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Amanda Vallarino Nicole Delgado MAKEUP TIPS AND TRICKS.

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1 Amanda Vallarino Nicole Delgado MAKEUP TIPS AND TRICKS


3  BASICS 1.Foundation 2.Blush 3.Powder 4.Mascara 5.Lipgloss  OTHERS 1.Eyeliner 2.Lashes 3.Bronzer 4.Shadow 5.Lipliner 6.Brows MAKEUP

4 FOUNDATION SEASONAL UPDATE Don’t wear the same foundation with a summer tan as you would in the winter. THE BLEND TREND Be sure to double-check your neck when applying foundation.

5 1. Select a blush based on the color your skin turns when you pinch your cheeks. Apply your foundation and powder as usual. 2. Smile—see the apples of your cheeks? That's your target! Using your blush brush, apply in a circular motion to rounded cheeks. Blend up and outward toward temples until no hard lines are left. BLUSH

6  Make It Last: Keep powder makeup out of the bathroom. The moisture and humidity can lead to clumping and caking. POWDER

7 SHADOW Matching your eye shadow to your eye color sounds like a good idea, but it doesn't work like you’d think. Eye color can get lost and muted when put next to a similar shade. Go for contrast instead. Dark eyes look good in grays, blues, purples, and greens. Light eyes look good in brown, taupe, and bronze shades

8 MASCARA Use less mascara on lower lashes than on top lashes. Or skip the mascara on lower lashes for a more casual look. If your mascara smells funny or is more than six months old, it’s time to toss it.

9  Double your lip color selection by mixing multiple shades of lipsticks and glosses to create your own custom colors.  For example, adding a bright pink lipgloss on top of deep red lipstick can dimensionalize lips and make them look fuller. LIPS


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