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Bell Ringer List 2 different things we discussed in class yesterday.

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1 Bell Ringer List 2 different things we discussed in class yesterday.

2 I can distinguish between genotype and phenotype.

3 Today Bell Ringer Traits(beginning) first half of class Play board games, reflection 2 nd half

4 What is a gene? How many genes do we have? A gene is a part of the DNA code on a chromosome.

5 The genes an organisms has—it’s genetic makeup is called Genotype

6 When you look at a person you see the organism’s ____________________ Hair color, Combination of genetic makeup and the environments effect on that makeup phenotype

7 Environmental Impact on phenotype Internal External Neither

8 Some aspects of phenotype are NOT affected by the environment… – Eye color

9 external The amount of light an organism receives The temperature in which the organism lives Example: tree leaves that grow in full sunlight are thicker than those that grow in shadier conditions Even though the genetic makeup is the same

10 Internal (phenotype) Human brain cells could not develop normally unless they are acted on by the thryroid hormone during development. This hormone is part of the body’s internal environment.

11 Growth ( environmental factor ) To make it grow faster, plant the tree away from others (WHY? Do you think?)

12 In a forest trees compete for …………….. Light, water, soil, minerals, and others

13 Appearance Look at page 41 Notice the buttercup (Fig. 4) The leaves that are in deeper water do not bud, however the leaves in shallow water produce the flowers. last sentence.

14 Another phenotype – Coloring on a simease cat They are pure white at birth. Colored markings (FIG. 5) develop more quickly on cooler parts of the cat’s body such as the ears. In warmer climates the fur color might not develop fully until the cat is more than a year old. Artic fox ( read to figure out why)

15 Game board Reflection Why should you receive an A? What did you learn about ecology, while making your game? What would you change? if anything about your game? Are the rules explained enough without being so complicated that they will need to be read multiple times to understand them?

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