit open pores.

9 Management of Solitary & Stubborn Cysts Selection of effective M-zuri Products: CLEANSE & TONE for lifeless pale and dull skin prone to spots. For gentle microbrasion and controlled exfoliation. This user-friendly component with anti ageing skincare qualities is aimed at fresher looking evenly textured and better hydrated skin. BRAZILIAN PEEL is a powerful and well buffered exfolliant. It is recommended where severely sun damaged skin displays sun spots, coarse skin and acne pits. Use to supplement weekly treatment with M-zuri anti ageing creams treatment to restore neutral pH. SPOT CREAM is the precise application of cream that guarantees rapid acne spot reduction and return to normal texture and complexion. Pre menstrual cyst or boil or bite

10 M-zuri range of products For best results Apply sparingly and precisely!

11 JUST THE TICKET From research in formulating & sourcing substances for better management of common skin blemishes. To Skincare & Beauty with an awareness of and response to individual safety issues and concerns.

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