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COSTUME and MAKE UP Orig K.Van Exan Modified – T Jones.

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1 COSTUME and MAKE UP Orig K.Van Exan Modified – T Jones

2 costume

3 Costume which reflects clothing from a time in history PERIOD COSTUME

4 Plaits of artificial hair which can be cut and trimmed to form eyebrows, moustaches and beards CREPE HAIR



7 Liquid rubber which can be used to make skull cap moulds and false noses LATEX


9 Type of clay used for altering the shape of the nose or chin and/or making warts and wounds NOSE PUTTY

10 Plastic head-shaped covering to give appearance of baldness SKULL CAP



13 Glue used to attach hair to the face SPIRIT GUM

14 Used to create the look of a missing tooth by blacking out an existing one TOOTH VARNISH

15 Vicky wants to go into politics. She is seventeen and enjoys reading she has few friends. –most are older than her General appearance may include reference to make-up, style of dress, accessories, colour schemes, materials, fashion sense, price, sources/brands etc. There is no need to answer ‘costume’ and ‘general appearance’ separately. For more than half marks, answers need to go beyond a list of items of costume or make-up details. Mark holistically. 5-6 marks = design concept is particularly imaginative and/or striking, detailed and more than just a list. 3-4 marks = a clear design concept emerges at times, but answer is too itemised at the expense of overall impact. 1-2 marks = a weak design concept, over-reliant on listing, little visual impact. Imagine that you are going to design Vicky’s look. Describe her costume and general appearance. (6 marks)

16 Two people have just limped across the field. Choose one and describe their appearance. (5 marks) As a make up artist how would you create the look of this character for the stage? (5 marks)

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