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Contact Information: Katrina Jones: Diana Mora:

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1 Contact Information: Katrina Jones: Diana Mora:

2 The GPISD Education Foundation is a special purpose foundation that distributes grants to only one organization – individuals or teams of individuals employed by GPISD who are involved in the instruction of students. The Grant Award program funds innovative, project-based learning that results in increased student achievement. 2

3  1998-1999 –Awarded $ 6,067.70 in grants  2005-2006 – Awarded $ 7,050.00 in grants  2006-2007 – Awarded $ 7,544.00 in grants  2007-2008 – Awarded $ 5,761.50 in grants  2008-2009 – Awarded $ 33,497.00 in grants  2009-2010 – Awarded $ 51,617.66 in grants  2010-2011 – Awarded $ 69,462.30 in grants  2011-2012 – Awarded $100,723.28 in grants  2012-2013 – Awarded $ 96,823.04 in grants  2013-2014 – Awarded $ 96,833.58 in grants Total Awarded $478,363.94 in grants over 10 years. 3

4  Propose an Idea  Develop a Project  Prepare an Application  Secure Principal’s Permission 4

5  Grant development does require work and can greatly enhance what you do in the classroom. So plan ahead to get your accurately completed application in on time. 80-20 Rule  80% Research  20% Writing 5

6  Deadline: 4:00 p.m. March 20, 2015  Scanned in and sent to  Format: Use application provided online at Click on the Innovative Teaching Grants  Rubric: 120 points total 6

7  Cover Page (this page will be removed when applications are handed over to the grant committee.)  Section 1: Basic Information  Section 2: Purpose, Rationale, Objectives  Section 3: Activities, Evaluation, Partnerships  Section 4: Budget 7

8  Project Title  Only one Primary Contact Person (person that will receive all communication if the grant is awarded. If written by a group, the primary contact will be responsible for sending updates to the group.)  School/Department Name (additional team member(s) can be listed in this section after the campus/dept name)  Campus/Department Secretary (this should be the campus/dept. personnel that handles purchase orders)  Person responsible for evaluation procedures  Primary Contact’s statement of approval  Principal’s statement of approval 8

9  Include all the following components ◦ Project Title ◦ Five Plays ◦ New Initiative? ◦ Students Impacted 9

10  The title should not include the name of the campus/department.  The title should be creative, not lengthy.  The title sets the tone.  The title captures the interest of the reader. 10

11  Grow Green with Us  M2=Math and the Media Center  They’re Climbing the Walls…So Let ‘Em!  Tickling those “21 st Century” Ivories!  Keep Calm Empathy On  Quiero Mas Tecnologia  Reduce Reuse 11

12  Body of Grant Elements ◦ Purpose (20 points) ◦ Rationale (20 points) ◦ Objectives (50 points) ◦ Activities (20 points) ◦ Budget (10 points)  Answer questions thoroughly and concisely  Mandatory point deductions for omitted, incomplete or inaccurate sections. 12

13  State Need: – Facts (not opinion) – Data, Statistics, and Research  Include Goals – Broad and Visionary – Descriptive – Measurable 13

14  Need Statement – We would like to graduate students that are completely prepared for college theatre or a professional career if they choose. Our program has a history of success in many areas, particularly for the performance actor. In terms of Technical Theatre, the program has centered around lighting, sound and set design, etc.  Goals – ◦ Become THE complete theatre experience by providing our students with a working knowledge of costume design, hair/makeup design and theatre management. 14

15 Answer these questions: ◦ Why is this project important? ◦ How does the project relate to your Campus Improvement Plan? ◦ How does this project benefit the students? 15

16  With limited space in the main course, we want to expand in another overlooked area in Theatre Tech  This course would offer our students an opportunity to learn the last piece of the theatre puzzle.  This course would provide a working knowledge of such things as costume construction and makeup design as well as the history of such important elements. 16

17  What would you like to do? – Objectives must be measurable. – Objectives must state specific changes to be achieved during the project. – What skills will be learned by this project? 17

18  Each student will learn proper dissection techniques and practice until they are confident. ◦ TEKS: 7.1B; 7.3C; 7.4A, 7.9A,B  Each Student will become familiar with the major biological systems of the frog and will be able to relate to this knowledge of human anatomy. ◦ TEKS: 7.9A,B 18

19  What are the students going to do? – List planned student activities and participation. – What will the students do and how will they do it? – Include the interval and frequency of the activity. – How many classes are affected. - Will there be community or school partners associated with this project? What is their role? 19

20  The computer lab or mobile wireless lab will be used. Each student will work individually on a computer. They will perform the entire dissection at least once and go through the anatomy module. Worksheets provided in the Teacher’s Resource Binder will be copied and used to reinforce the virtual lab experience. 20

21  Points will be awarded based on the appropriateness of the budget and each item’s relevance to the project.  All items requested in your grant application must adhere to all Purchasing Procedures, which can be found at  If requesting technology/software items, you must adhere to Technology and Software Procedures, which can be found at  Vendors must be on the GPISD Approved Vendor Listing. If vendor is not listed, contact the Purchasing Department at 972/237-5516.  In addition to completing this section, attach vendor quotes.  Include a 10% contingency fee to cover price changes.  Make sure your total amount requested is calculated correctly and does not exceed $15,000 including the contingency fee. 21

22  Principal Signature - Important change!  You CANNOT spend funds for ANYTHING except for what it was approved for.  ALL signed grant applications must be scanned and submitted online only.  Review your application for incomplete or incorrect information prior to submission.  The name of the campus/department can not be in the body of the grant. This will automatically disqualify your grant application.  When considering an innovative idea that would require technology or M&O services, be considerate of those departments by providing ample time for their review.  22

23  Cover Page  Body of Grant  Budget 23

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