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Report from the BCCCC Operations Sub-Committee to the BCCCCIAB

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1 Report from the BCCCC Operations Sub-Committee to the BCCCCIAB
Mike Burton – Fire Chief, Tamarac With support from: Cindy Adamsky – Captain, BSO Regional Communications Kim Rubio – BSO Regional Communications Mgr. Rick Carpani – CIO, BSO Communications Technology Division

2 Committee Makeup Fire Rescue Chief Mike Burton, Tamarac (Chair)
BSO Fire Rescue Chief Neal de Jesus, Broward Sheriff’s Office (Vice-Chair) Vice Mayor George Brummer, Pompano Beach City Manager Charlie Dodge, Pembroke Pines Fire Chief Dave Donzella, Lighthouse Point

3 Committee Makeup Police Chief Keith Dunn, Miramar
Dr. Nabil El-Sanadi, MD, Medical Director City Manager Burgess Hanson, Deerfield Beach Sheriff Al Lamberti, Broward Sheriff’s Office City Manager Richard Lemack, Davie Mayor Michael Ryan, Sunrise Police Chief Chad Wagner, Hollywood

4 Guest Participants & Subject Matter Experts
Capt. Cindy Adamsky - Broward Sheriff’s Office Comm. Mgr. Tom Gallagher - Pembroke Pines Comm. Mgr. Joann Brown - Coral Springs Commander Lynn Burnside - Margate Lt. Tony Rosa – Sunrise Lt. Rob Wehymeyer – Coconut Creek Chief Tom Harrington – Fort Lauderdale Director Rick Carpani – BSO – CTD Regional Comm. Mgr. Kim Rubio – BSO

5 Current Challenges Variations exists in data collection beyond the 90/10 90/10 Rule – Answer 90% of 911 within 10 seconds (FS ) Disparate CAD in Plantation, Margate, Fort Lauderdale, and Coral Springs (Pines and Creek pending) Number of and impact of “misdirected” 911 calls via cell phones (estimated at 5-10%)

6 Current Accomplishments
Many elements of a regional system exist now Common CAD for fire rescue available for all cities at no cost to the cities (front line units) Large infrastructure investment in technology has already been made Most agencies on common communications platform Many hard working communications professionals involved

7 Life Cycle of a 911 call

8 Call Volume and Calls For Service FY10/11
Non 911 Calls: 2,834,414 Law CFS: 1,346,844 (mostly non-E) Fire/EMS CFS: 234,912 (mostly emerg.)

9 Current Broward County PSAP Architecture
911 Call Flow

10 Proposed Three PSAP Model
911 Call Flow Diagram Site Selection Pending… Site Selection Pending…

11 Performance Management

12 Broward County PSAP Call Answering Performance FY08/09 vs. FY 09/10 vs
Broward County PSAP Call Answering Performance FY08/09 vs. FY 09/10 vs. FY 10/11 vs. YTD* FY 11/12 Monthly Percent of Calls Answered within 10 sec. (per PSAP) FY FY FY Good Good Good Target Target Target Note: Per S ,F.S. 90% of the calls shall be answered within 10 seconds of call arrival at the PSAP. 74% of the individual PSAP monthly measurements were in the target range. (Fiscal Year 2010/11, in aggregate.) Year to Date* FY 85% of the individual PSAP monthly measurements were in the target range. (Year to Date Fiscal Year 2011/12, in aggregate.) Good Target ( * October 2011 thru March 2012 )

13 Subcommittee’s Early Findings
Platform of “establish a single unified approach with cross-disciplinary leadership and management” Agreement that one PSAP was technically possible, but not advisable Agreement on three geographically separate PSAPs within one system Agreement on 34 overarching goals Agreement on a single CAD system approach, but not which CAD should be used

14 Examples of Overarching Goals
Improve the level of safety for responders and citizens Ensure safe structures with strong redundancies Ensure seamless interoperability between sites Ensure a well planned architecture of technology Reduce or eliminate unfavorable impacts on the work forces

15 Examples of Overarching Goals
Ensure seamless interoperability within the county and near seamlessness with adjoining counties Provide system that best supports closest unit responses and regional approaches Establish operational metrics that meet or exceed established best-practices

16 CTD’s Proposed Staffing Plan
Based upon call volume projections and APCO standards Concerns expressed by Fed. Of Public Empl. Impacted by the number of participating cities Sub-committee did not analyze the plan Recommendation - South PSAP – 179 FTE Central PSAP – 166 North PSAP – 147 FTE

17 Facility Assessments (elements with the highest values)
Year built Hurricane rating Flood plain Future capacity Square footage for existing and expansion Housing for staff in a disaster Diversity of power, telephone, and data Proximity to coast Parking for staff in a disaster (minor)

18 Results of Facility Assessments
Sub-Committee recommends no further consideration of the following sites: Pompano Beach/BSO – Facility and location Fort Lauderdale – Facility Margate – Facility Plantation – Did not participate in this process

19 Results of Facility Assessments
Sub-Committee recommends further consideration of the following sites: BSO – Public Safety Building Coconut Creek – under construction Coral Springs Hollywood Pembroke Pines Sunrise Any further consideration should be accompanied by third party evaluation of the facilities

20 Flee To Sites Developed by BSO CTD
Sites where other PSAPs could relocate to and operate from in emergency or period of inoperability CTD Recommended Sites: Sunrise Pembroke Pines Coconut Creek (under construction)

21 Standards to Meet or Exceed
ISO – Insurance Services Office CAAS – Commission on Accreditation of Ambulance Services CFAI – Commission on Fire Accreditation International APCO – Association of Public-Safety Communications Professionals

22 Standards to Meet or Exceed
CALEA – Commission on Accreditation of Law Enforcement CFA – Commission on FL Law Enforcement Accreditation NAEMD – National Academy of Emergency Medical Dispatch NFPA 1221 – National Fire Protection Association Standard for the Installation, Maintenance, and Use of Emergency Services Communications Systems


24 Next Generation 911 Supports voice, text, or video based 911 calls
Supports Advanced Automatic Collisions Notifications systems Transfers of 911 calls where needed with all data

25 Next Steps Gather professional expertise as the facility and technical viability of each proposed PSAP Determine which PSAPs would be used Gain concurrence with the Governance Sub- Committee and select an Executive Director

26 Next Steps Develop a Request for Proposal for consulting services to draft a plan to include: Identify transition elements (people, hardware, software, political, policies, interim management) Evaluate compliance and best practices Identify tentative participants Evaluate the longevity of current CAD elements Evaluate records management system options

27 Questions

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