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User Experience. 2 Usability is more than Usability?

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1 User Experience

2 2 Usability is more than Usability?

3 3 People-Centered Approach Microsoft » Vista » SharePoint 2007 » Office Redesign ».NET 3.0 » Expression » People_Ready

4 4 Effective People = Business Value

5 5 Let the Record Show…

6 6 Sound Mixing Board Ease of Use Complexity Coffee Cup Feature PoorFeature Rich Easy Hard Modern Telephone High ProductivityReduced Functionality LoserHigh Training Automobile The Problem of Complexity Technology Paradox: “The same technology that simplifies life by adding more functions in each device also complicates life by making the device harder to learn, harder to use.” D. Norman Web Application User Experience Web Application

7 7 Complex Problem, Comprehensive Solution We create quality user experiences by: » Addressing and improving all of the ways people experience software » Integrating with the design and development process. Business Analysis Development

8 8 Natural, Obvious, Self-Evident USABILITY » 67% more repeat customers » 35% reduced drop-off rates » 80% more visitors Staples Goals » Self-evident, obvious, intuitive » Easy to learn » Easy to explore Challenge » Understand the way people work. » Know what people are trying to accomplish » Test and verify that people are effective with a particular approach. Approach » Heuristic/Expert Reviews » Prototyping » Interviews and Shadowing » Persona Development » Information Architecture » User testing » Eye scanning

9 9 Efficient Completion of Task INTERACTIVITY Hotels and RIA » 20% increase in reservations » 50% increase in revenue booked » 66% increase in nights booked Approach » Apply next generation interactivity » Ajax » Flex » XAML » Augment existing conventional approaches » “Useful” interactivity and not interactivity for its own sake. Goals » Create efficiency » Eliminate errors » Encourage exploration Challenge » Feature rich and easy to use » Appropriate Complexity

10 10 Fast Path to Intelligence INFORMATION Just as data is not information, information is not intelligence. Understanding is the product of design. Info. Approach » Analyze business and user goals. » Enhanced information design. » Inventive visualizations Goals » Put people in the path of opportunity. » Turn information into insight. » Reduce time analyzing Challenge » Uncovering how information and data relate to business and user goals.

11 11 Emotionally Compelling Emotional Loyalty » 8% of households consume 84% of diet Coke volume. » Emotion is a critical part of usability. Visual VISUAL EXPERIENCE Approach » Design captivating visual experiences » Apply the science of visual principles » Leverage design to improve communication Goals » Engage the user. » Establish an emotional connection. » Create irresistability Challenge » Finding a true balance between form and function » Let design contribute to usefulness

12 12 Effective Collaboration $1:$10-$100 “Once a system is in development, correcting a problem costs 10 times as much as fixing the same problem in design. If the system has been released, it costs 100 times as much relative to fixing in design.” PROTOTYPES Approach » Prototyping » Visualize decisions and ideas. » Establish early, effective visual dialog Goals » Enhance analysis, design, and development » Speed to consensus » More effective communication Challenge » Getting everybody on the same page (objectivity). » An appropriate medium that everyone can understand

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