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October 21st Ch 12 The World of Makeup Color Quiz next class

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1 October 21st Ch 12 The World of Makeup Color Quiz next class
Open your google drive account and find the chapter 12 makeup notes that I have shared with you Make a copy Save it and put your name on it Color Quiz next class October 21st

2 Love of beauty is taste. The creation of beauty is art
Love of beauty is taste. The creation of beauty is art. Ralph Waldo Emerson

3 The World Of Makeup Chapter 12

4 What is the primary goal of makeup?
Explain in detail your answer to the why’s and how’s as it relates to you Journal

5 The Primary Goal of Makeup :
is to enhance the natural beauty of the client by bringing out the most attractive features of the face while minimizing those that are less attractive.

6 The quality of the products make a big difference in how makeup application will go for you & your client---smoothly or not. Products

7 Products Explain to clients why they should by quality products.
Why are they better? Will it make a difference on their skin? Will quality products glide on easier? You testing and using the product you sell will make it easier to answer these questions Products

8 Foundation Base or protective film
Liquid (stick, cream to powder, tinted moisturizer) oil based good for normal to dry skin Oil free means free of mineral oil(water based) Give a matte or dull finish Good for oily skin Foundation

9 Foundation Chemistry Cream: Good for dry to normal skin
Medium to heavy coverage Liquid: Good for oily to normal skin Medium coverage Powder foundations: powder mixed with coloring agents and perfume Good for oily skin Foundation Chemistry Many foundations contain barrier agents such as sunscreen and silicone

10 Foundation creates an even canvas for the rest of your makeup
Foundation creates an even canvas for the rest of your makeup. Skin tone determines the selection of foundation color. Skin can be: Warm (yellow, orange, red-orange) Cool (blue, blue green (olive), blue red (pink) Neutral The best way to determine the correct foundation color is to apply a stripe of the color to the jaw line. The color that “disappears” is the correct one.

11 Used to cover blemishes & discolorations and may be applied before or after foundation.
They are available in these forms: Pots - Pencils - Wands Tubes - Sticks Pot concealers: heaviest & provides the most coverage, gives sheer to medium coverage Tube & Stick: give medium to sheer coverage and may double as foundation Concealers

12 Using Concealer Remove from the container with a spatula
Apply with a concealer brush or sponge. Match concealer as close to skin tone as possible If it is to light it will give a “raccoon” like look Using Concealer

13 Face Powder Add matte or a dull finish Enhance skins natural color
Helps conceal minor blemishes Tones down excessive color & shine Two forms: Loose: good for at home use Pressed: provide heavier coverage & good for “on the go” Available in a variety of weights, tints, & shades Heavier weight: normal to oily Translucent: blends with all foundations Face Powder

14 Cheek color (blush) gives a natural looking glow to the face and helps to create more attractive facial contours. cream liquid Pressed & loose powder. To Use consider the following: Cream or gel colors are generally preferred for dry and normal skin & depending on the type, it is usually applied with a brush or cotton puff. Liquid color blends well and is suited for all skin types Pressed color give a matte finish and is most widely used Loose powder come in a variety of shades BLEND Cheek Color

15 Eye Shadow can make the eyes appear brighter and more expressive They come in a stick, cream, pressed & dry powder. Eye Shadow

IT CREATES A FLAT FIELD OF COLOR Using a contrasting colors or complementary colors can enhance the eyes Darker shades make the natural color of the iris appear lighter Lighter shades make the iris appear deeper

17 A highlight color is lighter than the client’s skin tone .
These colors highlight a specific area, remember, lighter colors make the area appear larger. A base color is usually a medium tone that is close to the client’s skin tone and is used to even out skin tone on the eye. A contour color appears deeper and darker than the clients skin tone and used to minimize a specific area. Good To Know Info…

18 Blend To apply Remove product from its container with a spatula
Use a fresh applicator or clean brush Apply the eye color close to the lashes on the upper eyelid, sweeping the color slightly upward & outward Blend To apply

19 Liners make the eyes appear larger and the lashes fuller.
Used to outline & emphasize the eyes Pencil Liquid Pressed Felt tip pen Liners make the eyes appear larger and the lashes fuller. Eyeliners

20 Chemistry and Usage Eyeliners are made of wax or hardened oil
Always sharpen your pencil after each use and sanitize the sharpener before each use. Apply in short strokes and gentle pressure. You may have to pull the skin taught to insure smooth application. Chemistry and Usage

21 Used to darken, correct shape or even fill in sparse areas.
Sharpen the pencil and wipe clean before each client. Sanitize Avoid harsh contrast between hair and eyebrow color. Eyebrow Color

