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BEAUTY AND WOMEN IN THE 20 TH CENTURY CULTURE The attractiveness of women is based on several aspects of a woman’s physical appearance, namely: Body.

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4 BEAUTY AND WOMEN IN THE 20 TH CENTURY CULTURE The attractiveness of women is based on several aspects of a woman’s physical appearance, namely: Body structure and weight Bust size Hair style and coloring Use of cosmetics


6 Two images will be presented to you… …who measures up to your standards? EXHIBIT A EXHIBITBEXHIBITB


8 HER HAIR  S traight, long to shoulder length hair  A layered cut blonde or brunette hair color, using high and low lights or complete coloring  U se of hair extensions to lengthen hair for special occasions and give appearance of straight hair

9 USE OF COSMETICS  C osmetic industry is booming  M en prefer women who use only some make-up  A t least 35% of women have tried anti-aging products  M M en dislike women with wrinkles and facial hair Do you prefer a woman who wears...? A lot of make-up1% Some make-up78% No make-up at all21% Which of the following features would turn you off (percentages total more than 100 because respondents were asked about each feature)? Facial hair73% Hairy legs51% Hairy armpits50% Cellulite31% None of the above4% An example of too much make-up!

10 Body Structure and Weight  M ost men prefer women age 16-24 to have a smaller dress size  A s women age, desired dress size increases only slightly to medium  M ost women who would opt for surgery would like to have surgery on their stomachs. Most men who alter a women’s body surgically would also opt for the stomach Most women want to lose between 15 and 30 pounds. Most women think they weigh too much.

11 Bust Size  M ost men prefer medium-sized breasts ost men rate breast implants as just as good or better than natural breasts en and women both agree that men are most turned on by a woman’s bust What sort of breasts do you prefer? Small8% Medium-sized71% Naturally big20%

12 How men rate implants look & feel over natural breasts. 1 being awful and 10 being excellent. 523 Total Votes 1 296% 2 7 1% 3 23 4% 4 29 6% 5 37 7% 6 23 4% 7 61 12% 8 92 18% 9 57 11% 10 165 32% More “Support”


14 BEAUTY AND THE AFRICAN AMERICAN WOMAN  H H air style and coloring  U se of cosmetics  B ody/Facial structure  S kin tone  B ust size

15 Hair Style and Coloring  A frican-Americans spend over 2 billion dollars on health-beauty aids; 41% on hair products alone  5 9% of people polled believed that blacks who straighten their hair are more attractive  3 9% polled believe the media says black women who don’t straighten their hair are ugly Hair color experimentation is popular, especially in vibrant shades of red and brown

16 POLL RESULTS It makes them more attractive. (49%) They shouldn't do it. It's degrading and upholding unfair beauty standards. (20%) They're trying to be something they're not. (19%) It's a MUST. The longer and straighter, the better. (10%) What do you think about black women who perm and straighten their hair? They're beautiful with their natural hair. (60%) As long as it's naturally curly or wavy, then it's okay. (25%) The 'fro went out in the 70s. Not a fashionable thing to do. (9%) Somebody buy her a perm ASAP! (4%) What do you think about black women who don't straighten their hair? NOTA BENE: These results were taken from the same poll. ______________________ All polls on this page and on the following pages were taken by African-American men.

17 Use of Cosmetics  G rowth in African-American advertised cosmetics  T T he use of false eyelashes MM ake-up is more natural in appearance, using cosmetics to enhance their natural skin tone with earth, clay and sand foundation ranges

18 Body/Facial Structure  M ost men of color prefer women with full, thick lips  6 2% of black men polled find women with smaller, narrower, more pointy noses more attractive than those with flatter, larger noses  B lack women with a Caucasian body structure are found more attractive (e.g. thinner body, lighter weight, more defined features)

19 I find a small, pointy, narrow nose more attractive than a large, flat, wide nose YES (62%) NO (38%) MORE POLLS I find thin or medium lips more attractive than thick lips NO (57%) YES (43%) Considering your responses to the previous questions: I find Caucasian features to be more attractive (56%) I find Black features to me more attractive (44%)

20 Skin Tone  7 9% of black men prefer women of a lighter skin tone  B lack women prefer to have a lighter skin tone I find lighter skin more attractive than darker skin YES (61%) NO (39%) Honestly, what skin tone do you prefer on a woman? Light skin that is tanned, or "golden brown". (60%) The blacker the berry, the sweeter the juice. (21%) The lighter, the better. (19%)

