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Dear Friends, Greetings from your National Fellowship Convenor. I have received requests from tables to send them suggestions for themes and games. Some.

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Presentation on theme: "Dear Friends, Greetings from your National Fellowship Convenor. I have received requests from tables to send them suggestions for themes and games. Some."— Presentation transcript:

1 Dear Friends, Greetings from your National Fellowship Convenor. I have received requests from tables to send them suggestions for themes and games. Some themes I had sent earlier in the year of a “Touch of Friendship” with my guidelines for Awards and some more are being enclosed with this presentation. There are a few games also with illustrations and may be organised during socials. I am grateful to Area 1 for sharing these great fellowship ideas with all of us. I am sure tablers across the country are enjoying this year and are posting their events to the RTI Web Log and Table Talk. I thank you all for sharing your innovative ideas with all of us. Let us all live up this year with a “Touch of Friendship”. I eager await you all at the National AGM at Goa which happens to be the most happening place this year for Fellowship. Manmohan Kothari (CPRT 34) National Fellowship Convenor (2007-2008) ROUND TABLE INDIA


3 BARNYARD ANIMALS Objective: In this game everyone behaves like their favourite barnyard animal. Several prizes Pencils and paper Rules: Have everyone write down their favorite barnyard animal, as long as it is NOT the rooster. Next have everyone write down five different numbers between 1-20 (depending on the group size). The host starts calling out numbers between 1-20 randomly (don't use the same number twice), and the people who have that number written on their paper have to make the sound of the animal they wrote on their paper. Pause slightly between numbers. Barnyard animals are not shy, so there should be a lot of loud sounds. After someone has all five numbers called out that they wrote down, they win...BUT...they have to stand up, bend their knees, flap their "wings" and crow like a rooster to receive their prize. Be aware that several may win at the same time.

4 BACK TO BACK Objective: A partner game where you stand back-to-back and face-to-face. Rules: Players stand in pairs, except one player who is "it". When "it" calls "Back to back!" the players must back up to a partner. When "it" calls "Face to Face!", these partners must face each other and shake hands. On the next call "Back to back!" and each time thereafter, all players must change partners. "It" tries to get a partner during the change. The player left out becomes "it".

5 BETTY BOOP Objective: Read a story and let the group do funny gestures and sound effects! Rules: Divide the group into 3 smaller groups...Betty, Popeye & Wolf. When you mention "Betty" that group stands up and says: "Boop-Boop-De- Doo" (with hip action). When you mention "Popeye" that group stands up and says: "Well, blow me down" (with arm waving action). When you mention "Wolf" that group stands up and gives a "Wolf Whistle". Here's the Story to Read: "Once upon a time, there was a charming young lady named BETTY (Pause for group action each time you mention Betty, Popeye & Wolf) who was loved by a sailor called POPEYE. BETTY lived near a great forest in which there roamed a big WOLF. One day BETTY decided to visit her grandmother who lived in the heart of the forest where the WOLF lived, but BETTY would not listen and would not let POPEYE accompany her. Soon the WOLF followed BETTY, and he crept closer and closer. But, behind him came POPEYE! Just as the WOLF was about to leap on BETTY, POPEYE hit him with his trusty club and saved BETTY'S life. Thus the end of the story of POPEYE, BETTY BOOP and the Big Bad WOLF.

6 CELEBRITIES Objective: Find out what famous celebrity you are by asking yes or no questions. Rules: Everyone writes the name of a celebrity, famous person or character on a piece of paper which they stick to the forehead of the player on their left (use tape or office Post-It notes). Make sure they don � t see the name. Everyone else can see your forehead. The objective is to figure out who you are. Going around the table, each payer takes a turn to ask the party questions about who they are - answers can be YES or NO only. If you get a YES you may continue asking, if you get a NO play moves on to the left. Last person to guess their name is the loser.

7 EARTH, WIND, AIR AND FIRE, Objective: A fast response game where you have to respond with an animal, fish, or bird name or stay silent in a very short time. Rules: Have the host stand in front of the group or in a circle around the group so that the host can single out any one individual. The host should choose and point to someone in the group and say "Earth" "Air" "Fire" or "Water" and then count to ten as fast as he/she can. If they say "Earth" the person must name an animal before the host gets to ten or if they say "Air" the person must name a bird. And, if they call "Water" the person must name a fish and finally if they call "Fire" the person must remain absolutely silent! No two animals, birds or fish can be the same in one game. Winning: Each time you mess up you get a point. Once you get 3 points you are out. The game continues until there is a winner.

