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Consulting Alliance Strategic Positioning Breakfast Meeting Sept. 23, 2011.

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1 Consulting Alliance Strategic Positioning Breakfast Meeting Sept. 23, 2011

2 Strategic Positioning Process Comparator Analysis study July 22 Make-up presentation July 28 Online follow-up discussions Aug. 4 & 8 3 Anniversary Initiative Focus Groups Sept. 6, 8, 14 Board refinements and endorsements Today: Further development 2

3 Purpose of Today’s Meeting Expand membership’s exposure & involvement in strategic positioning process Advance the development & refinement of CA Mission Consider expanded vision of membership to align with Mission Mobilize engagement in next steps 3

4 Key Findings from Discussions Broad consensus and momentum to revitalize CA and move to the next frontier Primary mission of CA is business development, not camaraderie Secondary mission is the sharing and development of technical expertise Marketplace is broader than the Capital Region CA needs greatly expanded visibility and comprehension Membership needs to scale up to provide resources & expand value; member definitions need to be revisited CA image/brand needs refreshing 4

5 Mission Statement Components Value to marketplace (prospective “hirers”) Value to members 5

6 Marketplace Position our members as having expertise in broad markets. Local Regional National International 6

7 Constituencies Members and prospective members Clients and prospects Feeder organizations Prime contractors (for subs and partnerships) Direct clients Prospects Hiring entities (like HR directors) Media 7

8 Draft Mission Statement A The Consulting Alliance is a consortium of best-in-class consultants who collaborate to advance their technical expertise and build their individual consulting practices. For over 20 years, regional and national organizations have hired Consulting Alliance members for their seasoned expertise, across a broad array of disciplines, to help solve mission- critical challenges and achieve results. 8

9 Draft Mission Statement B The Consulting Alliance provides a one- stop resource for regional and national organizations to find top-notch consulting talent, which can help solve a breadth and depth of client challenges. Seasoned professionals join the Consulting Alliance to share technical expertise, collaborate on business development and gain access to area businesses, with the goal of advancing their individual consulting practices. 9

10 Draft Mission Statement C Established in 1981, the Consulting Alliance is a collaborative community of consultants working to build strong businesses. Our members, a vibrant and diverse group, are a premier resource for businesses seeking expert consultants to deliver specific, high–quality results. 10

11 Membership What does our membership need to look like to meet the Mission (size and makeup)? What are the needs of the Region? Should we endeavor to grow in alignment with those needs? How do we grow? 11

12 Programming Skills development Mentoring Specific topics, e.g. structuring fees; client relationships; technology 12

13 Next steps Where do we go from here? Who will help? 13

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