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3 Student Perception Survey results are part of teachers’ Professional Practice ratings 3 HOW IS THE SPS USED IN LEAP?

4 The Student Perception Survey contains 30 questions in 3 categories: Students respond to each question using the following scale: 4 WHAT DOES THE SPS INCLUDE? NeverSome of the TimeMost of the TimeAlways Category 1: Facilitates Learning The teacher supports students’ understanding of academic content and encourages students to think critically and explain their ideas. Category 2: Supports Students The teacher supports students emotionally and creates an engaging classroom learning environment. Category 3: High Expectations of Students The teacher communicates high expectations for students’ behavior and academic effort.


6 6 WHO PARTICIPATES IN THE SPS? Every teacher instructing grades 3-12 who meets the following criteria: Evaluated in LEAP, and Assigned to at least 10 students. – Note: Intervention and Special Education teachers who instruct small groups of students are not limited to surveying just a single class; they can survey any student they work with in order to get a total of at least 10 students. Who is NOT part of the SPS? – Paras, student teachers, specialized service providers (e.g., counselors), and licensed teachers in non-instructional roles (e.g., TOSAs). – Teachers who have been with their students for fewer than three weeks (e.g., late hires, teachers on leave) – Teachers who instruct fewer than 10 students over the whole school year. A teacher must have at least 10 students fill out a survey to receive SPS results. – Students in grades ECE-2 do not take the SPS.

7 Fall is the primary administration window. It begins October 27. Spring is a makeup administration window. – This is for teachers who are not able to collect surveys from at least 10 students in the fall. For example, intervention teachers who teach small groups of students. They can survey some students in the fall, and then add more students in the spring. – This window can also be used by teachers on leave during the fall window or late hires who were with their students for less than 3 weeks when the survey administration took place. 7 ADMINISTRATION WINDOWS Fall Window Online Oct. 27 – Dec. 5 Paper/Pencil Oct. 27 – Nov. 21 Fall Results Reported Jan. 5, 2015 Spring Makeup Window Feb. 2 – Feb. 13 Spring Results Reported April/May 2015

8 The SPS should not burden students. In some cases, the survey is not an effective way to collect student feedback. Accommodations Outlined in Student Plans If a student has assessment accommodations specified in an IEP/ILP/504/Assessment Accommodation Plan, those accommodations should be followed when administering the SPS. – These can include a paper/pencil option, additional time, having survey questions read aloud, etc. ELL Students The SPS is provided in Spanish as well as English. – Translations to other languages can be provided upon request. Please let us know ASAP! Translations can take 2-3 weeks. Who is NOT required to take the SPS? Special education students with severe cognitive disabilities or other extenuating physical circumstances that make taking a survey unnecessarily burdensome. ELL students who are at ACCESS levels 1, 2, or 3 and do not speak Spanish or a home language provided on the survey they are taking. If any of these students have survey forms or survey access, please exempt them and notify the SPS team. 8 ACCOMMODATIONS & EXCEPTIONS

9 Students who are absent on SPS administration days are NOT required to do a make-up. – Whether absent students should make up SPS administration is up to the teacher. Make-ups should occur during the same administration window. – If only 1 or 2 students are absent, a make-up probably isn’t necessary, but is allowable. – If 3 or more students are absent, you can consider a make-up for them, but it isn’t required. If the teacher is absent on SPS administration days, another teacher or school staff member can proctor the administration. It doesn’t need to be rescheduled. 9 ABSENCES


11 Students take the survey in specified class periods. Teachers must identify class periods to be surveyed. Students take the survey during two or more class periods. Every teacher must have the SPS administered during at least one class period. Teachers receive responses from only one or two classes. 11 KEY DIFFERENCES BETWEEN PAPER/PENCIL & ONLINE ADMINISTRATION Students can take the survey during any class period.* Teachers do not have to provide survey periods or rosters. Students are assigned to survey them. Most students take the survey during just one class period. Not all teachers need to have surveys administered during class time. Teachers receive responses from students across ALL of their classes. Paper & Pencil AdministrationOnline Administration * Elementary schools that use “blended” specials (e.g., mix homerooms, grades, etc.) will need to administer in the homerooms.

12 Students survey two teachers at a single sitting. This means that they only need to access the survey once. So, not all teachers need to have the SPS administered during their class periods. All teachers can be surveyed in fewer class periods. 12 WHAT DOES ONLINE ADMINISTRATION LOOK LIKE?

13 Student logs in to SPS survey site using his/her student ID:* Student confirms his/her name to verify identity Student answers questions to confirm he/she is surveying the right teacher Student responds to the first survey** Brief transition between surveys Student begins second survey by verifying his/her second teacher After completing second survey, student is automatically logged out 13 HOW DO STUDENTS TAKE THE ONLINE SPS? * DO NOT include WWW before the survey link. ** Spanish, Vietnamese, & Arabic translations are provided in the same survey link. Students can select the language they prefer.

14 14 WHICH TEACHERS DO STUDENTS SURVEY? Students survey two of their teachers in instructional courses. They will be assigned to survey any two of their teachers. Students do not select the teachers to survey; they are automatically assigned. When students take the survey, each student in the room will survey a different set of teachers. The survey will display the teacher’s name on each question. Secondary Teachers (grades 6-12) When students take the survey, all students will survey the same two teachers in the same order. They’ll be assigned to survey their homeroom teacher and one of their specials teachers*. This is less confusing for younger students and easier for proctors. Elementary students with intervention teachers (including special education and G/T) or platoon teachers can also survey those teachers in a separate administration using a separate survey link. The survey will display the teacher’s name on each question. Elementary Teachers (grades 3-5) If you teach at least 10 students, you should be able to have at least 10 surveys. Students are assigned to teachers using IC data *There may be some instances (very rare) in which elementary students fill out the survey for two specials teachers.

15 15 ELEMENTARY ADMINISTRATION – UNIQUE CIRCUMSTANCES This includes intervention teachers, G/T teachers, special education teachers, and platooning teachers who see more than one section of students. Students will survey these teachers during a separate class period on a different day. A separate survey link is used for these teachers. This is noted in the Grades 3-5 SPS Instructions guide sent to your school. Because some elementary students see teachers beyond homeroom and specials teachers, these students will need to survey more than two teachers. This is to make sure that these students aren’t excluded from surveying specials teachers and that all teachers receive student feedback.

16 – The SPS can be administered anytime during the 10/27 – 12/5 window. Work with your teachers and school leaders on a schedule that works best for your school. – Allow students 45 minutes to complete the SPS. One regular class period should be sufficient. – We recommend administering the online SPS by 11/21 to allow the week of 12/1 for makeups. 16 ONLINE ADMINISTRATION SCHEDULING MTWThFSaSu 12345 6789101112 13141516171819 20212223242526 2728293031 MTWThFSaSu 12 3456789 10111213141516 17181920212223 24252627282930 MTWThFSaSu 1234567 891011121314 15161718192021 22232425262728 293031 OctoberNovemberDecember = Holiday

17 SPS Instructions guides have specific information on troubleshooting, as well as contact information for DoTS and the SPS team. For technology issues, contact the DoTS hotline or your school’s tech or SAL – Connectivity issues – Website issues – Device issues or 720-423-3888 For other issues, contact the LEAP hotline or your school’s SAL – Students can’t log in – Students are surveying teachers they’re not assigned to – Questions about the survey or 720-423-2600 17 TROUBLESHOOTING

18 QUESTIONS? Contact the SPS Team Karen HerbertKristin Saathoff 720-423-2129720-423-3127 Or 720-423-2600 18


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