22 Mascara Darkens, defines & thickens lashes
Liquid, cake, & cream and in a variety of shades and tints. Used to make the lash appear thicker and longer. Some wand mascaras contain rayon or nylon fibers to lengthen and thicken the hair. Use a disposable wand and apply from close to the base of the lash out toward the tips. NEVER DOUBLE DIP! Mascara

23 Lip Color All lip color is in a paste
Some contain sunscreen others contain moisturizers to keep the lips from being dry. Castor oil is the primary ingredient, other uses olive, mineral, sesame, cocoa butter petroleum, and vegetable oils. To use, remove the lip color with a spatula and take it from the spatula with a disposable lip brush. Lip Color

24 Colored pencils used to outline and fill in the lips & keeps the lip color from feathering.
Applied before the color is applied to ensure proper shape and definition. Choose a lip liner that coordinates with the natural lip color or lip stick. Sharpen the pencil and wipe with a clean tissue before each use. Remember to sanitize the sharpener before every use Lip Liner

25 Other Cosmetics Eye Makeup Removers: are either oil or water based.
Oil based remover use mineral oil with a small amount of fragrance added. Water based removers are a water solution with other solvents have been added Greasepaint: a heavy makeup used in the theater Cake (pancake) makeup: a solid mass of heavy cream foundation. It is used with a moistened sponge. It gives good coverage & covers scars & pigmentation defects. It is also used in films and video applications. Other Cosmetics

26 October 27th Ch 18 Warm up #1 Case Study Makeup Brushes 412-416
It is in your Drive so open it and make a copy Please put your name on it Case Study Makeup Brushes October 27th


28 Makeup Brushes *Can be made of synthetic or animal hair with wooden or metal handles. Powder Brush- large, soft brush used to apply powder or blush for blending. Blush Brush- Smaller, more tapered version of the powder brush used for applying powder blush. Concealer Brush- Narrow and firm with a flat edge. Used to apply concealer around the eyes or on blemishes.

29 4. Lip Brush- Similar to concealer brush, with a more tapered edge, also used to apply concealer. 5. Eye Shadow Brush- available in a variety of sizes. The softer and larger the brush, the more blended the shadow will be. A firm brush is better for depositing, dense color for blending it. 6. Eyeliner Brush - Fine, tapered, firm bristles used to apply liner or shadow to the eyes. Makeup Brushes

30 More Makeup Brushes 7. Angle Brush- Firm, thin bristle; angled for application of shadow to the eyebrows or shadow liner to the eyes. 8. Lash and Brow Brush- Comb-like brush used to remove excess mascara on lashes or to comb brows into place.

31 Caring For Makeup Brushes
A commercial sanitizer can be used but contain a high levels of alcohol and will dry brushes over time. A gentle shampoo or brush solvent should be used to thoroughly clean the brushes. Brushes should always be put into running or still water with the ferrule (pointing downward.

32 Caring for brushes continued
If the brush is pointed up, the water may remove the glue that keeps the bristles in place. Rinse after cleansing. Reshape the wet bristles and lay the brushes flat to dry.

33 Color Theory Key Terms Primary Colors Secondary Colors Tertiary Colors
Complementary colors Monochromatic Analogous Triadic Hue Tint Shade Value Intensity Tone Color Theory Key Terms

34 The Law of Color

35 Use the same color with variations in value and intensity

36 Uses three colors that are adjacent to each other on the color wheel.

37 Three colors located in a triangular position on the color wheel
Three colors located in a triangular position on the color wheel. Causes a more dramatic look. This is now known as split complimentary Triadic

38 Draw and color your color wheel
Label it Hang it Draw the color wheel

39 Tuesday Oct 30 Work on Smart Notes page 368 & 369 Review Color Wheel
Face Shapes Journal Activity Tuesday Oct 30

40 Face Shapes

41 Justify the classification of the oval shape as the “ideal face.”

42 Find Your Shape


44 November 8 Short Product Review Discuss Special Occasion Makeup
Lab to practice November 8

45 If you could choose only three colors for the whole entire world what colors would you choose? Explain why. Journal Entry

46 Selecting Makeup Colors
The art of makeup application allows for more than one way to achieve the result you seek. The three main factors to consider when choosing colors for a client are: Skin color, eye color, and hair color.

47 Determining Skin Color
First decide if the skin is light, medium, or dark. Determine whether the tone of the skin is warm or cool. Skin color is from pigmentation in the skin and the blood showing through the skin. A neutral skin tone contains equal elements of warm and cool, no matter how light or dark the skin is.

48 always match your foundation color to the color of the skin, or use the corrective techniques.
Once you have determined if the skin is light, medium or dark, choose eye, cheek, and lip colors to match the skin color level, or try contrast for more impact.

49 Complete Makeup Study Guide on “W” drive and print it to study.
TEST IS FRIDAY 11/16 Need to know: Color Theory’s Face Shapes/ corrections Products Work on Smart Notes (due Friday) Monday November 12


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