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B ECOME S TYLISH Your Name Your Business Name

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1 B ECOME S TYLISH Your Name Your Business Name

2 O VERVIEW Become Stylish – Tips for the Stylish Woman Dressing the Body You Have Today Why it’s so Hard to Find Clothes that Fit

3 B ECOME S TYLISH 1. Wear light makeup 2. Keep your clothes current 3. Good Foundations 4. Highlight your Assets 5. Keep Out of Old Lady Shops 6. Update Your Hairstyle 7. Find Your Flattering Colours 8. Dress for the Body You Have Today

4 1. L IGHT M AKEUP IS M OST F LATTERING Older skin tends to have more blemishes and needs some foundation – mineral powders are a great and quick option Harsh and bright makeup colour draw attention and are ageing – bright lipstick is best when you’re younger Softer, more muted makeup colours flatter Choose the makeup colours to suit your colouring not your outfit

5 2. K EEP Y OUR C LOTHES C URRENT Old Fashioned Clothes = Old Fashioned Ideas Don’t follow fads, but keep abreast of the overall silhouette of the current fashions (which last around 5 years) Update with accessories every year New Glasses Frames will take years off your face

6 3. G OOD F OUNDATIONS Great bras will lift and give you the illusion of a smaller waist (which disappears with age) Shapewear can smooth and flatter Go 1-2 sizes larger than you would automatically reach for

7 4. H IGHLIGHT Y OUR A SSETS Which parts of your body are you happiest with? Draw attention up to the face with colours that flatter Draw attention to your eyes with a top in a similar colour Draw attention to slim ankles with pretty shoes Make a feature of what you like, learn how to distract the gaze from what you’re less happy with.

8 5. K EEP O UT OF O LD L ADY S HOPS You are never old enough to go into an old lady shop. Old lady shoes are also ageing – you can find comfortable shoes that are also stylish Mutton dressed as Lamb is a personality trait – if it’s not you, stop worrying about it – it won’t happen

9 6. U PDATE Y OUR H AIRSTYLE A new hairstyle can take years off your features and modernise your appearance – expect to get a different cut every 5 years (or less) Update your hair colour – as we age and go ‘light black’ we need to subtly lighten and soften our hair colour if we choose to dye it. The hair colour you had at 20 is no longer your ‘natural’ colour.

10 7. F IND YOUR F LATTERING C OLOURS Your colouring changes throughout your life Find out if you’re warm or cool Colours that are too bright for us will draw attention to our body and away from our face and can look garish. Dusky, greyed down colours are more sophisticated and flattering, once your hair has gone grey.

11 8. D RESS F OR THE B ODY Y OU H AVE T ODAY Understand your changing body shape and dress it with love and care Don’t wait til you’ve lost weight to buy and wear clothes you love that flatter you – you’re worth it NOW!

12 B ODY S HAPE Your Body Shape is determined by your skeleton Most common body shapes are X, H, A, V, I, O, 8 Your body shape is the outline of your body (and doesn’t include things such as the size of your bust, bottom or thighs) Your body shape determines where you place detail or interest in clothes, and where you keep the clothing simple and free of detail

13 B ODY S HAPE If you are don’t have or are losing your waist, the key is to bypass it, don’t draw attention with detail or interest. Use vertical lines to slim and lengthen Use horizontal lines judiciously to balance Don’t wear more than 1 voluminous garment at a time – e.g. flowing skirt, fitted top

14 B ODY P ROPORTIONS Body Proportions provide the balance that makes us appear more beautiful, whatever the body shape. Don’t wear tops that are too long and visually shorten your legs – tops that end around the hip bone are universally flattering Don’t tuck if you don’t have a long waist Trying to hide a big bottom or thighs with a long top will backfire and make them look larger Pull up your sleeves to make your legs look longer

15 A DDING Y OUR P ERSONAL F LAIR Don’t forget accessories Jewellery Shoes Look for interesting detail, unusual construction, flair or interest to keep your garments from looking dull

16 W HY IT ’ S H ARD TO F IND C LOTHES THAT F IT Coathanger Appeal Reducing the cost of manufacture Fit Model

17 C ONCLUSION A few small changes can change your whole appearance More tips at: Makeover pics courtesy of

18 A NY Q UESTIONS ? Love more style tips? Read Your special offers here

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