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Disclaimer The information contained in the nine (9) PowerPoint presentations is intended for general use to assist qualified Extension Officers to communicate.

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2 Disclaimer The information contained in the nine (9) PowerPoint presentations is intended for general use to assist qualified Extension Officers to communicate the material covered in the Manual “Managing Indigenous Pastoral Lands” to Indigenous pastoralists and their advisors and other stakeholders. It includes general statements based on scientific research. Extension officers are advised to seek training in the delivery of the PowerPoints where necessary. Trainers and audiences are advised, and need to be aware, that this information may be incomplete or unsuitable for use in specific situations. Whilst all care has been taken to ensure that all information is true and correct at the time of publication, McClelland Rural Services Pty Ltd gives no warranty or assurance, and make no representation as to the accuracy of any material or advice contained in these PowerPoints. Before taking any action or decision based on the information in the PowerPoint presentations, readers should seek expert professional, scientific, technical and legal advice. To the extent permitted by law, the McClelland Rural Services Pty Ltd (including its employees and consultants), the authors and its partners do not assume liability of any kind whatsoever resulting from any person’s use or reliance upon the contents of these PowerPoints, or if changes are made to them. WARNING: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander attendees should be aware that the following presentations may contain images or names of people who have since passed away.

3 Running a Beef Cattle Business

4 Analyse Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats - SWOT Prepare Business Plan for future operation of your Cattle Station to assist in attracting finance Be aware of Business Governance requirements Know how to Record and Budget Know how to measure Performance through Management Accounting Main Actions


6 Robin Yeeda, Manager Lamboo Station, helps launch Management Manual

7 STRENGTHS Planning on Ullawarra Station, Gascoyne WA Business Planning

8 STRENGTHS Business Planning Steps Give legal and financial makeup of Corporation operation Provide business proposal outline, type and suitability of cattle to be run on your station Describe current business - markets, labour requirements, and cattle industry performance Provide full business management plan over next 3-5 years Show how your business plan will be monitored

9 STRENGTHS Business Plan Your Corporation State Corporation name and shareholders (Traditional Owners) If Corporation already has a cattle business and accountant, provide financial accounts for: o an annual Balance Sheet o last 3 years cash flow and income (profit and loss) Describe Corporation key people - Board Members, Manager and Headstockman

10 STRENGTHS Business Plan Overview The business is an Aboriginal Corporation owning and running a cattle station Give general proposal or goal e.g. to grow cattle numbers and sales over next 5 years and provide employment for local young people State main type of enterprise e.g. breeding and turning off steers for live export

11 STRENGTHS Business goal - engaging young people

12 STRENGTHS Business Plan Your Current Business Station location and cattle industry involvement Area, current cattle numbers, availability of labour Nearest markets for cattle Cattle industry performance Land ownership or any subleasing arrangements Who we contact for advice

13 STRENGTHS Planning Grazing Land Management, Warrigundu NT

14 STRENGTHS Business Plan Financial Analysis Prepare Cash Flow budgets for 3-5 years Show cash inflows (e.g. cattle sales) and cash outflows (how cash is used) Give finance structure and repayment schedule

15 STRENGTHS Business Plan Monitoring & Evaluation State how progress against the business plan will be monitored Who will be responsible for carrying out and monitoring of the plan Details of what will be monitored The key milestones and benchmarks by which the business will be monitored

16 Business Management - Governance Corporate Financial Cultural Board to follow rules and processes Approve business plans and budgets A respected mentor may help Employ an experienced Company Secretary

17 STRENGTHS Cora Johnston, Bookkeeper, Myroodah Station, Kimberley WA Management Accounting

18 STRENGTHS Management Accounting Records Livestock return each month, quarter or year Record income Operating expenses Finance and capital costs Wages book

19 STRENGTHS Livestock Return Aboriginal Pastoral Company Monthly Stock Return Whichone Station Month Ending31-Jan2013 Year No.ClassAge Opening Numbers PurchasesBrandingsRecoveries /LossesSalesRationsDeathsAdjust- ments Closing Numbers Breeders 2Maiden Heifers1-2 220 10 2 208 1Maiden Heifers2-3 200 20 2 178 0First Calf3-4 180 10 2 168 9CowsMxd 700 100 12 588 Sub Total 1,300 - - - 140 - 18 - 1,142 Unjoined Females 3F. Calves & Weaners0-1 - 350 10 340 2Maiden Heifers1-2 150 1Maiden Heifers2-3 20 Sub Total 170 - 350 - - - 10 - 510 Speyed Females Heifers - - Cows 4+ 50 25 2 23 Sub Total 50 - - - 25 - 2 - 23 Total Females 1,520 - 350 - 165 - 30 - 1,675 Males Steers 3S. Calves & Weaners0-1 - 350 2Steers1-2 340 280 2 3 55 1Bullocks2+ 130 120 2 8 Sub Total 470 - 350 - 400 2 5 - 413 Bulls 3B. Calves & Weaners0-1 - - 2Young Bulls1-2 - - 1Joiners2-3 10 1 9 0Herd Bulls3+ 35 2 1 32 Sub Total 45 - - - - 2 2 - 41 Total Males 515 - 350 - 400 4 7 - 454 Herd Total 2,035 - 700 - 565 4 37 2,129 B/F Year to Date 2,035 - 700 - 565 4 37 2,129

20 STRENGTHS Management Accounting Types of Costs Variable Costs Overhead Finance Costs Capital

21 STRENGTHS Bookkeeping and Accounting Recording

22 STRENGTHS Bookkeeping and Accounting Reporting

23 STRENGTHS Financial Management Measures Gross Income and Gross Margin Gross Income Change in Inventory Value Variable Costs Gross Margin

24 STRENGTHS Financial Management Measures - Other Earnings Before Interest &Tax (EBIT) Return on Assets (land, cattle etc.) Net Profit after Tax (NPAT) Net Cash Flow Before Financing Net Cash Flow After Financing

25 Business -Summary Business management will help you reach your goals: Running a sustainable beef business on your land Engaging young people Offering properly paid jobs Attracting financial assistance


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