8 HAVE YOU EVER Objective: Have you done something from this list of silly things. If so you score a point! How many points will you score? Rules: Read this list to all player. Score one point for each one you have done. The player with the most points wins! The list: 1. Locked yourself out of the house? 2. Lost a member of the family while out shopping? 3. Put something unusual in the refrigerator? 4. Turned white colors pink (or another color) in the wash? 5. Gone away from your home and left the iron on? 6. Put your heel through the hem of a dress? 7. Had your zipper break in public? 8. Gone somewhere with two different shoes or socks on? 9. Remembered an appointment after it was too late? 10. Called a member of the family by another name? 11. Been ready to bathe and found no hot water? 12. Fallen up the stairs? 13. Gone shopping for groceries and discovered you did not bring any money with you? 14. Driven away from somewhere while a member of your party was still out of the car? 15. Dialed a phone number and forgot who you called? 16. Locked the keys in your car? 17. Got into the car to go somewhere and forgot where you were going? 18. Put something in the oven to bake and forgot about it?

9 I NEVER Objective: A game of musical chairs triggered by things you have never done before. Needed: Bubble wrap Chairs Rules: Put the group in a circle. There should be 1 less chair than people in the circle. Choose someone to stand in the circle. This person says, "I never..." then saying an action of something they have never done. For example, someone would say, "I never went to Hawaii." Then everyone who HAS gone to Hawaii gets up and finds a seat that is empty as fast as possible. The person left standing then goes to the middel and says, "I never..." and so forth. Play until you get tired of it.

10 BUBBLE WALK Objective: Walk on the bubble wrap without popping any! It's harder than it looks. Needed: Bubble Wrap Rules: Take a length of bubble wrap packaging material (available from any office supply store). The length should be around 4-5 feet long. The players take turns walking the length of the bubble wrap. The first one to walk the entire length without popping any bubbles is the winner. This game is not only fun but a mental challenge too as someone always finds a way of outsmarting the others.

11 REPLACE YOUR HUSBAND REPLACE YOUR HUSBAND Objective: A funny substitution game where you treat your spouse like an old refrigerator etc. Take a look! Needed: Pens and paper for all players Rules: Give each guest an index card and tell them to list a household item that they would love to get rid of. Then, have them list five reasons why they would get rid of it. After everyone is done writing, say, "OK” that household item that you have written down, I want you to cross it out and replace it with your husband name." When they say the sentence they must say: I want to replace (name of husband/boyfriend) because he is....................... and list their reasons. It's a hoot of a game and everyone loves it. The one that has the most outlandish answers wins.

12 HOWS YOURS? A thinking game where you have to identify something that the whole group has in common by hearing adjectives which describe it. Have the group sit in a circle. Send one person from the group out of the room. While that person is gone, the group must decide on something which everyone in the group has. This might be a body part (lips, toenails etc.) or physical possessions (cars, pianos etc.) or even more abstract things such as a sense of humor. Once the group has determined that thing they have in common, the person comes back into the room and begins to ask each player in the circle "How's Your's?. Each player then replies with a one word adjective (once in a while a two word phrase is acceptable) describing the thing they have. For example, if the item is chest hair, one man might say "luscious" while another might simply say "brown". A woman might say "non-existent" or "invisible". The trick to making this game fun is to try to invent descriptive adjectives which are clever but don't easily reveal the chosen thing. It is best to start with harder, more ambiguous adjectives and move towards more direct and revealing adjectives as the person approaches the last few players. For example, if the group chooses "teeth" then a poor choice of adjectives early on would be "brushed" or "crowned" or "plaque covered" and a better choice might be "wet" or "holey" (meaning cavities).

