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Reading, Mathematics, and Science Assessments 2014 Administration

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1 Reading, Mathematics, and Science Assessments 2014 Administration
Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test (FCAT) Test Administrator Training Reading, Mathematics, and Science Assessments 2014 Administration 1 1

2 FCAT Administration Window
FCAT Reading (2.0) & Math Retake: April 7 – April 11 (+14 & 15 makeups) FCAT Paper: April 22 – April 25 (see session schedule) FCAT CBT Week 1: April 21 – April 25 (28-30 as makeups) Grades 6 ,7 and 10 Reading FCAT CBT Week 2: April 28 – May 1 (5-7 as makeups) Grades 8 & 9 reading and 5 & 6 Math Refer to specific schedule for each grade level Follow exact testing time and day for each session Refer to the 2014 FCAT Session Schedule Document posted to the Student Assessment and Research Website. Do not deviate from this schedule. Pay attention to Computer Based Testing Weeks and those subjects that have two sessions over two days or two sessions in one day. Retakes are April 7th – 11th. Must start computer based testing on the 7th

3 Page 1 and 2 of the 2014 FCAT Session Schedule located at: http://www
* Only selected students with specific accommodations will have paper materials for the CBT grade levels/subject areas.

4 What’s New for FCAT 2014 1.) Changes to the student Testing Rules Acknowledgement for students to sign or check off (CBT) 2.) Accommodations offered and used are to be marked on the administration record 3.) Test Administrator should print the CBT Test Administrator Quick Reference Guide available at 4.) TestHear and Math Retake Scripts are available at 5.)When adding new students for retakes be careful to use the Alternate Passing Score Flag correctly Carefully review additional WHAT’S NEW and REMINDER items regarding FCAT in the first few pages of the 2014 Test Administration Manual Some Grade 4 Reading Test and Answer Book forms contain items that say, There is no Number ____ in this Test Book.” There are no answer bubbles. The item instructs the student to continue to the next item or page. Students are considered to be in possession of an Electronic Device if it is within arm’s reach, even if it not visible. Students should not have cell phones in their pockets, clipped to their belts or anywhere that can be easily accessed during testing Schools may take preventative measures as they see fit. Some suggestions included: Checking electronic devices at the door in plastic tubs or reiterating the rules via letter to the parents. Make sure to read ALL the other Reminders on page viii and ix of Testing Admin. Manual

5 Special Groups* *Scores not aggregated with district/school data
Home Education Students: #9998 McKay Scholarship Students: #3518 NO SPECIAL CODES FOR Hospital Homebound Students Florida Virtual School Students: Florida Virtual School Full Time: Packaged in Separate Envelope: District #71; School #0300 (EL/MS) or #0400 (HS) Florida Virtual Academy: Packaged in Separate Envelope: District #06; School #5059 *Scores not aggregated with district/school data *Packaged separately for return and scoring

6 Administration Accommodations
ESE/504 students Presentation Responding Scheduling Setting Assistive Devices ELL students Flexible setting Flexible scheduling Additional Time Assistance in heritage language Dictionary It is very important that only those Accommodations on each students’ IEP or LEP plan be given per appendix A of the 2014 FCAT Test Administration manuals

7 Make-Up Procedures Make-up testing may begin on Day 2 of the testing window Distribute make-up materials on day of testing Materials to be returned immediately after each make-up session Maintain test security during make-ups Maintain separate Seating Charts and Admin Records. Session 1 must be given prior to session 2.

8 Additional Materials Calculators Mathematics Reference Sheets
Grades 7-8 and Retake Students during Mathematics Tests (CBT students can use either the online calculator or a calculator provided by the school) Grade 8 during Science Tests Grades 3-6, calculators are NOT allowed Mathematics Reference Sheets Grades 5-8 and Retake Students during Mathematics Tests (Grade 5 & 6 may use online or a paper copy made by the school) Science Reference Sheets/Periodic Tables CBT Worksheets (CBT Reading) & Work Folders (CBT Math) For each FCAT 2.0 Reading assessment schools may make a copy of the Reading Worksheet for a student to use in each Reading Session Work folders are provided for each CBT Math Session. Rulers Session 2 of Grades 3 and 4 (FCAT) Mathematics contains items that require a ruler. Do not distribute for session 1 Make absolutely sure that the correct materials are being provided for the grade/subject area you are administering. Supply of calculators has been provided by FDOE. No other calculators may be used. Student will remove Math Reference Sheets and Science Reference Sheets/Periodic Tables from the test books on the day of the appropriate test. Test Administrator should collect Math reference Sheets and Science Reference Sheets/Periodic Tables and securely destroy them or return them to Student Assessment.