21 Bust Size  M ost men prefer medium sized breasts en do not necessarily prefer women with implants over those without


23 BEAUTY AND THE LONG NECK TRIBES OF THAILAND  R easons for wearing the rings  B eauty of the rings  A ffect of the rings on the body  D isappearance of a culture

24 Reasons for Wearing the Rings  T o prevent the women from becoming slaves in neighboring tribes o prevent them from marrying outside of the tribe by making them unappealing radition  I n imitation of the mother of their tribe, a dragon with a long neck  T o prevent tigers from attacking their throats

25 Beauty of the Rings  A ddition of rings signifies the eligibility of a woman in the tribe  T he women also wear arm and leg rings to enhance their beauty  F eel beautiful for imitating the long neck of the mother of their tribe  W ear the traditional vibrant color garb common to tribes of Northern Thailand Women continue to add rings until their wedding. The night prior to the wedding the rings are removed and their necks and rings are cleaned.

26 Affect of the Rings on the Body  T he rings do not actually lengthen or stretch the neck he rings crush the collarbone andcompacts the ribs  O nce on, the rings are on for life and cannot be removed because of the loss of muscle to hold up their head  T he women are able to lead semi-normal lives, but must drink through straws and clean and dry the rings daily The long neck is actually only an illusion! Women who committed adultery had their rings removed and suffocated to death.

27 Disappearance of a Culture  I ncreased globalization has led several women to break away from tradition and decide against wearing the rings  S ome believe tourism is keeping the dying culture alive “I will experience globalization first-hand through this longneck tribe. I wonder, beneath the hill tribe villager’s sweat, is there a Thai person grateful for these wells and farm, or are we forcing western culture on traditional Thai culture and destroying this tribe?” —Lori Sitko, University of Alberta


29 Western 20 TH Century Darker skin tone Simplicity in jewelry Dyes/streaks hair blonde Diversity in attire African-American Lighter skin tone Bling-bling Vibrant reds Diversity in attire Longneck Tribes N/A Arm, leg, neck rings All natural Vibrant clothes

30 Western 20 TH Century Desire for beauty Straight hair Medium bust Slight makeup Thick lips, thin nose African-American Desire for beauty Straight hair Medium bust Slight makeup Thick lips, thin nose Longneck Tribes Desire for beauty N/A Don’t wear makeup N/A

31 In researching the cultures of Western 20 th Century, African- Americans, and the Longneck tribes of Thailand, Jackson’s theories prove to be true: most cultures have similar views of physical attractiveness, which one sees through the desire of each culture to have similar characteristics. For example, African-Americans desire to become more European, and the Longneck tribes are progressing toward a more western culture through globalization. However, each culture’s idea of perfection of female beauty is not necessarily similar, retaining individual ideas of beauty—ranging from the “bronze beauty” of Western 20 th Century culture to the lighter skin tones of African- Americans and to the bronze rings of the Longneck tribes. Within these differences, these cultures are able to remain unique.

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34 OUR PROJECT Written, Directed, and Produced by: ApRil BeN KyLe

35 Thank you Sarah for all of your insightful comments …. …. and not laughing at us too much. Don’t you guys have any other homework? And you guys are in honors?

36 “I have 5 fingers…I forgot I had 2 hands.” – Kyle “I have 5 hands…” – Ben trying to quote Kyle “Your face is a poopy green” – Ben “Blondes have more fun…reds get it done.” – Kyle “Hey, if you crack over, can I have some stuff outta your room?” – Kyle to April “Hey don’t bark if you haven’t knocked it.” – Kyle “Barbies are blonde!” – Ben “Why do you know so much about Barbie?” – Kyle “We have a lot of pictures.” – Ben “Uh huh and no evidence.” – Kyle “Hurray for you and your lack of a life.” – Ben to Kyle “I know what a phlebotomy is. I don’t know about a phlebotomine…” – Ben “What’s a phlebotomy?” – April “It’s a…oh wait—that’s a lobotomy.” – Ben “Thanks Paige, uh April…whatever the hell your name is!” – Ben “You are so [censored] weird!” – Ben to April “[censored] shut the [censored] up! I will eat your brains!” – April “I’m a woman of color—a woman of white color!” – April “You are embarrassing me! Calm it sparkies!” – April to Ben and Kyle “What’s with you and death?” – Ben to April “The rings are beautiful to them!” – Ben “Not at first! It was an acquired taste!” – April

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