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Unto what were you ordained?

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1 Unto what were you ordained?







8 Texas and high gas prices….

9 Follow up…. Gifts of the Spirit Gifts of the Him

10 From Last Week… Thoughts/Beliefs EmotionsChoices Deceptions (Irrational Thoughts) Emotions Poor Choices Loser Broken Hopeless Discouraged Poor Choices D&C 46:7, 8 Thoughts/BeliefsEmotionsChoices He Loves Me Gratitude Healthy Choices Prayer of Faith D&C 46:30 D&C 50: 29, 30

11 In addition… D&C 50:14

12 Parley P. Pratt Feeling our weakness and inexperience, and lest we should err in judgment concerning these spiritual phenomena, myself, John Murdock, and several other Elders, went to Joseph Smith, and asked him to inquire of the Lord concerning these spirits or manifestations. After we had joined in prayer in his translating room, he dictated in our presence the following revelation: [D&C 50] Each sentence was uttered slowly and very distinctly, and with a pause between each, sufficiently long for it to be recorded, by an ordinary writer, in long hand. This was the manner in which all his written revelations were dictated and written. There was never any hesitation, reviewing, or reading back, in order to keep the run of the subject; neither did any of these communications undergo revisions, interlinings, or corrections. As he dictated them so they stood, so far as I have witnessed; and I was present to witness the dictation of several communications of several pages each. ▫(Autobiography of Parley P. Pratt, edited by his son, Parley P. Pratt [Salt Lake City: Deseret Book Co., 1985], 47-48.)

13 The Problem… D&C 50: 5-7

14 Our Calling…. D&C 50: 11- 13

15 The Lord’s Pattern (D&C 52:14-19) …he that prayeth, whose spirit is contrite …he that speaketh, whose spirit is contrite, whose language is meek and edifieth …he that trembleth under my power -if he obey mine ordinances- Shall …be made strong …shall bring forth fruits of praise and wisdom

16 Our Choice Lyman Wight D&C 52: 12 W.W. Phelps D&C 55: 3-5

17 So… Are You Sifted or Planted?

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