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Visual Rhetoric “ENPA Puppy”

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1 Visual Rhetoric “ENPA Puppy”
Kaylie Young Visual Rhetoric “ENPA Puppy”


3 What is the purpose of the image?

4 Purpose The picture is meant to stop cosmetic testing on animals and support rehabilitation of the animals already affected by it.

5 -National Animal Protection Organization
Background Translation: “Help us cure the victims of cosmetic tests. Send an sms to to give 1 euro and contribute to creating a rehab center.” -National Animal Protection Organization Published: September 2009 Photographer: Mauro Turatti Advertising Agency: Lowe Pirella Fronzoni, Milan, Italy ENPA (Ente Nazionale Protezione Animali) is an Italian organization against the use of animals for cosmetics testing. Beagles are the dog breed used most often in animal testing because of their kindness.

6 Who is the intended audience?

7 Intended Audience While intended for the general public, the image’s main focus is on anyone who uses makeup or who is an animal lover. More specifically, Europeans with these qualities are the audience since the ad is Italian and the donation is in Euros.

8 Who might agree/disagree with the image? Why?

9 Who agrees/disagrees Cosmetic users, pet owners, or animal lovers would all agree with this image because it shows the price animals must pay for humans to look pretty. Cosmetic companies and their workers would disagree because of the negative effect the image has on their jobs. This image might cause them to lose customers.

10 How would the message change if the makeup was real blood?

11 Message Change The image would no longer be understood to be about cosmetic testing. Instead, it might be interpreted as animal cruelty or abuse. Since the “blood” is actually red makeup and nail polish, we recognize that the ad is actually about cosmetic testing.

12 How does lighting affect the image?

13 Lighting All of the lighting is focusing on the puppy or the empty space around the puppy. Any shadows are positioned on the cosmetics to make them the negative part of the image. The shadows also make the cosmetics darker, giving them the appearance of pooling blood.

14 What is omitted from the image? What is the effect of this?

15 Effect of Omission Humans are left out to keep the intention of the image focused on animals being tested on. The lack of a collar on the puppy shows that is belongs to nobody; it is not a pet. There are no brand labels to avoid targeting specific companies. The floor is bare to prevent distraction and to prevent association with a specific place. Any wounds that might have occurred from testing are omitted, leaving the viewer to ponder which cosmetic led to death.

16 Ethos What is the ethical/moral appeal?

17 Ethos The image is credible because of the ENPA symbol in the corner. ENPA is a respected organization with multiple ads with similar goals. Also, to almost everyone, it would be morally wrong to intentionally kill a puppy.

18 Logos What is the logical appeal?

19 Logos Most people know that animals, even puppies, are used to test cosmetics. These animals suffer painful wounds or are killed to make these products safe for humans. Therefore, it is logical to support a rehab center and prevent further testing.

20 Pathos What is the emotional appeal?

21 Pathos Puppies are a common pet and are adorable to practically everyone. Few people would want nothing to do with them and fewer still would actually want them to be killed. Seeing this puppy in an ad immediately evokes sympathy. Support is given to ENPA because the puppy’s vulnerable state induces compassion and makes viewers want to help other victims of cosmetic tests.

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