13 HIMBLE Objective: A category guessing where you get a tiny bit of water in the face if you guess right! Needed:: Thimble or small bottle cap Rules: Have the group sit in a circle. Fill the thimble or bottle cap with water. Have someone be "it". "It" chooses a category such as brands of cars and in their mind chooses one but doesn't tell anyone yet. Let's say the choice is "Ferrari". Beginning at any point in the circle, "it" stands in front of a player and that player has to say a brand of car. If the players says "Ferrari", "it" tosses the water in their face and they become the next "it". Also, if a player says a brand of car that someone else has already said, they get the water in the face and become the next "it". So it is important for players to pay attention to what has already been said. Category ideas: Here are some suggestions for categories: Brands of cars Colors Types of dogs Countries in North and South America Musical instruments Large Indian cities World religions

14 WATER BALLOON VOLLEYBALL Objective: Throw and catch water balloons over a volley ball net using a big sheet or blanket. Needed: Bed Sheets, water balloons, volleyball net (optional) Rules: Split teams up with at least 4 people per team. Using two large bed sheets or blankets (one per team), have the teammates hold the sheet on corners, etc. Starting with one water balloon, launch the balloon over to the other team. The team must catch it in the blanket and not let it burst. If they are successful they get a point. As the other team launches the balloon back over to your team, have your teammates loosen up their grip on the sheet so the balloon doesn't bounce off. As the game goes on, add more balloons for competition.

15 TELEPHONE Objective: Send messages around the circle and listen to the fun!.Rules: This game is intended for a large group. The group sits in a large circle. The group should be spaced about arms length apart. The "originator" starts a message. The originator whispers a short message into the ear of the person sitting to the right of them. The message is whispered once. The new messenger then whispers the message into the ear to the one to their right, and so on and so on. When the message reaches the person sitting to the left of the originator the message is announced out loud. Seldom does the message arrive in its original form. The person to the right gets to be the next originator. Left and right variation: Start one message to the right then start a message to the left and see what happens. Tongue twisters are really fun messages to send. Sample message: There once was a frog name Rudderfuddy who wanted to be prince. He had a tiny sword and wore a princely crown. One day he set off to find a princess in the land of Tipplebuckle. There, he discovered a castle, swam across the moat and hopped to the top of the tower where he found the princess doing situps. They kissed and in a puff of smoke she turned into a frog! Tongue twisters: She sells sea shells by the sea shore. The shells she sells are surely seashells. So if she sells shells on the seashore, I'm sure she sells seashore shells. A flea and a fly flew up in a flue. Said the flea, "Let us fly!" Said the fly, "Let us flee!" So they flew through a flaw in the flue. Lesser leather never weathered wetter weather better.

16 CHRISTMAS CAROL MELEE Objective: In this game everyone sings their favourite carol at the same time! Great icebreaker.. Rules: Have everyone write down their favourite Christmas carol, as long as it is NOT the Jingle Bells. Next have everyone write down five different numbers between 1-20 (depending on the group size). The host starts calling out numbers between 1-20 randomly (don't use the same number twice), and the people who have that number written on their paper have to sing the carol they wrote on their paper. Tell them no one has to sing solo, (and just the first line of their song). Pause slightly between numbers. After someone has all five numbers called out that they wrote down, they win...BUT...they have to stand up, sing jingle bells and laugh like Santa (Ho Ho Ho) to receive their prize. Be aware that several may win at the same time. Needed: Several prizes Pencils and paper Variation: You can even start giving little prizes in the middle of the game for most pathetic singing, best solo, most original song, etc.

17 CREEPY CRAWLIES CREEPY CRAWLIES Objective:A guessing game where you guess what kind of insect you are! Needed:Papers with insect names Rules:Divide into teams of 3 and have players face each other in a triangle. On the back of each players chair stick a paper with the picture or name of an insect. Allow each player to view the insects on the chairs of the player facing him/her. Players then ask yes/no questions to each other to guess what kind of insect they are. For example, ' Does it have 6 legs?' 'No' etc. First team of three to guess all the insects wins!

18 DOCTOR Objective:A tag game where balls 'kill' you out but a 'doctor' can heal you instantly. Needed:Two jackets or vest for the doctors Lots of playground balls (they should be soft enough not to injure someone when thrown) Rules: Divide the group into two teams. Each team must choose a person to be the doctor. Both doctors must wear something to distinguish them as doctors such as a hunting vest or a bright jacket. There are no out of bounds in this game. There should be at least one ball for every 3 players. Someone says 'go' and each team tries to get the other teams players out by throwing the balls at them. If you are hit you must remain where you are. The doctors can move around the playing field and heal people by simply touching them. If you are healed you are back in the game and can continue moving. Doctors can be permanently removed from the game by being hit by a ball. Once a doctor is out he/she can't be healed. The game continues until all players are out and one team wins.. Valid throws: 1. Outs cannot be made by deflection shots or shots which bounce off one person and hit another. 2. Outs cannot be made by grounders or balls which bounce off the ground and then hit a person. 3. Outs cannot be made by simply touching a ball to someone like in baseball. They must be thrown at least a one foot distance to be valid. 4. You cannot get your own team mate out.

