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Game Changers- Play Makers Quiz

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1 Game Changers- Play Makers Quiz
By: Markis Alexander

2 Who is the main character?
Ben Sam Sean Lily

3 When Ben scrimmages Darby’s basketball team, who is the best player on Darby’s team?
Chase Braggs Kyle James Bryan Johnson Nate Byrant

4 When Ben practices with Sam, what happens to Sam?
He breaks his arm. He sprained his ankle. He quits. He gets mad at Ben.

5 How does Ben feel about Chase Braggs?
Thinks he brags to much. Is jealous of him. He hates him. All of the above.

6 When Ben misses the game winning layup, what does Chase say to him?
Loser. Its okay. Choker. Doesn’t say anything at all.

7 As things get worse, Lily, one of Ben’s best friends starts to?
Like Chase Braggs. Stops talking to Ben. Does nothing at all. Starts to hang out with her Darby friends more.

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