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Professionalism An AARC Guide to Professionalism.

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1 Professionalism An AARC Guide to Professionalism

2 Definitions  Profession –A vocation or occupation requiring special, usually advanced, education, knowledge, and skill  Professional –One engaged in one of the learned professions or in an occupation requiring a high level of training and proficiency Source: (Black’s Law Dictionary 6th ed)

3 Professionalism  This presentation is intended to provide insights into what it means to be a professional.  Part of being a professional is to: –1. serve the needs of society. –2. understand the characteristics of professionalism. –3. behave in a professional manner. –4. enhance and promote professional image.

4 A Higher Standard  Professionals are held to a higher standard of behavior.  The public expects them to: –Make sound decisions –Function as leaders –Put patients first –Commit to the profession

5 Societal Expectations  Professional credentials –License, certification or registry required to practice.  Professional code of ethics  Established standards of practice  Maintenance of knowledge and skills –Life long commitment to learning  Peer review process  Commitment to research and publication

6 Patient Expectations  Personal integrity  Confidentiality  Appreciation for diversity  Commitment to the profession  Strong work ethic  Exercise sound judgment

7 Citizenship  Philanthropic endeavors –provide service to the community and society at large  Civic responsibilities –fulfill our civic responsibilities as a voter, tax payer, and public policy shaper.

8  General education  Psychomotor and cognitive skills  Interpersonal skills  Teaching and administrative skills  Research skills Professional Education Knowledge and Skills

9  Continued self-improvement  Continued professional development  Continuing education  Research Professional Education Lifelong Learning

10 Professional Image  Conservative apparel  Grooming –Hair –Nails –Hygiene  Subtle use of jewelry Appearance

11 Professional Image  Light, natural use of makeup  Limit use of personal phones and beepers  Verbal and non-verbal communication “in sync” and presenting appropriate message Appearance

12 Professional Image  Positive attitude  Mature behavior  Proper etiquette  Dependability  Accepting of responsibility Attitudes and Behaviors

13 Professional Image  Thorough and timely completion of tasks  Communication skills –Personal –Utilizing Technology  Professional competence Attitudes and Behaviors

14 Professional Image A professional attitude and behavior does not preclude warm, friendly interaction. Caring behaviors are appropriate and expected. Physical and emotional limits should be maintained in the patient/professional relationship. Attitudes and Behaviors

15 AARC  Professional Advocacy  Professional Resources  Professional Network Setting standards for the profession

16 AARC Publications  Role Model Statement For Respiratory Care  Statement Of Ethics And Professional Conduct For Respiratory Care  Position Statement On Diversity

17 AARC Helping members grow and develop in the practice of respiratory care.

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