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Welcome to the First-Year Engineering Program

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1 Welcome to the First-Year Engineering Program
ENGR 1182 Graphics 01

2 Today’s Objectives Teaching Team Introduction
Course Structure & Expectations Course Syllabus Graphics 01 Develop visualization skills using coded plans and snap cubes Use coded plans to sketch objects in isometric view GP01 In-Class Activity GP01 Out-of-Class Assignment

3 Get to know us, we’re here to make you successful!
Teaching Team Introduction Faculty Leader Graduate Teaching Associate - GTA Undergraduate Teaching Associates - UTA Get to know us, we’re here to make you successful! Instructors Note: The basic information to contact instructional staff is on course syllabus and located on Carmen. Current research indicates that introductions are very important to freshman students in developing year-long personal relationships with their instructional staff. Consider adding your own introductory slide following this slide. Make sure that the TA’s and UTA’s are involved in this area. Introduce yourself - Name, Educational background, Department, areas you teach in, areas of research, personal interest that they might share. Make sure to have TA’s and UTS’s each introduce self – Name, degree program and/or Department, hometown, OSU campus club or activity they are involved in Office hours for Faculty and TA’s to be set once quarter gets started. Will announce later and will be on the online syllabus. Always available , phone if needed.

4 Advanced Energy Vehicle (AEV)
ENGR 1182 Course Structure 3 main subjects of ENGR 1182 Graphics Visualization Skills Hand Sketching SolidWorks 3D Computer Aided Drafting Real World Application Advanced Energy Vehicle (AEV) Team Engineering Design Project Autonomous Robot using an Arduino micro-controller Semester Long Project Final Competition Midterm 1 Midterm 2 Final Documentation Weeks 1-5 Weeks 5-10 Weeks 3-16

5 Structure & Expectations
The Flipped (or inverted) Classroom Students watch lectures/study materials online before class. Concept engagement takes place in the classroom with help of instructional team. (same as 1181) Discussion on the inverted classroom approach. Shorter lectures with more pre-class readings, assignments, etc. In the classroom, the instructors are to reinforce the concepts learned briefly, and then provide in-class assistance to students. This is shown to be a more effective teaching approach vs. traditional full length class lectures.

6 Learning Modules Reading Material Carmen Quiz Preparation Lecture
Module Example Session: Graphics 02 Quiz: GP02 (on carmen) Lecture: Graphics 02 (on Website) Topics: Isometric Sketching from different view points Inclined and Curved Surfaces in Isometric Sketching In-Class Activity: GP02_IN Out-of-Class Assignment: GP02_OUT Learning Modules Before Class In Class Activity Out of Class Assignment Reading Material Graphics 02 Carmen Quiz Preparation Lecture Practice and Assessment

7 Required Materials Reading Material TEXT:
Engineering Design (OSU Edition) Local Bookstores In Class Activity Reading Material Drawing Packet: ENGR 1182 Course Packet UNIPRINT

8 EEIC Courses Website
Contains all ENGR 1181 course materials Arranged by class meeting periods Navigate to website > 1182 > Your schedule # or professor and time Find Class 1 Instructors: Take the time to show the students the website. Show them how to find their class schedule and

9 Class 1 – Introduction to Engineering
Website Organization Class 1 – Introduction to Engineering

10 Carmen Online tool for some course resources
Gradebook, quizzes, journals Use OSU login 24/7 access Communication tool between instructional staff and students Instructors Note: How to access CARMEN is covered in the Student Resource Guide

11 Syllabus Review Assignment Policy Makeup Exam Policy & Guidelines Attendance and Participation In-Class Activities & Homework Assignments (See lecturer notes for information) Assessment and Evaluation Grading Online Evaluation Tools Journals Team Evaluations Academic Misconduct NOTE: A minimum grade of 50% is required in the following course components to receive a passing grade in this course Class Activities Lab Activities Exams Modified 1/9/15 by R.C.BUSICK to add In-Class Activities & Homework Assignments. Lecturer should describe that in order to receive credit for submitted homework, the In-Class Assignment (which is not graded) MUST be submitted. Instructors Note: The following slides have been reorganized to follow the syllabus more closely. It is intended that the lecturer and the students view the syllabus in it’s HARD COPY FORM with the lecturer using the slides as a suggested guide through the syllabus, adding comments as appropriate. Use the physical Syllabus to call attention to the most important sections: The course layout, grading, course materials, Academic Misconduct, Assignment schedule. Clarify how late assignments will be handled. This is always a contentious issue.

12 Team Formation You will work in teams of four on many assignments during the semester. Teams are created using a Team-Maker tool. You should have received with a link. This survey needs to be completed soon.

13 Methods of Getting Help
UTA Tutoring Available in First-Year Engineering computer lab (HI 324) Staffed Mon-Thurs 9-7, Fridays 9-3 GTA Make an appointment or stop by office hours, they’ll appreciate it! Instructor Make an appointment or stop by office hours. Get to know us, we’re here to help!

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