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TESTING AND ACCOUNTABILITY DEPARTMENT New Hanover County Schools September 2014 Plan/ACT/WorkKeys.

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1 TESTING AND ACCOUNTABILITY DEPARTMENT New Hanover County Schools September 2014 Plan/ACT/WorkKeys

2 Outcomes Provide information to administrators to assist in the successful planning & administration of the PLAN, ACT, and WorkKeys. Review decisions/activities school principals and appointed testing staff need to know to complete the “Establishment Process” for ACT testing. Review accommodations application process for ACT PLAN, ACT, WorkKeys testing.

3 ACT Series in NC EXPLOREPLANACT Grade 8 Grade 10Grade 11 WorkKeys Grade 12 Formative Accountability: College Ready Accountability: Career Ready

4 What is the PLAN? Serves as the entry measure of academic progress toward college and career readiness when used with the PLAN (Grade 10) and the ACT (Grade 11).  Curriculum-based achievement test that measures college readiness and assesses academic progress.  English -15  Math - 19  Reading - 18  Science - 20  Non-cognitive section provides vital planning information  Career Interest Inventory and educational/career plans collected  Needs Assessment - students indicate areas in which they need help  Demographic Information

5 Target Students All 10 th grade students (Except for students on the EXTEND1 assessment) College and Career Readiness Alternate Assessment at Grade 10 Accommodations must be provided No Review of Accommodations Forms

6 2 Day Administration  Non-cognitive student information components of the test are administered on Day 1 (October 1).  Academic tests administered on Day 2 (October 2)  Plan at least 3 hours for regular administration  Develop a plan for lunch for students with accommodations  Develop a plan for the break between tests 2 and 3  Non-cognitive components MUST be administered prior to academic tests even in make-up situations

7 PLAN Details  Non cognitive student information (Oct. 1) min College readiness perception Career interests  Cognitive section (Oct. 2) English - 50 questions - (30 min) Math - 40 questions - (40 min) Break (10 minutes – develop a school plan) Reading - 25 questions - (20 min) Science - 30 questions - (25 min)

8 Materials Received Supervisor’s Manual “Why Take PLAN” handouts  English and Spanish  Parent letter on Testing Department Website “Instructions for Completing Your Answer Folder” Test booklets Answer folders School headers Return envelopes School poster

9 Test Coordinator Training Before testing - Standard procedures (p. 6) Inform parents – letter on website Distribute copies of Why Take PLAN? to students Train test administrators (MUST be certified staff)  Provide accommodations for those with IEP, 504, LEP (page 14-15)  Notify Testing of the number of additional Supervisor’s Manuals needed by October 16 Train Proctors (p.4)

10 Test Coordinator Training Before testing - Standard procedures (p. 6) Plan room assignments including separate settings  All desks/students face the same way  3 foot rule  Bulletin boards with content must be covered Count and clear calculators Prepare test materials  Student - Test booklet (paper and pencil), # 2 pencil w/eraser, calculator (must be cleared)  Teacher - Door sign, absentee form, accommodations

11 Test Coordinator Training Before Testing: Pre ID Bar Code Labels Pre ID labels save administration time and ensure accuracy Pre-ID labels will be shipped separately from test materials. Apply to page 1 of the answer folder prior to test day. Make certain pre-ID barcode label corresponds to correct student (e.g., double-check labels for twins, students with the same/similar first and last names).

12 Test Administrator Training Suggested Training Session Outline (p. 4) Roster for Training Room Supervisor Responsibilities (p. 3) Proctor Responsibilities (p. 4)

13 Test Administrator Training Test Administration Policies (p. 18)  Breaks – develop a plan  Leaving the Room – test administrators and proctors MUST remain in the room  Electronic Devices – applies to students and adults  Irregularities – call the testing office ASAP Prohibited Behavior (p. 21)

14 PLAN – During Testing During testing - Standard procedures Display testing door sign. Display start/stop times. Provide test accommodations. Generate a plan for emergencies. Develop a plan for make-up testing on October 3-8. Components needed for PLAN  Certified Test Administrator  Proctor  Irregularities – Contact Testing Office

15 PLAN – After Testing Plan for make-ups to be completed by October 8 Mark accommodations codes (p 43) Complete Special Status Codes  X – STAE student  Y – student living in the Youth Enrichment Zone (YEZ) Complete School Header (p 45) Materials must be shipped by October 16  Pack student answer sheets and header per instructions on page 47  Schools ship directly to ACT  UPS

16 PLAN – After Testing Store used student test booklets and use with teachers/students/parents once scores arrive.  Estimated arrival time – January Return Test Supervisor manuals, unused test booklets and unused answer documents to the Testing Office on October 16.

17 Accommodations Read Aloud All  Work with CRT to ensure DVDs work in all testing locations using this accommodation prior to test date  Secure headphones/ear buds  Ensure those reading aloud have a reader’s script Read Aloud By Request Marks Answers in Book Separate Setting Extended Time Multiple Sessions Lunch Plan

18 Important Dates September 17 – School test coordinator training September 26 – Testing plan & request for additional administration guides due to testing office TBD by schools – Test administrator training TBD by schools – Test proctor training October 1 – Non-cognitive sections administered October 2 – Academic tests administered October 3-8 – Make-up sessions administered October 16– Deadline to ship materials Check school calendar for conflicts and reschedule

19 NC Career and College Readiness Assessment Grade 10 1

20 Eligibility Criteria p.1 The student: Is enrolled in grade 10 according to PowerSchool (first time only) Must have a current IEP (includes limited English proficient (LEP)) Does not have only a current Section 504 Plan Is following a course of study that, upon completion of high school, may not lead to admission into a college-level course of study resulting in a college degree Is not receiving instruction in the North Carolina Extended Common Core and Essential Standards Meets the criteria above AND has a written parental request for an alternate assessment* *Permission process will become part of annual review.

