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11. 22 Various skin types and the appropriate treatment (sebum, blackheads…)

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1 11

2 22 Various skin types and the appropriate treatment (sebum, blackheads…)

3 33 Various skin types and the appropriate treatment (forehead blackheads, skin texture )

4 44 Various skin types and the appropriate treatment (rashes, acne)

5 55 Various skin types and the appropriate treatment (skin debris after laser treatments)

6 66 Dirt in pores and skin surface after makeup cleansing is too much enough to be seen Inadequate management after laser treatment makes reduced results The skin is always exposed to dust in the air Makeup dirt often causes skin irritation Skin irritation occurs in the seasonal effects

7 77 About Demodex 1

8 88 About Demodex 2

9 99 About Demodex 3

10 10 Image of Demodex 1

11 11 Image of Demodex 2

12 12 Demodex is One of the causes of acne and skin troubles Alkaline soap Skin debris,dirt Makeup residue Deodex Affects acne, hair loss, blood vessels, wrinkles

13 13 Aqua peel No downtime and no pains, Aquapeel treatment gives satisfaction to patients by exfoliating skin debris,extracting blackheads & whiteheads and hydrating on your skin with AHA, BHA solution

14 14 Effects of Aqua peel treatment

15 15 About Aqua peel? What is Aquapeel ? Named as new era in skin resurfacing and skin rejuvenation Needs no surgery, no injection, no downtime, and no discomfort. Visibly reduces wrinkles, fine lines, acne, and much more. Instantly improves hyperpigmentation, congested pores and uneven skin Provides cleansing, exfoliation, extraction, hydration, and antioxidant protection at a time. Takes only about 15 minutes for treatment How does it work ? A specifically-designed abrasion tip rotates and gently exfoliates dead skin cells and extracts keratin, sebum, blackhead and other impurities in enlarged pores Various skin solutions are used, depending treatment procedures.

16 16 Pre-treatment, Post-treatment Come out during treatment After treatment

17 17 Pre-treatment, Post-treatment Before During After

18 18 Removed dirt after treatment

19 19 Aqua peel recommend Dr. Shin (Hus-hu / dermatologist) Simultaneous performances of mechanical peeling and chemical peeling in single system are far beyond existing competitors’ functionalities and have perfectly pushed once-popular crystal&diamond peeling methods out of the market. Satisfaction in quality couldn’t be higher in all respects; in other words, Aquapeel brings users profitability and gratification for customers. Dr. Oh (CU-Skin / dermatologist) Very few medical skin care products existed in the Korean market and, if any, there were great quality gaps between Korean made devices and foreign ones in the early stages. However, until recently, there has been remarkable development in the Korean- made laser devices and Aquapeel proudly tops the medical skin care technologies. While providing mechanical peeling plus chemical peeling at one time, it leaves no/least side effects on the skin and simply needs three follow-up treatments over 2 to 3 weeks; because of these, customers are highly satisfied. Dr. Ahn (my-d / dermatologist) I always remind my fellow staffs to use Aquapeel before/after laser treatment because Aquapeel easily reduces sebum and waste in the pores. Aquapeel, equipped with multiple treatment functionalities, perfectly matches with individual customer’s various demands.

20 20 Aqua peel has Quality and safety prior to price Advanced technology Fine design Trouble free device by using internationally certified parts Results confirmed by many practicing doctors

21 21 Pictures of Aqua peel

22 22 Parts of Aqua peel

23 23 TV broadcasting about Aqua peel

24 24 Broadcasting about Demodex

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