19 DRESS UP RELAY DRESS UP RELAY Objective:A relay race where you dress up in funny clothes and race to the finish line. Needed:Two hats, two pairs of large pants, two pairs of large shoes, two suit cases or boxes or trash bags, two pairs of sunglasses, two wigs (optional), two ties (already knotted) etc. Rules:Determine a starting line and a turn back line about 15 feet apart. Place each set of clothes in a separate bag or suitcase. Place the suitcases at the start lines. Divide the players into two small groups and line them up at the start line. Blow the whistle or say go! The first players in each line open the suitcase and put on the clothes. They then shut the suit case and run to the turn back line and then stop, take off the clothes, put them back in the suitcase and carry the suitcase back to the start line where the process starts all over again with the next person. The first team to be done wins.

20 DUCKY DUCKY Objective:A guessing game where you try to figure who the duck is by hearing how they quack. Rules:Choose someone to be "it". Everyone sits in a circle except "it" who is given a pillow and blind-fold. They must spin around three times to get disoriented or everyone can change seats after they have the blindfold on. They then go and place the pillow on a persons lap, sit on it and say "Ducky ducky" or "piggy piggy" or "whaley whaley" etc. It can be almost any kind of animal. The person whose lap they sat in should then make a noise like the chosen animal. If "it" cannot guess who the player is, they can request that the player make the noise again up to 3 times. If "it" guesses the name of the person, they should now be given the blind fold and the game starts over again - after everyone has changed their places.

21 FIND YOUR SHOE FIND YOUR SHOE Objective:Two teams race to dig through the pile of shoes for their own. A fun relay race. Rules:Two or more teams of about 10 - 15 players remove both their shoes and place them in one big pile about 15 feet away. The shoes must be mixed up so no one shoe is easily recognizable. Two or more teams line up and each player at the top of the line runs to the pile, must find his or her shoes, put them on, laced and buckled and run back to their next team mate, next team mate does the same until the team who finishes first wins. Variation:You can have each team member only find and put on one shoe and then run to the back of their team's line. When it's their turn again, they must now find and put on the other shoes. This makes the game move a bit faster.

22 HONEY, DO YOU LOVE ME? Objective:A game to try and make your honey laugh! Rules:Players form a circle with one player in the middle. The middle person must approach players in the circle and ask, "Honey, do you love me?" The person being questioned must answer, "Honey, I love you but I just can't smile." If he/she does smile or laugh, he/she becomes "it" and the previous middle person joins the circle. The person who is "it" is not allowed to touch other players but may make as many funny faces as they wish.

23 KNOT TYING RACE Objective:Relay race to see who can tie knots the fastest. Needed:Two pieces of rope 24 inches long Rules:Divide into two teams and have them line up. Tell each team the rules and give them each 2 minutes to create a strategy. Give the first player on each team a 24-inch length of rope. At the signal, the first players tie a knot (any kind) in one end of the rope, the second player on each team ties one near the first, and so on down the line. There should be one knot for each player on the team. After all the knots are tied and the number checked, it goes down the line again with each player untying a knot. First team to finish wins.

24 MONSTER MAKER Objective:Using only arms and legs, teams complete to make a monster. Fun game for parties! Rules:Divide group into two or three teams of around 6 to 8 players. Announce that each team is to create an ugly monster with a varying number of legs and arms which are to touch the floor. The host first calls out the number of legs and arms, for example, if teams have 8 players the host might start with 12 legs and 6 arms. Give about a minute for each team to form the monster. Use a clock or stopwatch. Let each team finish if they can. Then go to the next round. Progressively reduce the number of legs and increase the number of arms. So the next monster to form might have 8 legs and 8 arms. Then 6 legs and 10 arms. Then 4 legs and 12 arms! Have fun and be creative!

