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“WELCOME” to BU121 Functional Areas of the Organization.

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1 “WELCOME” to BU121 Functional Areas of the Organization

2 Course Objectives Integrative framework*  Business plan development  BDO New Venture Competition! Introductory overview to functional areas Development of ‘soft skills’  decision-making, communication, leadership/team management, emotional intelligence, negotiating  PepsiCo Pitch Competition! Business vocabulary Professional expectations  Code of Conduct – Statement of Academic Integrity

3 Marketing Finance Operations Human Resources INTERNAL Economic Political Social Technological EXTERNAL CRITICAL SUCCESS FACTORS Stakeholders Vision Mission Strategy Planning Organizing Motivating Controlling

4 Required Materials Functional Areas of the Organization – custom text  Online chapter quizzes Business 121 Lab Manual –30 th Edition  Assessment coupon Top Hat  Quick Start Guide on course website

5 Methodology Readings – text – online quizzes and lab manual Lectures  PowerPoint slides are not a substitute for class notes! Weekly Labs – start next week  Lab Registration*  Must re-register for the same lab and check room location!  Attendance at labs is compulsory only allowed 1 un-validated absence and 1 ‘make-up lab must have the TA of the attended lab sign a Lab Makeup Form you download from the website and bring to the lab OR you lose all marks assigned to labs = 45% make-up labs should only be used if absolutely necessary Any labs missed will result in the loss of 1 participation mark 3 lates = 1 absence for purposes of participation marks

6 Participation Grade = 10% 5 marks for hand in of lab prep or in-lab exercises Excellent = 1 mark Acceptable =.5 marks Poor/Incomplete = 0 marks 5 marks for quality and consistency of participation WOW = 3 marks – participating consistently, respectfully and with high quality – adding value to the lab discussion GREAT= 2.5 marks – participating consistently, usually high quality GOOD = 2 marks – reasonably consistent, decent quality AVERAGE = 1.5 marks – reasonably consistent, average quality WEAK = 1 mark – inconsistent, lower quality POOR =.5 marks – rarely participated, poor quality OR sometimes disengaged, on electronics, or talking while others are talking NO CELLPHONE/LAPTOP POLICY UNACCEPTABLE = 0 marks – did not participate OR disruptive and disrespectful, called out for behaviour OR absent for the lab

7 Extra Resources = optional extra participation marks! Opportunity to earn up to 2 extra participation marks to a maximum of 10% participation.25 mark each for full attendance and engagement at a maximum of 4 non-review Supplemental Instruction/SI sessions = 1 mark - mark each for full attendance and engagement at a maximum of 2 Success Workshops = 1 mark.5 mark for full attendance and engagement at 1 Business Writing Workshop =.5 marks *Attendance at a mandatory Success Session on January 11 th is required for extra mark eligibility for students with:  C+ or lower in BU111  C+ or lower average in BU111 and BU127 combined + an appointment with a BBA Academic Advisor is required for students with C- or lower in BU111 OR BU111 and BU127 combined

8 Assessments/Grading 15% - Individual lab assignments/assessments  5% Pitch  10% Participation (as discussed) 30% - Team-based lab assignments/assessments  New Venture Business Plan  5% Team Plan and Timeline  7% Business Model Canvas  10% Business Plan Report Groups are required to meet with their TA to show progress on their business plan. Failure to meet requirements will result in a 10% deduction  8% Business Plan Presentation 25% - Midterm Exam 30% - Final Exam (with short case)

9 Assessments – late policies! All assignments must be submitted in hardcopy and to turnitin before noon on the due date. Peer evaluations for group work are due by 11:59pm on the due date. Late policies:  Late in hardcopy = 0 on the assignment  Late to turnitin and/or late peer evals  = 10% penalty if submitted within the first 72 hours after the deadline  + additional 10% penalty if submitted within the next 24 hours  + additional 10% penalty if submitted within the following 24 hours  0 on the assignment if not submitted to turnitin or no peer eval  Late completion of required assessments (lab manual coupon) = maximum 3 marks deducted from individual’s grade on Team Plan and Timeline (note that assignment is worth 5 marks) .5 mark penalty per assessment if done within 72 hours after the deadline  + additional.5 mark penalty per assessment if done within next 24 hours  + additional.5 mark penalty if done within the following 24 hours

10 Important Information – read carefully! Academic misconduct is viewed very strictly  Assignments must be submitted to  Personal Work Statements are required to receive assignment marks  A signed Statement of Academic Integrity must be hand in to your TA in the first lab. Midterms and finals are controlled access  No deferred midterm; Verification of Illness form required if you are ill  Final exam deferrals must be petitioned; no deferrals due to travel plans Group work is taken very seriously – “firing” Every effort is made to ensure student privacy  only student e-mails from university accounts will be returned Reminders:  You must pass one of the exams to pass the course  Due dates are rigid – late assignments will be given 0  Turnitin and Peer evaluations required; late penalties apply.

11 How to Succeed 21 grade points /3 = required average BU GPA of 7  D/A+, D+/A, C-/A-, C/B+, C+/B You may retake 111 or 127 in the winter term or retake in the spring term – but you must meet the requirement by end of August  PROCEED WITH CAUTION!  Only 2 repeats allowed in first year  If repeating in winter term – should drop an elective and take in spring  If you want to take in winter term need to register ASAP Get help BEFORE you need it!  Go to weekly SI Sessions  Go to the monthly Success Sessions  Meet with an Academic Advisor, your TA, Prof and/or SI tutor Manage your time…

12 Important Dates Lab Registration  Starts immediately Assignments:  Assessment Deadline – Friday January 16 th  Team Plan and Timeline – Friday January 30 th  Pitch – week of February 2 nd in labs  Business Model Canvas – Friday February 13 th  Required Progress Meeting with TA – before Friday March 6 th  New Venture Report – Friday March 13 th  New Venture Presentations – weeks of March 16 th and 21 st in labs Midterm Exam  Saturday February 28 th 1:30–4:00pm

13 Important Dates cont’d Success Seminars:  Mandatory Session  C+ or lower in BU111 /127– Sunday January 11 th at 7pm  Strategies for Success Workshop – Sunday Jan 18 th – time TBA  Midterm Success Workshop – Sunday Feb 22 nd – time TBA  Finish Strong Workshop – Sunday March 22 nd – time TBA New Venture:  BDO Consulting Sessions – Monday March 2 nd starting at 5 pm Competitions!: NO Opt-out  PepsiCo Pitch – Friday February 6 th  BDO New Venture  Semi-finals – Friday March 27 th  Finals – Saturday March 28 th

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