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The Future of New York City: Quality of Life N. Burney, S. Chowdhury, K.Creary, M. Turman.

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1 The Future of New York City: Quality of Life N. Burney, S. Chowdhury, K.Creary, M. Turman

2 An Empirical Study by Nicholas Burney Noxious Facilities in The Bronx N. Burney

3 The Bronx and the Waste Industry  Most sites dedicated to handling waste treatment are located in the Bronx  These facilities are located close to homes and schools  Have detrimental effects on the health of residents N. Burney

4 The Bronx and the Auto Industry  The Bronx has an abnormally large concentration of autobody shops  Shops contain chemicals proven to be carcinogenic to humans  Often do not have the necessary equipment to properly contain them N. Burney


6 The Effects  Chemicals that leak that into the neighborhood can cause severe respiratory illness  The Bronx has the highest asthma rates in NYC  Asthma is the leading cause of hospitalization of children aged 0-14 in NYC N. Burney


8 The Closure of St. Vincent’s: A City in Mourning

9 What was St. Vincent’s? M. Turman

10 Why was St. Vincent’s important? M. Turman

11 Why did it close? M. Turman

12 The bigger picture… M. Turman

13 S. Chowdhury Bye Bye Hospital, Hello Healthcare Crisis in South Queens

14 Mary Immaculate Hospital Closes  Established by local doctors on September 23, 1902  Caritas became the owners in 2006  2009 – Caritas was operating at $27 million deficit  Caritas declared bankruptcy and hospital closed on March 3, 2009 S. Chowdhury

15 Dealing With The Consequences  District 8 – Queens Hospital Center  151,000 people  District 9 – Jamaica Hospital Medical Center  143,000 people S. Chowdhury

16 Queens Hospital Center  Short staffed, lack of resources, large volume of patients  “…have to wait hours before seen by a doctor.”  “Not satisfied with the quality of care…”  “Doctors are scrambling to see the patients and are becoming increasingly frustrated with their workload.” S. Chowdhury

17 Jamaica Hospital Medical Center  Houses only Trauma Center in area  Not ready to act in case of major disaster  26% increase in ER, 55% in Trauma Center

18 Solutions: Option A  Establishing a new hospital in the area  The building of Mary Immaculate currently vacant  Perfect location for a hospital  Structure built for use as a hospital  Provide jobs for the local residents S. Chowdhury

19 Throwing New York to the Dogs: the past, present, and future of NYC’s stray pooches K. Creary

20 Past K. Creary

21 Present K. Creary

22 Future  More social media advertising  More spaying and neuter clinics  More fundraising activities  Stricter Law  Loser restrictions on adopting dogs K. Creary

23 Sources  "Save St. Vincent's Hospital Rally(and the closing) NYC ( )." Vigilant Squirrel Brigade. N.p., 24 Apr Web. 10 Apr

24 Sources  Morgan, Mattew Somerville. A Summer Scene in New York City—A Persecuted Dog on a Leading Avenue Print. New York Public Library, Mid-Manhattan Library. NYPL Digital Gallery. 27 Oct Web. 5 Mar  Lee, Jennifer. "Where They Used to Drown the Dogs." City Room. New York Times, 30 Sept Web. 22 Apr K. Creary

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