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Success Story in Bauska project WISER 2011, Bauska.

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1 Success Story in Bauska project WISER 2011, Bauska

2 SIA “Marta Emilija” INDRA LIEPA Salon

3 SIA “Marta Emilija” was established in July, 2002. In November, 2002 the salon “Meistars Gothards” was opened. The enterprise has found its homeplace in the centre of the beautiful and ancient provincial town of Latvia - Bauska.

4 The enterprise has several ways of activity, however, they all are related with arts:  Sale of pieces of art (authors’ works) – ceramics, glass, leather ware, painted silk, paintings, watercolour paintings. Each piece is unique, unmatched and unrepeatable.  Sale of artists’ handicraft tools – paints, canvas and brushes, as well as materials for hobbies – like painting silk and glass, and others.

5  Framing services, restoration of old photographies;  Silk and glass painting courses, decoupage, textile print-over;  Organisation of art exhibitions – once a month any new exhibition is arranged. “We invite artists for a conversation with spectators,” Indra says.

6  The art studio works in the salon where painting and drawing is taught by professional artists to everyone interested in arts. Exhibitions of studio participants’ works are regularly organised.  Painting in nature “Summer of Bauska” already seven years is organised. Professional artists of Latvia and some foreign countries (Lithuania, Belorussia, Czech Republic) take a part in this event.

7 In the summer season – from May to October – two souvenir booths are working - in the Bauska Castle and Rundale Palace, therefore during the winter time there are four employees but in the summer time – six employees in the enterprise. During the winter time there are about 40 working hours per week spent for business, but in summer – much more, of course.

8 SIA “Marta Emilija” owner Indra Liepa has obtained diploma of the art scientist in Academy of Arts of Latvia. 11 years of work joint Indra with Rundale Palace – the most remarkable of palaces in Latvia. Indra worked there as a restorer of polychrome wooden sculptures, later – as a research associate. 7 years are spent working in the private enterprise where Indra is as accountant, as cashier, as clerk, as promotion manager and an office cleaner. The enormous practical experience in enterprise management, promotion and marketing is gained in this job.

9 Indra decided to establish her own enterprise when her new ideas seemed uninspiring and without perspectives to a woman – entrepreneur she worked for that time. “ I felt enough confident to start business,” Indra says. The idea was clear – it will be an art salon in Bauska.

10 Indra remembers that she did not face any problems establishing the enterprise. Of course, there was a shortage of fund but as banks that time rather easily gave loans, the financial resources were found. In the beginning a big support she got from her family and friends. “I also attended courses –  Management of a micro enterprise,  Accounting,  Computer courses,  Training course for tourism entrepreneurs,” Indra tells.

11 As advantages of a woman in business Indra names woman’s ability always find a way-out of difficult situations and solve any query. A woman can solve problems untraditionally. Disadvantages in woman-entrepreneur’s job Indra does not see!

12 Indra raises alone her two children - daughter Marta studies at the J.Rozentals’s Riga art school, son Arnolds - at Bauska secondary school nr.1, Form 7. “Initially it was quite difficult to divide time between family and job, family stayed as loser. But now I have managed my works in a way I can give enough time also for my family,” Indra tells.

13 Indra’s greatest challenge is to continue the entrepreneurship because already establishing the enterprise she knew that only 5% of inhabitants are interested in arts. “How many of these 5% are ready to purchase art and how many of them live in Bauska,” Indra asks herself. “Circle of my clients is very narrow and that is my greatest challenge,” the entrepreneur shares her contemplations.

14 Indra’s future plans are linked with enlargement of the salon. “I want to enlarge the salon to have an opportunity to arrange a separate room for art courses and an art book reading-room,” she tells.

15 “An interest on arts, attending exhibitions, purchase of art books, organisation of exhibitions and other different artistic events is my job and hobby as well,” Indra says. Besides she also loves travelling, however for this hobby she has no enough time as she would like to have. Her leisure hours Indra gladly spends with a book in her hands.

16 If you have designed some business idea – you have to start working on it. Because, if the idea has come into being, solution will follow. Indra

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