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Z Communicating with External Stakeholders Examples: Community Relations Government Relations.

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1 z Communicating with External Stakeholders Examples: Community Relations Government Relations

2 External Communications zFocuses on stakeholders outside the organization zTypical tactics: ynews releases ypress kits ynewsletters ycompany magazines, etc. zGenerally assumed that external communication contributes significantly to an organization’s success

3 zHypothesis: External communication activity in companies identified as visionary is significantly greater than in comparison companies. zResults: yThey gain and initiate more publicity (give out more news releases and have more articles in mass media) yThey spend more money on good causes yThey spend more money on lobbying yThe quality of their information is not necessarily better

4 Visionary companies zAre the premier institutions in their industry zAre widely admired zHave multiple generations of chief executives (new blood) zHave been through multiple product or service life cycles (constantly renewing) zWere founded before 1950

5 Conclusion zExternal communication is strongly present in winning companies. zLikely that good business habits drive good external communications. zAs companies begin to develop and prize excellence, the desire and need for good communications increases as well. zCompanies with good external communications exhibit traits of visionary companies.





10 Sustainable Communications Manages expectations Acknowledges poor past performance as important Looks for option that make sense to all stakeholders Presents supporting evidence Asks questions and tries to answer questions Focuses on core publics to create relationships Treats stakeholders as customers who need to be understood Interacts with stakeholders at their levels, with consistent commitment Is always open Unsustainable Communications Manipulates emotions Ignores or denies mistakes or treats them lightly Looks out for number one Does not disclose relevant raw data and back-up work Disseminates ‘news’ and decisions Does ‘PR’ to the ‘public’ Believes stakeholders and audiences need ‘education’ Delivers a variable ‘message’ to various publics Is open when convenient. E. Bruce Harrison, “Achieving Sustainable Communication”

11 Dow Europe’s EHS comm. Strategy. Sancassiani, Org. 9980 Article collection

12 Dow, cont’d.

13 Community Relations zHome of office and operations zSupplier of work force zProvides setting, services, etc.

14 Community relations programs are specialized communications programs to facilitate communication between an organization and stakeholders in its geographic locality. Grunig and Hunt

15 Factors zRecruitment methods zEmployee relations zWaste disposal zEnergy use zDesign and maintenance of buildings and grounds zMarketing and advertising strategies zCorporate philanthropy

16 Community Activities zExpressive -- activities to promote themselves & to show good will to community zInstrumental -- activities to improve the community or change it to make it easier to work there

17 Check List zWhat is level of credibility? zHave there been complaints? zWhat are present and past community relations practices? zWhat are major strengths & weaknesses? zWhat opportunities exist?

18 Community Publics zCommunity media - diffused linkage zLocal employees & customers - functional linkage zCommunity leaders - enabling linkage zCommunity organizations - normative linkage zActivists publics -- diffused linkage

19 Makeup of Community Opinion zMiniature of national government yPower structure yOpinion leaders yNetworking yPrime movers yIndependents yDissidents

20 Pyramid of Power Business, teachers, factory managers, workers Local officials, editors, lesser city officials, association executives Corporate, commercial executives, lawyers, etc. Major employers, land owners, top officials, wealthy ‘first’ families 1. 2. 3. 4.

21 Effective Communication zTargeting of opinion leaders or community leaders zTwo-way symmetric relations zCommunication objective zCultivation of organizations, their leaders and membership zReach out with sponsorship of activities

22 Evaluation zNumber of government officials reporting contact with organization. zNumber of members of local publics reporting contact. zNumber of community leaders discussing controversial or policy issues. zNumber of managers reporting they have made changes as result of information from community about service or problems. zNumber of negative behaviors reported by community leaders.

23 Government Relations (often called Public Affairs) zGovernment at all levels zPolitical action zIssues management zLobbying

24 Government Publics zHighest level in country - Storting zNext level - fylke zDecreasing level - kommune, city, etc.

25 Check List zWhat is the makeup of the organization? zWhat are past and present relations with government? zWhat are strengths and weaknesses? zHow vulnerable is organization to legislation? zWhich of our activities could result in government involvement?

26 Possible Objectives zIncrease knowledge of organization among politicians zCreate or enhance favorable attitudes toward organization zInfluence favorable vote on a legislation

27 Possible Activities zFact finding zCoalition building zDirect lobbying zGrass-roots lobbying zPolitical support activities z Political action committees (PACs) z Political education activities z Communications on political issues

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