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Total Body Composition Analysis “See What You’re Made Of”

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1 Total Body Composition Analysis “See What You’re Made Of”
Who can benefit from using it? What does it mean? What do I do with my results?

2 Total Body Composition Analysis “See What You’re Made Of”
Who can benefit from using it? Athletes To guide and monitor fat loss and muscle gain Overweight people Lose fat and gain muscle Estimate how many calories should be eaten per day to lose fat How much additional exercise should be done to lose fat People with declining physical function/muscle Older people People who have been ill People who have taken steroids (prednisone) Measures skeletal muscle then can exercise to improve the result

3 Total Body Composition (Fat) Analysis
Most accurate clinical method to measure: Total body fat Total body lean body mass Skeletal muscle Resting metabolic rate

4 What do we use? Dual-Energy x-ray absorptiometry
DEXA for short The same technology used By the TV show “The Biggest Loser”

5 How is a DEXA done? Uses very low levels of radiation
Safe Uses less radiation than flying round trip Washington DC to Los Angeles Measures the density of body parts (such as fat and muscle) Person lays on a padded bed on back under the scanner Scanner takes a picture of the body Scan is painless and fast

6 What will I learn from the test?
Lean Muscle Mass Fat Amount Android fat vs Gynoid fat Android fat increases risk for heart attacks Resting Metabolic Rate Relative Skeletal Muscle Index Amount of muscle that is on arms and legs

7 LEAN Lean mass includes non-fat body parts
organs, muscle, bones, fluids Higher the “Tissue %Lean”, the more muscular the body GOAL: Increase muscle mass with exercise program

8 FAT Shows your body fat % Compares to your age group and gender
Tells you if you are “normal”, “overweight”, or “obese”

9 Example of body fat % chart comparing the result to other people of the same gender and age
See next slide on how to interpret result

10 This 24 year woman’s fat % lies just below the dark middle line (the average)
This person would be considered “average” and has a good body fat percentage However, an athlete may need to have a lower body fat % and can use this baseline to improve upon through diet and exercise If a person’s result shows “overweight” or “obese”… GOAL = lose weight through diet/exercise

11 ANDROIDvs GYNOID fat Android (waist) fat is often associated with Apple-shaped body types. Predicts risk for heart attacks GOAL: Decrease amount of android fat with diet/exercise to decrease risk of heart attacks

Resting energy expenditure Basal metabolic rate Estimates # of calories you burn if you do nothing but rest Result = calories per day

Used to figure out: How many calories a day to eat in diet + How much calories should be burned a day through exercise to lose fat

Relative amount of muscle in the arms and legs GOAL FOR ATHLETES: Use exercise program to improve this value on subsequent results Improves athletic performance

Useful also for: Older people who are losing muscle mass that causes falls and loss of physical function People who have lost muscle mass due to steroids (prednisone) People who have lost muscle due to illness GOAL: Perform regular exercise to increase muscle mass. Can see this when test is repeated

16 Total Body Composition Analysis “See What You’re Made Of”
How to use the results: - Obtain current values for fat, muscle, and calorie use - Use this to design an exercise and diet regimen - Repeat test at intervals to monitor your progress

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