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Welcome to the Foundations of Algebra Math Class Instructor: Mr. Weidinger.

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1 Welcome to the Foundations of Algebra Math Class Instructor: Mr. Weidinger

2 Calvin and Hobbes, by Bill Watterson

3 Now that summer is over…

4 PEANUTS by Charles Shultz it’s time to get to work! Yep, it’s time to get to work!

5 Overview Introduction –Instructor –Students Expectations Procedures Hall Pass Homework Grading Scale EOC Exemptions Attendance –Absences –Tardies Makeup Work LL RVU Slips EWHS Handbook Fire/Tornado Drills Quirks

6 Introductions Mr. George Weidinger (Why-ding G’er) –Married to HS Sweet  - 29yrs –Daughter attending NCSU –5 years teaching: 2yrs Dillard Middle 3yrs EWHS –Retired USAF – 25 ½ yrs –Hearing Disability (please speak clearly) –Cancer Survivor – remission 2+ yrs

7 Introductions Students (around the room) –State your name, Favorite food and Favorite Sport or Hobby

8 Expectations (i.e, Class Rules) Be On-Time –On-Time means…in your seat before the Tardy Bell, –East Campus folks, must walk fast…to be on time Be Prepared –Have required materials: pencils, paper, 3-ring binder, note cards, homework, progress reports, or other required items –Pencils sharpened, desks cleared of non-Math stuff, white boards and markers on desk, text books open to previous night’s homework, items signed by parents on your desk ready to be collected/turned-in

9 Expectations (i.e, Class Rules) Be Respectful –Respect others, their property, and space –Respect school property –Respect the instructor –Respect school rules: NO…gum, candy, drinks, MP3s, cell phones, walkman’s, or Game boys –And above all, “Respect yourself”

10 Expectations (i.e, Class Rules) Be Attentive –Focus on class instruction –Refrain from talking/visiting with neighbors –Taking notes will help your attention & grades –Listen carefully & ask clarifying questions, –Lastly, heads are not permitted to lay or rest on the desk tops, and No Sleeping in Class!

11 Expectations (i.e, Class Rules) Be Responsible –For your behavior –For your comments –For your actions –For your successes, failures, and grades –Lastly, use Self-Control always!

12 Procedures Pick up Level Learning RVU ¼-slip of paper Ensure non-math stuff is under your desk Ensure textbk, white bd, is on your desk Ensure you have two sharpen pencils Homework questions??? Write the problem #(s) on the right wall white board

13 Procedures Get out last night’s Homework, ensure your paper has the following information: full name, date, period, homework page number, and problems assigned, are in the upper right corner Open textbook to last night’s Homework assignment Copy new Homework assignment (on black bd) Prepare to turn in any correspondence (Progress Reports, tests, notes, etc.)

14 Procedures May use Kleenex and Hand Cleaner as needed; loud-nose-blowers, may step in the hall to blow their nose Re-sharpen pencils when needed Restroom use requires “Hall Pass” Only one student permitted to leave at a time

15 Hall Pass May be used to go to: the restroom, make an “emergency” phone call, or if you have an appointment to see someone in Guidance Hall passes CAN NOT be used to make a routine phone call or go to a Locker! Student’s will fill-in the following info: NAME, TIME, DATE, and LOCATION I will then initial the Hall Pass Upon returning: Hall Passes will be given to me

16 Test/Quiz Procedures I do not answer any questions about a Test or Quiz, during a Test or Quiz, so please do not ask Note Cards may be used for ALL Tests and Quizzes except for the Course Final Exam, NO note cards are allowed on the FOA Final Exam I will loan out calculators to all those needing them for all Tests and Quizzes ONLY! When completed, stay in seat and raise hand, I will collect the Test/Quiz, & borrowed calculator If your pencil needs sharpening, please do it quickly and quietly

17 Homework Classroom instruction time will not be used for doing homework, (homework is done at home) Homework, should take no more than 60-90 minutes to complete Homework is assigned every night

18 Homework Odd problems will be assigned from the text book, so work can be checked Must show all your work in solving all homework problems All homework issues/problems/questions will be covered the next day Handouts & Worksheets can also be assigned as homework