9 Grade Level/ Content Assessed
Student Grid Sheet Registration Mark Grade Level/ Content Assessed Student Information (must be completed by the student) Form Code Security Number Area Student Demographic Information Student Label Area Timing Tracks School Use Only DNS and UNDO bubbles Registration Mark

10 Using Preidentified Documents
Use the label if ALL of the following information is correct (even if other information is incorrect) Grid any missing information in the appropriate sections of the grid sheet. Student Name Identification Number: Use the student’s External Number from TERMS District/School Number Grade level

11 TEST INVALIDATION There are DNS bubbles for each Test Book/Test and Answer Book : 11

12 Test Invalidation Cheating or possession of an electronic device Grid ONLY the DNS bubble for that test Defective used answer document, Incorrect preidentified information on a used document, or Label placed in the wrong spot on the test document- Grid ALL DNS bubbles on the document. - Do NOT attempt to remove a gummed label.

13 Possible Test Invalidation
Illness during testing, disruptive behavior OR Incorrect time - Determine if invalidation is appropriate based on whether the student had enough time to respond completely to the test questions. - Grid ALL DNS bubbles on the document 6. Other inconsistencies in administration may be cause for invalidation i.e. visual aids, timing, administration of accommodations etc. – School should call Student Assessment *For CBT invalidations contact your School Coordinator

14 Do NOT Invalidate Student withdrew before testing
Student absent during entire testing window Unused defective answer document Unused incorrect preidentified information - Return with NOT TO BE SCORED materials. - Do NOT attempt to remove a label.

15 Defective Test Book Before testing: During testing:
Give the student a replacement test book Return with NOT TO BE SCORED materials During testing: Give the student another test book to continue working Use a book with the same form number if possible 15

16 Defective Answer Document
Before testing: Give the student a replacement blank, non-preidentified answer document Hand-grid the student information on the grid sheet of the replacement document Return defective document with NOT TO BE SCORED materials During testing Give another document to continue working AFTER the session and under supervision allow the student to transfer answers to the new document Hand-grid the student information on the new document 16

17 Test Security Do NOT: Read, reveal, or copy test items
Interpret or read items to students Change or interfere with student responses Read or copy student responses Cause achievement of school to be inaccurately measured or reported Fail to follow security procedures and test administration directions Florida State Rule prohibits activities that may threaten the integrity of the test. See Appendix B of T. A. M.

18 Proctors Paper Based Assessments: 1-30 students can be tested by the Test Administrator, requires one additional proctor and requires two additional proctor. Computer Based Assessments: 1-25 students can be tested by the Test Administrator, requires one proctor in addition to the TA and requires two proctors in addition to the TA. “Administrative Assistants” School system personnel: prepare and distribute test materials/complete student grid sheets under direct supervision of certified educator (if not certified) Non-school system volunteers: serve as extra set of eyes ONLY Proctors may NOT assist in rooms where their family members are tested. Proctors must: Be informed of test security laws and rules prohibiting any activities that may threaten the integrity of the test. Every proctor who monitors a testing room for any length of time must sign a Security Log for that room.

19 Test Security All School Coordinators, School Administrators, Test Administrators, and Proctors must read and sign the FCAT Administration and Security Agreement Test Administrators must read and sign the prohibited activities agreement Never leave materials unsecured Count materials each time they change hands Return materials to school coordinator as soon as possible Record security numbers

20 Test Security Matrix Student Implications

21 Test Security Matrix for Staff

22 Test Group Code: SEAL Codes:
Test Group Codes information is required for all Reading, Math, and Science Tests for Grades 3-10 & Retakes (including CBT): CBT: Paper: SEAL Codes: A Seal Code is a 4-digit code used to open the 2nd session of a Reading or Math 2.0 CBT Test. DO NOT use the SEAL code until session 2


24 Security Numbers Track materials using security numbers
Distribute materials sequentially Maintain complete list and verify each document is returned Document number ranges each time the materials are distributed and collected Note unused materials Record information on the Admin Record/Security Checklist Do not record the last out of sequence “check digit”


26 Administration Record/Security Checklist
Test Administrator's must maintain the following information : ALL Students Assigned to Testing Room Attendance Information: (P) Present (PI) Present but Invalidated (A) Absent (W) Withdrawn Test Group Code (Grades 3-10 & Retakes) Accommodations provided and used Security Number(s) Assigned to Each Student This document or a session roster is also required for CBT rooms Test Coordinator should make a copy of ALL required administration information for future reference. Return the originals to Student Assessment Office.