25 PICK UP Objective:Can you pick up the prize in the centre of this circle. Harder than it sounds! Needed:Prize small gift Rules:Everyone stands in a circle, facing outwards and linking arms at the elbows. A prize, perhaps a five-dollar bill or larger, or candy, or can of soda, is put in the centre of the circle. The object is simple: get the prize. But the circle must stay unbroken. Players may use their hands, but arms must stay linked with players on either side of them. If the circle breaks, the game starts over. The winner is obviously the one who grabs the prize!

26 RED LIGHT GREEN LIGHT Objective:Try to spy anyone moving during a red light! Rules:This game is best played outside or in a large room. The group should determine a start line and a finish line. One person is chosen as the "traffic cop". The rest of the players form a line at the start line about 15 to 20 feet away from the "cop" who is at the finished line and who has his back turned away from the group. The "cop" then says "green light" and the group slowly (or quickly) moves forward. At any time the cop can say "red light" and turn around. If he sees anyone still moving, they are out and the game continues. It is important that the "cop" say "red light" BEFORE they turn around to give the players a second to react. The last player not spied moving gets to be the "cop". Or if one of the players reaches the traffic cop and touches them, they get to be the next traffic cop.

27 SPOON RELAY Objective:A relay race where you transport water from a bowl to a glass. Fill it up and win! Needed:Two bowls, spoons and glasses Rules:Divide into two equal teams. Set up a chair with a bowl of water and a spoon on it for each team. A few steps away set up two more chairs with an empty glass on each of them. At the whistle the players race to fill the glass with water from the bowl using the spoons. Players rotate turns until one team wins. To speed up the game use small glasses.

28 STUCK IN THE MUD One person is 'IT' and has to run round touching as many people as they can. When they have touched someone, that person has to stop and stand with their legs apart and their hands out stretched, until someone crawls through their legs. If you've been caught three times, then you are out. The game ends when everyone left is standing still PASS THE ORANGE Arrange for teams of about 8 to stand in a line, one behind the other (arranged boy, girl, boy,...). Give each team an orange which the first person should tuck under his chin. This should be passed to the person behind. When the orange gets to the last person, they come to the front of the line and start again. The winning team is the first one which gets their starting person to the front again.

29 DRAGON TAIL TAG Make small chains of about four people. Either have team members hold on to each others waists or link elbows. The end person has a flag or tail (bandana) hanging behind them or in their back pocket. Teams must stay linked to participate. The object of the game is to steal other teams tails while avoiding other teams who are trying to steal your tail. The last team to have a tail wins. BALLOON STOMPING GAME Each participant blows up a balloon and ties it with a bit of string or wool to his/her ankle. On the given command, the guests (only using their feet) try to be the last person to have their balloon busted i.e., you stamp on your opponents. Again great fun, caution is eered on anyone getting carried away with the stamping. As survivors get fewer, reduce the playing area.

30 DUMMIES It's a variant of the well-know children game "Day-Night" for grownups. As the music suddenly stops the people who are dancing stand still in the pose they are. The person who cannot keep his/her balance must pay a forfeit (fulfill the leader's task). APPLE Each dancing pair holds "an apple" - a ball/ balloon- between their fore heads. The music changes from slow to energetic one. The task of the players is not to drop the ball while dancing.

31 SUMO STRUGGLE The players divide into pairs. They hold the balloons between their stomachs. The task of each pair is to burst the balloon between the stomachs. TIPPLER The object of the game is to fill the glasses with the help of the teaspoon. The player/team which manages to do it the fastest has the opportunity to propose a toast and drink the contents of the glass.

32 THEME PARTY Theme parties are fun! For many parties and special events, the fun, camaraderie--and most memorable moments--revolve around your theme party idea. An offbeat idea -- or the usual -- can create tons of fun ideas if you spend a little time preparing. Don't forget that little things mean a lot. It's up to you to create the atmosphere...

33 THEMES THEMES  Cool Blues  Mint & Cherry  Citrus Scents  Black & Red  Go Green  Mens Cook Out  Dracula & Nadan Liza  Talent Nite  Back to School  Disco Night Fever  Treasure Hunt  Brazilian Nite  Goan Nite  Onam  Diwali Nite  Poongal  Arabian Nite  Christmas  Vande Matharam  Valentines Day  Buddies Nite  Cricket Fever  Bandanna Nite  Pirates of the Caribbean  BBQ Party  Pen Party –All participants are given white t-shirts and marker pens. They are asked to write messages on the t-shirt of other participants  Movie Based Themes

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