19 9-Week Grades Test grades - 50% Quiz grades – 25% Lab grades - 15% Project grade – 10%

20 Semester Grading Scale The average of the two 9 weeks grade is worth 75% of your semester grade. The Final Exam is worth 25% of your semester grade. FOA - must have a 70% GPA to pass

21 EOC Exemptions Guidelines for EOC Exam Exemption (per Wayne County School Board Policy #4400) Students with an “A” semester avg (93-100) AND no more than FOUR absences Students with an “B” semester avg (85-92) AND no more than THREE absences Students with an “C” semester avg (80-84) AND no more than TWO absences

22 Attendance Absences –After three absences a letter will be sent home –Subsequent absences result in letters sent home Tardies –After second Tardy, a call is made home –After the fourth Tardy, Office referral is sent –Additional Tardies result in referrals being sent to the office

23 Makeup Work Student are responsible for all work missed when absent from school Upon returning to school, students may be sent to the Media Center to make up any missed Quiz or Test. Students missing several days in a row, may be given a couple of days to get ready for a makeup quiz or test; but are responsible to make up all missed assignments as quickly as possible i.e., within FIVE school days All work not completed by the end of the 9-weeks will be graded as an Incomplete, which could result in a failing grade

24 LL RVU Slip Every day, students will pick up a Learning Level Review slip (LL RVU) from one of the baskets Students will place their full name on the slip and state their learning level for that day on the slip: Level 1: I did not understand today’s assignment Level 2: I understood today’s assignment, but MAY have some trouble doing the homework assignment Level 3: I fully understood, and can show someone else how to do today’s assignment, and can help them on their homework. Upon leaving place them in the assigned basket

25 EWHS Student Handbook Dress Code-refer to #4305 –Shorts, Skirts, Dresses cannot be more than 3-inched above the top of the knee –Shirts, Tops, Dresses must cover the top of the shoulder and armpits, and have sleeves or a top that does have sleeves –Shirts & Tops should be long enough to cover midriff when sitting or standing and must be buttoned high enough to cover chest and the back of the body cannot be exposed.

26 EWHS Student Handbook Dress Code-refer to #4305 –NO SAGGING PANTS ALLOWED! –PANTS CANNOT BE WORN WITH THE WAISTBAND BELOW THE HIPBONE –UNDERWEAR CANNOT BE VISIBLE AT ANY TIME –Oversized or too-tight shirts will not be allowed –No headwear (hats, caps, hoods, hanker chiefs, curlers, sweatbands, etc.) and No SUNGLASSES can be worn in the school building or in my class –PS: I keep all caps worn in my class for 24 hrs

27 EWHS Student Handbook Dress Code-refer to #4305 –No bandannas –Shoes must be worn at all times –Students in grades 4-12 must wear a belt if the garment has belt loops –Clothing must be worn appropriately and belts must be buckled and worn at the waistline –All male SHIRTS must be tucked in at all times; Long female SHIRTS must also be tucked in

28 EWHS Student Handbook Dress Code-refer to #4305 –No coats may be worn inside the building during the school day –Coats may be worn to school and placed in the student’s locker Other Items –NO book bags, nylon bags, gym bags, or any other book carrier is allowed in the class. No gloves will be worn in class (fitness or winter)

29 Fire Drills At the sound of the fire signal, quietly proceed out of the room and use the exit to the left to leave the building Once out of the building turn right and form up on the grass by the faculty parking in front of the school At the all clear quietly return to class

30 Tornado Drills At the sound of the signal, quietly proceed out of the room proceed to your right Once down the hall, kneel in head-tucked position facing a wall Stay away from any glass, doorways, and open areas Remain quiet and wait for instructions At the all clear quietly return to class

31 Quirks The aisles belong to ME! Please keep feet, books, purses, etc., out of the aisles Only use my Expo markers on the white boards Please don’t write or pass notes to friends Think before you speak… No use of “beauty products” in my class No use of cell phones (period) in class Lastly, Don’t Mess with My Calculators!!!

32 Summary Introductions –Instructor –Students Expectations Procedures Hall Pass Homework Grading Scale EOC Exemptions Attendance –Absences –Tardies Makeup Work LL RVU Slips EWHS Handbook Fire/Tornado Drills Quirks

33 Questions?

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