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Updates from the Academics Portfolio Edition 1 Tuesday October 9 th 2012.

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1 Updates from the Academics Portfolio Edition 1 Tuesday October 9 th 2012

2 Patrick SackvilleRichard Placzek ASA Events:  Get Together for the Foreign Policy debate on October 22nd (details to come via Facebook group)  Election night at the Spoke Tuesday Nov. 6th starting at 6pm, everyone is welcome Next slide... (+ posters)

3  Presidential Election bet between Pat and Myself, Pat is a Romney man and I'm a Obama guy so we re doing a public bet to raise awareness for American Studies and the club. There will be a post on the Facebook page later this week that will allow students to make suggestions on what the punishment the loser will receive. The Suggestion period will run up to the 26th of the month. Then there will be a vote held for the top 5 suggestions that will end at 10 pm of election night. The punishment will take place the next day on a very public location on campus. We will announce the results at the election event. We will most likely be finding a way to use this event to raise money for a charity. This will be open for everyone to participate in so we would like to ask for the council to support us and spread the word and if anybody would like to get involved and help out there more then welcome to.

4 Upcoming Seminars: Friday, Oct. 12 - 2:30 pm SSC 2257  General information session for undergraduate students who may be interested in applying to grad school. Friday, Oct. 19 - 2:30 pm SSC 2257  Scholarship application workshop Emily Skelly

5 Jasmine KassamCarol Yin

6  No updates this week Shyra RawsonBrent Bissaillion

7  Geography Students’ Association first kick off event is this Thursday (Oct 11) from 4-6pm in room SSSC 3036 with pizza and icebreakers and a chance to meet the entire GSA!  Geo Buddies: Matching 1 st year students with an upper year for peer support & guidance!  Upcoming news, Geography will be releasing new modules and courses changes within the next few weeks so something to look out for! Caley SavageMichael Nangle

8 Zoe CampbellKyle Van Hooren  History trip on Oct 19th for Bicentennial of war of 1812 (History Society members)  Mirror submissions, level 2000+ history essays 80% or higher, 10-25 pages submitted with contact info to history drop box (Attention: Mirror).  Speaker Series of Western Profs downtown(see image)


10  The Prof-Student Social was a success!  Over 10 Dan Management professors came out to speak with students.  Professor Burjaw, White and Dr. Rothstein repped our MOSSA sunglasses! (next slide) Gillian MacFarlaneMarchael Cunanan


12 Julie FleschJenny Adamthwaite  Local Government is having a speaker series in the fourth floor of SSC typically Wednesdays from 12- 1:30pm - various speakers and light lunch will be provided  PSA is having their annual Prof-Student social at the end of this month. More details to follow!

13 Vanessa HazelwoodAudrey Zhang Western Psychology Association upcoming October events Dinner with a Prof ft. Dr. Grahn: Oct 9th 5:30-7pm @the Wave Volunteer info night: Oct 10th 6-7:30pm @UCC 65 Dinner with a Prof ft. Dr. Brown: Oct 11th 6:30 -8pm @ the Wave Work Story Event ft. Dr. Natalie Allen: Oct 17th 6-7:30 @SSC 2024 Psychology Colloquium Series speakers and dates are out! Good variety this year regarding topics, include profs from Harvard Business School and Columbia! The colloquia are held Fridays at 3:00 p.m. in University Community Centre (UCC), Room 37 unless otherwise noted. Refreshments usually follow as well as questions and meet and greet! University Community Centre (UCC), Room 37 Go to the link for full schedule

14 Jay BakerChris Palmer Just wanted to say WELCOME to those of you who have recently joined the council familam. Super stoked to work with all y'all! Soc upcoming events:  Working with our grad chair to start making moves on a grad info session- should be sometime at the beginning of November.  We will be having an essay clinic/"how to write a soc paper" @ the end of this month STAY TUNEDDDD... "That dolla makes me holla honey boo boo..."

15 Mikki ChenRebecca Caron

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