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Why do I need water treatment. Breakdown of utilities.

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1 Why do I need water treatment

2 Breakdown of utilities

3 Effective Water Treatment  Helps ensure safe & reliable system operation  Minimizes energy, water & maintenance costs  Maximizes life of a major capital investment

4 Poor Water Treatment  Increases liability concerns  Results in downtime & production losses  Increases labor & maintenance costs  Increases energy & water costs  Results in premature equipment replacement

5 Effective Water Treatment Requires a Comprehensive Approach  Technical Expertise  The Right Feed & Control Equipment  Quality Treatment Products  Service Orientation  Dedication to Meeting Individual Needs

6 Effects of Scale

7 Efficiency loss

8 Effects of Corrosion

9 Effects of Microbiological

10 Cycles of Concentration  Any dissolved solids that were in the water are left behind & concentrate in the remaining water  Cycles reflect the degree makeup impurities are concentrated in system water 1 Cycle Makeup Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) = 100 ppm 2 Cycles3 Cycles4 Cycles TDS = 200 ppm TDS = 300 ppm TDS = 400 ppm TDS = 100 ppm

11 Cycles & Bleed Constant Evaporation 654321654321 6543265432 With zero bleed, cycles will continually increase Bleed used to maintain desired cycles Time  Bleed or blowdown is the deliberate discharge of system water to maintain the desired cycles (dissolved solids level) Makeup Bleed

12 Annual Tower Treatment Costs Vs. Cycles Based on 1000 Ton Load, 24 Hr/Day, 240 Days/Year, Water Cost of $2.50/1000 gal, Inhibitor Cost of $2.50/1000 gal bleed Importance of Cycles

13 Why Treat Closed Loops Water and Metal don’t mix! The metal surfaces of your closed loop system are meant to last decades and they can if they are properly protected. A chilled water system line can last 40 – 50 years with proper treatment, but they can fail in as little as a couple years without treatment. Hot water system lines have been known to fail in the first year without treatment. Hot Water Systems can become scaled. Calcium deposits can form on heating surfaces in areas with high hardness. Proper treatment can prevent any scale formation. Anaerobic bacteria can destroy a closed loop system. Even though the system is not exposed to sunlight or air, bacterial can still grow in it. Glycols are more corrosive than water by itself. The corrosion rate of carbon steels and copper alloys in a 30% glycol solution is 10-15 times greater than in plain water.

14 What can happen if I don’t treat my closed loop

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