27 Seating Chart

28 Before Testing CBT and PBT
Read manual and attend training at your school Sign and return the “Test Administration and Security Agreement” and “Test Administrator Prohibited Activities Agreement” found in Appendix C Prepare room for testing Have plan in place to collect electronic devices Remove or cover all visual aids Post Do Not Disturb signs Assemble materials needed for testing Receive test books and answer documents Receive and prepare additional materials Prepare Test Group Codes, Admin Record & Seating Chart Know your school’s option for collecting materials

29 Options for Collecting Materials
Option A: Students close the test book and sit quietly with materials in front of them until everyone has finished. Option B: Students raise their hands when finished; Test Administrators collect materials. Students sit quietly until everyone has finished. Option C: Students raise their hands when finished; Test Administrators collect materials. Students are permitted to read a book, but may not write, until everyone has finished.

30 During Testing CBT and PBT
MOVE AROUND THE ROOM Have students clear their desks Use #2 pencil ONLY No scratch paper or electronic devices Distribute materials, preidentified & blank Read scripts VERBATIM Keep accurate time Maintain test security, Admin Record and security documents

31 After Testing CBT and PBT
Collect test materials Notify School Coordinator of any missing materials Remove reference sheets/rulers Check DNS and UNDO bubbles Complete Administration Record/Security Checklist FCAT Seating Charts. Front and Back of Room and which direction facing. Online Comment Form

32 Material Return PBT Stack materials using cover sheets (in Appendix C): Absent students (hold for make-up) School TO BE SCORED Home Education, McKay, CTC, and Florida Virtual School TO BE SCORED Test Administration Security Log Completed Administration Record/Security Checklist and FCAT Seating Chart All NOT TO BE SCORED materials

33 Before Computer Based Testing
Before CBT Testing complete PBT activities plus… Ensure that each student taking a CBT has taken the EPAT practice test for either TestNav or TestHear (accommodated forms). Ensure that your School Testing Coordinator has set up your sessions in PearsonAccess, has started each session and has provided you with Session Rosters, Required Administration Information, Test Group and SEAL codes, Seating Charts and an option for collecting materials (A or B). Ensure that your School Test Coordinator has provided you with Work Folders, CBT Worksheets, Reading Worksheets Reading Passage Booklets (if necessary) and Student Authorization Tickets Remind students to submit their tests but not to exit TestNav or TestHear upon completion of the Test 33 33

34 During Computer Based Testing
During Testing- Ensure that no student is looking at another student’ s computer monitor. Use privacy screens. Note the accommodations provided on the Administration Record and Security Checklist If a student logs out for any reason (lunch, break, etc...) a staff member must resume their session in Pearson Access. Then the student may resume testing. 34 34

35 After Computer Based Testing
After Testing- Collect and return: Test Administration Security Log Completed Administration Record/Security Checklist (or session roster) and FCAT Seating Chart Work Folders, Worksheets, Paper Reference Sheets, Reading Passage Booklets (Online Reading Retake Accommodation only) Session Rosters and Student Authorization Tickets 35 35

36 Cannot Login to TestNav
Prior to testing: Ensure that the appropriate link, username and password has been indicated in TestNav per the Student Authorization Ticket If you receive an Early Warning System (EWS) message, follow the prompts to resolve that issue. These are listed at the following link District staff and Pearson technical assistance are available to help with login issues. During testing: If a student is kicked out or logs out of a test at any time a staff member must resume their session in Pearson Access. Then the student may resume testing at any work station that has TestNav installed on it. Answers will be accessible on the new machine. 36

37 On-Line Comment Forms Go to and click the support tab, then the Spring RMS link.

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