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Classroom C4 Mr. Painter 8 th grade mathematics. Starter Take out one sheet of paper and write a half page about your summer vacation. Include fun trips.

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1 Classroom C4 Mr. Painter 8 th grade mathematics

2 Starter Take out one sheet of paper and write a half page about your summer vacation. Include fun trips and activities you did. Also list your favorite hobbies and things you like to do. What do you want to learn this year? What do you have a hard time with? Be prepared to share with your classmates. Welcome! Mr. Painter – Mathematics - C4

3 First name, Last Name Period # D Birthday: (Month/Day/Year) Street Address: (Street #, Street Name, City) Home Telephone Number: ( ) Parent/Guardian: (Name of whoever is taking care of you) 3 x 5 Notecard (Front)

4 Write about something you can do well. BRAG! This information will be kept confidential. 3 x 5 Notecard (Back)

5 First name Last name Date Math Regulations Color Take a clean sheet of paper label it exactly as follows…

6 Students must be in their seat before the tardy bell finishes ringing. Any student standing around the room, in the doorway, or outside will be marked tardy. The only exception to this is if the teacher is late to let student students in. Regulation #1: Entry into the Classroom

7 Students must be in their seat quietly waiting to be dismissed by the teacher. The bell does NOT dismiss students. You may NOT exit the classroom for any reason unless given permission by Mr. Painter. Regulation #2: Exiting the Classroom

8 Before entering the classroom please power down and put away the following items Cell phones - OFF, not on vibrate IPODS/MP3/CD players Makeup, toys, and other items not used in the classroom setting Gum placed in the trashcan. Food put away in backpacks. Regulation #3: Personal Items

9 When the tardy bell rings, there will be a warm-up assignment on the board or screen to start on right away. This is an easy activity to be done by yourself with no talking. Warm-ups will last about 5- 10 minutes and should be done in your notebooks. Regulation #4: Starter or Quizette

10 Students need to bring the following to school everyday. 1. Pencils (Mechanical pencils are best) 2. Clean full sheets of paper 3. Assignments and homework 4. Graph paper (100 sheets) 5. Red Pen *Failure to bring materials will result in owning time as a group! Regulation #5: Materials

11 1.Verbal warning 2.Personal reflection or take seat front of class 3.Copy down regulations ___x’s broken and/or referral 4.Seat change, 15 minutes lunch detention in Mr. Painter’s room with referral 5.Call home AND time out in another room. 6.Office visit with high level referral. ** Depending on the action, the teacher has the right to skip steps as necessary.** Regulation #6: Disciplinary Actions

12 After taking notes on a concept, problems will be given to work on as guided practice. This should be done on a separate sheet of paper. Everything you do in class counts and may be graded. Classwork will count as 20% of your grade. Regulation #7: Classwork and Note taking

13 Generally quizzes will be given every Friday. Every few Fridays, there will be a test instead of a quiz. Test and quiz are worth 50% of your grade. It is important you do the best you can as it is worth half of your grade! Tests will have more points then quizzes. Regulation #8: Test and Quizzes

14 Any cheating on coursework especially on test and quizzes will result in an F. The assignment can not be made up and will be documented. When self grading with a red pen do not make any changes except in red. Regulation #9: Forfeiture of grade (cheating)

15 50% Test and quiz 20% Classwork 15% Standards based participation 15% Homework =100% A+ Regulation #10: Grading Scale

16 Good conduct means conducting yourself in a quiet and orderly manner. It means obeying the rules of the classroom and displaying a co-operative attitude. It also means obeying orders of adults and visitors without delay or argument. Regulation #11: Good Conduct

17 entire The seat given to you on the index card will be your assigned seat until further notice. You must use this same seat everyday unless moved. You must also remain seated for the entire period. If you need to get up for any reason raise your hand for permission. Regulation #12: Assigned Seating

18 If at anytime you need to ask a question you must raise your hand. It also follows that if the teacher asks a question for the class, you must either raise your hand, or you may be selected randomly to answer. Regulation #13: Questions and Answers

19 Bathrooms are to be used during passing period on your time. Only those with proof medical conditions may use the restroom. No excuses. Regulation #14: Bathroom Use

20 If in need to go to the nurse, you may obtain a pass after class to go. No nurse visits during class unless it is an emergency situation or an approved doctors note is presented. Regulation #15: Nurse Visits

21 In case of absences, you must obtain makeup work on the class website All makeup work is due the first day you come back. The day you come back 100% credit it given with a note and 50% credit is given without a note. Extensions for makeup work are given for doctor’s notes. Regulation #16: Making up assignments

22 When your cell phone goes off in class you have the following options Either give it to the teacher right away so you may retrieve it after school with a consequence OR refusing to give it up will result in security removal and parent involvement. Regulation #17: Cell phone goes off in class

23 You will be given a set of textbooks to go home with you and a set will remain in the classroom. There is no need to removal textbooks from the classroom. Textbooks are expensive so please take care of them. Regulation #18: Textbooks

24 Maintaining less then a grade of “C” may result in the following… 1.More work to catch up 2.Seat change 3.Safety Net / CAPS 4.Lost of team activities 5.Removal from TA positions 6.Class change 7.Repeating 8 th grade math next year Regulation #19: Bad Grades

25 If you have a question or comment be sure to raise your hand in a calm and respectful matter. QUIETLY wait until I call on you, and then speak. Regulation #20: Hand Raising / Questions

26 If at any time there is a substitute teacher present, you need to be on your best behavior. You must remain in your assigned seat and conduct yourself in a quiet and respectful manner, as if I were present. Failure to cooperate will result in consequences, while cooperation will result in rewards. Regulation #21: Substitute teacher

27 Group work is to be done in a quiet manner. You must use “six inch” voices at all times! Groups will always be chosen by me. If a problem arises, please leave a note on my desk before or after class. Group work is graded on both individual and group effort. A timer will be set and a time limit will be given for group activities. When the signal is given each group should immediately stop working and sit quietly. Regulation #22: Group Work

28 Any trash generated throughout the class period shall be kept in the top left corner of your desk. You will throw it away when dismissed at the end of the period. Regulation #23: Trash

29 The floor must be kept neat and tidy at all times. Keep all backpacks, purses, etc. under your desk. Backpacks, purses, etc are not to be on your desk, lap, or on your back during class time. Regulation #24: Floor and Backpacks

30 All assignments must be labeled with the following… 1.First and last name 2.Date 3.Color 4.Title *The teacher reserves the right to not grade any assignments missing labels. Regulation #25: Label Assignments

31 Students should make every effort to show up to class on time. Students who show up late will be let in and must do the following… 1.Knock politely 2.Walk in room to bookcase in the back of the room 3.Fill out a tardy paper 4.Leave completed tardy paper on teacher’s desk 5.Go to assigned seat and start work right away 6.Students will copy “regulation #26” 5x per offense. This must be done on your own time and will be collected on the rotation you have me for lunch. 7.Failure to have copied regulation 26 will result in lunch detention, and after school detention until copies are complete 8.Contact home when tardies exceed 5 times Regulation #26: Tardies without passes

32 All materials used in class shall not be thrown to or at other students. Trash shall be dropped into the waste basket a not thrown from a distance. Regulation #27: Airborn objects

33 If you get caught for any reason from breaking rules or doing ANYTHING that is considered off task, Say “I’m sorry Mr. Painter”, stop talking and stay on task for the rest of the period without being warned again. Any attempt to argue for any reason will make worse. Regulation #28: When Mr. Painter gets mad

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