21 Testing Window and Important Dates p. 2 Testing Date: October 2 Testing Plan due: Sept 26 th Pick up materials: Monday, September 29th. Materials must be returned on Tuesday, October 7 th. 21

22 Estimated Test Administration Time p minutes (Does not include time for general instructions and breaks) Must be administered in one school day. Students must not stop when they complete the questions for a subject area section; students must continue working on the test questions until the test is completed or until time is called 22

23 CCRAA Times, Number of Items and Scores p.3 23 Students will receive a single score based on how many questions they answer correctly. These scores will be included in the school accountability reports for participation.

24 Before Test Day pp. 5-5 TC Trains assessors and proctors. Develops a testing plan. Assessors Read Assessment Guide thoroughly. Read and study the Testing Code of Ethics. Read and Follow test security procedures.  Materials handling  Displays  Testing environment  Proctors - required 24

25 Before Test Day pp Prepare the testing environment. Prepare students for testing. Prohibited items Understanding limitations on assisting students during testing 25

26 Before Test Day pp Misadministrations  School TC and Principal must have current NCID  Samples of testing violations/irregularities Misalignment During Testing  Test administrator may notify student.  Constructed response must be on answer sheet. 26

27 Before Test Day pp Student emergencies and restroom breaks. Students with Disabilities and testing accommodations Transitory Impairments TC completes Review of Accommodations forms 27

28 Approved Accommodations Appendix A 28 TA MUST have copy of assessment from which to read

29 Recognize and Report Testing Violations pp Eligibility issues Accommodations issues Security issues Monitoring issues Procedural issues 29

30 Answer Sheets, Lunch Breaks and After Testing pp Testing Department will precode. Paperclips for lunch breaks Know procedures for students who finish early.  Collect materials  Students may read novel or other nontextbook. Know local procedures 30

31 Checklist: before Testing pp

32 On Test Day p TA verifies and signs for test materials Follow a uniform process for test administration. Students must have access to, at minimum, a four-function calculator with memory key during the math portion of the assessment.  Appendix D has additional information regarding calculator use.  The students should be familiar with the calculator. 32

33 Student Directions pp Directions are to be read exactly as written. 33

34 After Testing pp Return all test materials.  TC must verify each with a separate signature.  Another administrator may assist Teachers may NOT handle materials.  Clear calculator memory Complete Review of Accommodations form. Code student answer sheets Complete the Header Sheet 34

35 Header Sheet Key Code p

36 OTISS – System for Reporting Test Irregularities Account set up (NC ID)  Approval procedure  Training/manual TC responsibilities Add Student tab

37 TESTING AND ACCOUNTABILITY DEPARTMENT New Hanover County Schools September 2014 WorkKeys

38 WorkKeys: What structures are in place to monitor? 

39 WorkKeys Dates Early graduates: December 1-5 Spring 2015 all other qualifying seniors: February 11 th Participation Reflection  Mid-year (January) schedule changes  New enrollees  WorkKeys Curriculum Mapping Project

40 Questions

41 TESTING AND ACCOUNTABILITY DEPARTMENT New Hanover County Schools September 2014 ACT

42 ACT – March 3 All 11 th grade students:  English (45 min), Mathematics (60 min), 15 min Break; Reading (35 min), Science (35 min), 5 min Break; and Writing (30 min)  Snack after 2 nd test  No breaks for lunch  Total for tests, break, administrative – 5 hours Accommodations must be approved prior to testing

43 ACT Test Dates Initial Standard Time Test Day – March 3 Makeup Standard Time Test Day – March 17 Accommodations Testing Window  March 3 – March 17 for both ACT-Approved and State-Allowed Accommodations

44 State Testing Program Overview Administration must meet Standard Testing Requirements NC Accountability Model  ACT is used for accountability in  Participation for all student groups a target area for improvement Scores from ACT-Approved accommodations  College-reportable scores accepted by all colleges and universities in the U.S.  Scores from State-Allowed Accommodations are available to state and schools only (these are NOT college-reportable) NCAA accepts for initial eligibility  Coaches may not administer/proctor for the ACT

45 Key School Personnel Test Supervisor (TS)  Recommend current test coordinator  Must be available to receive test materials  May not be a coach Back-up test Supervisor (BU)  Cannot be same person as TS  Should have previous test coordinator experience Test Accommodations Coordinator  Recommend EC/School-based Chair  Collaborate with school personnel to determine which students need to test with accommodations

46 ACT Immediate Critical Dates Nov 21: Deadline for ACT to receive ACT-approved Test Accommodations with accompanying documentation. Oct 6: Accommodations webcast available Nov 3: Webcast for test administration becomes available Oct 22: Test administration Q and A Sept 29 - Oct 3: ACT test Coordinator receives “Establishment” information Oct 6-17: Complete Establishment Profile

47 Test Site Establishment Test site – Regular classroom administration  No more than students in a room  Follow ACTs rule for proctors.  Each test administrator must have a copy of Supervisor’s Manual  Test administrators/proctors may not serve in rooms where relatives are participating in the ACT.

48 Accommodations ACT provides accommodations in accordance with Title III of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)  Professionally diagnosed disability  Must have a current IEP or 504 Plan  Current IEP or 504 Plan must document requested accommodations State-approved accommodations  Will be used for state assessment purposes  Will not be reported to colleges, scholarship agencies

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