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A Happy Marriage between Feminism & Consumer Culture?

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1 A Happy Marriage between Feminism & Consumer Culture?

2 Post-Feminism as Sensibility, Rosalind Gill Post-Feminist media culture asking “what is distinctive about contemporary articulations of gender in the media”? 148

3 It is contradictory, an “entanglement” of both feminist and antifeminist themes Gill identifies several themes that characterize the postfeminist sensibility

4 1. Femininity is a Bodily Property

5 Images of Women in Sport





10 “While the strong, muscular, fit bodies of the Olympic women arguably offer a refreshing alternative to the constant stream of emaciated bodies we see in popular media, I argue that we also need to be cautious with claims that these ‘real’ bodies offer a radical and empowering template for young women.” Kim, Olympic Athlete Victoria Pendleton

11 How does that compare?

12 How about this?

13 Shift from Objectification to Subjectification


15 Diet Coke, “Gardener” m/watch?v=PwYCvTpY MCA m/watch?v=PwYCvTpY MCA


17 Emphasis on Self-Surveillance, Monitoring, and Discipline




21 Focus on Individualism, Choice, and Empowerment



24 Dominance of a Make-Over Paradigm

25 Biggest Loser

26 How does this compare?

27 The Self as a Work in Progress

28 Resurgence of the Ideas of Natural Sexual Difference

29 Marked Sexualization of Culture

30 Emphasis on Consumerism and the Commodification of Difference


32 Elision of Inequalities Of “race” and ethnicity, class, age, sexuality, and disability, as well as gender Where is difference?

33 The Post-Feminist as Character in Neoliberal Fantasy? “[I]t is clear that the autonomous, calculating, self- regulating subject of neoliberalism bears a strong resemblance to the active, freely choosing, self- inventing subject of post-feminism” 164.

34 What is Neoliberalism? Rule of the market; Cutting public expenditure on social services; Reregulation; Privatization; Individualization instead of community and “public good”; Consumption is a practice of self-formation.

35 Evolution: http://www.yo tch?v=IHqzlxG GJFo http://www.yo tch?v=IHqzlxG GJFo “A Girl’s Self- Esteem”: http://www.yo tch?v=4ytjTNX 9cg0 http://www.yo tch?v=4ytjTNX 9cg0 “Real Beauty Photoshop Action” http://www.yo tch?v=blVigHR 0y3o http://www.yo tch?v=blVigHR 0y3o

36 Compare to U by Kotex Campaign “Apology” m/watch?v=FRf35wCmz Ww m/watch?v=FRf35wCmz Ww “Help Me Choose” m/watch?v=n09SejxpcF A m/watch?v=n09SejxpcF A

37 The “Post-Race” Paradigm? m/watch?v=jjXyqcx- mYY m/watch?v=jjXyqcx- mYY

38 The Problem with Axe Dark Temptation (2008)? http://www.y watch?v=Fgfz dgWgEZ4 http://www.y watch?v=Fgfz dgWgEZ4

39 “I Need Feminism Because…”




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