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Mendocino College Online Math

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1 Mendocino College Online Math

Assignments are maintained online through Pearson Education, using CourseCompass. To get into your CourseCompass course with MyMathLab, you must complete a one-time registration and enrollment process.

3 Part I: REGISTER & ENROLL continued.
Using Internet Explorer, go to If AOL is service provider, open AOL and then open Internet Explorer. Returning Math Online Students: Log in using your existing CourseCompass login name and password. On the My CourseCompass page, click the Enroll in a New Course and follow the links to complete registration. You will need a new Access Code, which you can purchase online during the registration and enrollment process. Exceptions: Access codes are valid for 1 year for a given textbook. You will not need to purchase a new code if you are progressing from MTH 11 to MTH 54, or are repeating a course from the prior semester. New Math Online Students: Click the Students REGISTER button and complete the registration process.

4 Part I: REGISTER & ENROLL continued.
Pertinent registration information: Valid address: You may wish to get a FREE Mendocino College student address, complete with anti-virus/SPAM protection: Go to (click on these links: For Students, and then Student ) MyMathLab Course IDs (choose the ID for your course/section): MTH 11 Basic Mathematics - section 4507: bell23267 MTH 54 Mathematical Applications - section 4516: bell18618 MTH 55 Elementary Algebra - sections 4521 & 4522: bell71771 MTH 56 Intermediate Algebra - section 4527 & 4528: edington52348 MTH 220 Statistics – section 4537: ahders88919 Mendocino College Zip Code: 95482

Explore the My CourseCompass Homepage This is the first web page that appears after you log into Course Compass. Take a few moments to explore the site, such as the Courses you are taking section, which is your link to the Course Website. Items on this page are especially useful if you are enrolled in more than one CourseCompass course.

Click on applicable MTH 11, MTH 54, MTH 55, MTH 56, or MTH 220 Course Website, under “Courses you are taking”. Explore the Course Website - Familiarize yourself with the overall layout by clicking on the various items/links on the course webpage.

Buttons on the left side - links to the entire course content, including: Announcements – all informational updates are posted here. Syllabus/Calendar – the syllabus outlines the course content and requirements; the calendar lists assignments/due dates; the Course Startup Instructions and other course documents will be posted here. Study Materials – links to everything you need to prepare you for the graded homework and quizzes, including instructions on how to use MyMathLab (entering answers, doing homework and quizzes), a link to the video lectures and other multimedia resources, and the online textbook, arranged by chapter/section.

Buttons continued. Assignments – links to graded assignments (class introduction, homework, quizzes, and the final exam). Gradebook – link to your grades & to review quizzes Discussion Board (online forums for you to post/view information from classmates

Buttons continued. Messages – To send messages to classmates and/or your instructor (consult the online help on how to use this feature; messages are normally replied to within a day): Inbox folder (to send/receive messages to classmates and me: include your name and descriptive title in Subject line. Sent folder (copies of your sent messages). Multimedia Library – a quick link to Video Lectures, PowerPoint Presentations and the Multimedia Textbook.

Buttons continued. Web Exploration – supplemental, web-based math resources for your use; not part of any graded assignment. Installation Wizard – the MyMathLab Installation Wizard (which installs needed plug-ins and players), and a link to Product Support (which provides hardware/software specifications, FAQs, and contact information). Course Map - Shows a complete hierarchy of course folders; useful if you forget where things are located. As well as others depending on the course you are taking!

CourseCompass Help and Support – links to Help (related Help), About (CourseCompass homepage), Account Summary (to change address, password) and Logout.

12 Part III. Upgrade Hardware & Install Software
Computer Hardware/Software Specifications Operating system (PCs only; no MACs): Windows® and Windows XP; Memory: 64 MB RAM minimum; Monitor resolution: 1024 x 768 or higher. Internet connection: Cable/DSL, T1, or other high-speed for multimedia content; 56k modem (minimum) for tutorials, homework, and testing. Browsers and Plug-ins/Players: Internet browser: Microsoft® Internet Explorer, 6.0. Plug-ins/Players: Install from the MyMathLab Installation Wizard online. Pop-Up Blockers: To be able to access various features in the online content, you MUST disable any Pop-Up Blocker software (or hit Ctrl + the blocked link).

13 Part III. Upgrade Hardware/Software cont.
Install MyMathLab software: To install all needed plug-ins and players, click on the orange Installation Wizard button, and then on the MyMathLab Installation Wizard link on the course website. You must install this software on any computer you wish to use to complete assignments. If you plan to complete assignments at work, you may need permission from your employer to download software.

14 Part III. Upgrade Hardware/Software cont.
MyMathLab Product Support ; Mon-Fri, 11am to 11pm; Sun, 8pm to 3am PST or click on the CourseCompass Support tab. Call if you have any other configuration, to see if it will work. Do not contact your instructor, unless you are unable to get help. It is your responsibility to have a functional computer that is capable of handling all of your online work.

