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Future worlds context: GATTACA

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1 Future worlds context: GATTACA
Year 11 English: AOS 2 Future worlds context: GATTACA

Some example prompts: ‘Nature, despite its flaws, is preferable to an error-free genetically engineered existence.’ ‘Biological make-up is less important than strength of character.’ ‘We may be able to conquer genetic defects and cure diseases, but we cannot conquer discrimination and prejudice.’

3 GATTACA: Possible prompts??
Quotes at the beginning of the movie: “Consider God’s handiwork, who can strengthen what he hath made crooked?” Ecclesiastes “I not only think that we will tamper with nature, I think Mother Nature wants us to.” Willard Gaylin

4 Gattaca: Activities Brochure activity: Get students to write a brochure advertising the advantages of genetic engineering, or like the example on the next slide, show the dangers of genetic engineering and its moral implications on society. - Refer to the Insight for Year 11 textbook pg 106 A student example will be passed around…

5 Addressing the prompt: ‘Biological make-up is less important than strength of character.’
A speech made by Vincent, exposing his life as a ‘double agent’ at Gattaca as he is about to depart for space. A letter between Vincent and Anton, where Vincent talks of his life and how he has achieved something that he brother could not, even with his enviable genetic make-up.

6 The beginning to Vincent’s speech
Ladies and gentlemen of Gattaca: It gives me great pleasure to step foot on this spaceship and head to the great unknown. This has been a dream of mine since I was a child, and finally it has come true. I never thought this would be possible; my father told me that I could never make it there.. Well, Dad this is for you, see, I could do it, even as an invalid GASP FROM THE AUDIENCE *

7 Vincent’s speech (continued)
Yes, that’s right… you have had an invalid actually working in your space program and not cleaning your toilets. See… if you want something, you just have to do everything in your power to get it. I wanted to go into space, but because of society’s judgments on me because of my genetic imperfections and my status as a ‘love’ baby, this was seen to be impossible for me. Well, people, I have proved that it CAN BE POSSIBLE!!! Genetics does not make the man, strength of character does…

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