15 Develop a Computer Back-Up Plan
Make sure you have ready access to an alternate computer that’s fully equipped and functional. You may want to: Use the college’s Learning Centers (available to all students), or Enroll in CSC 500 to use the CSC Labs, where Lab Techs are available for technical support.

16 Special Hardware/Software Offer
Though not required for this course, as a California community college student, you may purchase computer hardware and software at a significant discount at Mendocino College account provides automatic verification of enrollment. Go to Students/Student ).

17 Part IV. ASSIGNMENTS – Class Introductions
Class Introductions – Meet Your Classmates: Go to the course website and click on the Discussion Board button; click on the forum. Post a message: click Add New Thread; Subject: type in a subject; Body of Message: Introduce yourself, giving enough information, so that everyone can get a sense of who you are--and what's important to you with respect to your education, job/career and other life interests. If you are a returning online student, also give 3 tips for success—or things to avoid, that you learned the hard way. Click the Submit button. Reply to others (optional): Feel free to reply to any introductions, by clicking the reply button at the bottom right of an introduction.

18 Part IV. Assignments-Study Materials
Complete the following 3-step process throughout the semester: Step 1: STUDY MATERIALS (ungraded preparation for homework and quizzes). Click the STUDY MATERIALS button. At the top of the page are links to How Do I Enter Answers? and MyMathLab Student Help, followed by links to the textbook chapters, sections, and other resources. You may want to start each chapter by taking the Chapter Test in your textbook, in order to see the areas in which you should concentrate your study. See worked-out solutions for all of the test problems without having to go online (located in the Chapter Test Prep Video CD packaged with your textbook).

19 Part IV. Study Materials continued.
Step 1 continued: STUDY MATERIALS View online LECTURES and POWERPOINT Presentations. Complete all of the Examples and related Practice Problems at the beginning of each subsection. Do as many End-of-Chapter Exercises as needed, until you can do the different types of problems quickly and easily. Do the “How Am I Doing?” Mid-Chapter Reviews. Complete the Online Tracked Tutorial exercises (additional practice problems to insure you are ready to undertake your graded homework and quizzes.

20 Part IV. Homework (Graded/Untimed)
Step 2: HOMEWORK (graded/untimed; unlimited attempts until weekly deadline): Weekly homework covers multiple sections, and is due by 11:59pm on its due date. You do not need to finish homework during a single session. Results are saved automatically as you progress, so you can return online—taking up where you stopped—to complete your homework. Makeup Dates: See course Syllabus or Calendar for makeup dates at the end of the semester, if needed.

21 Part IV. Quizzes (Graded/Timed)
Step 3: QUIZZES (graded/timed): Click on the Quizzes button online. With the exception of the Syllabus Quiz, you are allowed a total of two attempts per quiz, completed either by the deadline and/or during the end-of-semester makeup period; best score counts. Syllabus Quiz: You may take this quiz repeatedly until you answer every question correctly, as you must receive a score of 100% to gain access to other quizzes. Due Dates/Times: Weekly quizzes are due by 11:59 pm on Sundays. Computer Errors: Contact your instructor using CourseCompass Messages if you think the computer scored your work incorrectly. Makeup Dates: See course Syllabus or Calendar for makeup dates at the end of the semester, if needed.

22 Part IV. Quizzes continued.
Don’t Lock Yourself Out of a Quiz! Use the Previous, Next, or Test Overview buttons ONLY within the quiz, to navigate back and forth, and then click the Submit button when you have finished. Do not click the "Back" button on the browser, or you will have locked yourself out of the quiz and will have to re-access it. Do not open another browser window during the quiz either, or you will have locked yourself out of the quiz this way, too.

23 What to Do when CourseCompass is Down
Emergency Back Door: Use the MathXL website (do homework, take quizzes, check grades; you cannot access the calendar, textbook and other course items). The work you complete in MathXL will appear on the course website when you return to CourseCompass. To access MathXL: Go to: (bookmark this site). Click the MyMathLab Login (Backdoor) link, on the far right side of the screen. Do not use the Established User MathXL Login, as it won’t work. Enter your Login Name and Password; click the Login button Choose your course; click Submit. Click the Enter MathXL button and complete your work. Messages: Use your instructor’s college address ONLY if CourseCompass is down for an extended period of time.

24 Online & Course Grades Online Grade Percentages
Your online grades are based on completed work ONLY. Points for unattempted, incomplete, or unsubmitted work may not be factored into online grade percentages. Your online grades will be accurate only if you have submitted every assignment or when your instructor manually submits zeros for unattempted work and entered actual scores for any incomplete work (which may not be done until the end of the semester). Course Grade - Instructors reserve the right to adjust your final course grade (up or down), based upon your performance and progress during the term.

25 Good Luck! See you online!

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