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Author-Charles Benoit Publisher- HarperTeen Year of Publication-2010 Powerpoint Genious- Ishraq Hassan.

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1 Author-Charles Benoit Publisher- HarperTeen Year of Publication-2010 Powerpoint Genious- Ishraq Hassan

2  “You,” Is about an boy who is utterly depressing emotional loser who just doesn’t have the ability to grow a pair and ask a girl out. Instead of saying “I walked through the hallways,” the book says “You walked through the hallways,” as if you’re the loser that is just like the one this book.  This book is set in some community in America where it will traverse to a mall, school, and houses that hold key points to the cliques of modern high schools.  The first events that get you a least bit excited is when the protagonist fights a jock, breaks into his locker and pees in it, and getting into arguments with his “friend” Zack.

3  Protagonist- Kyle Chase will be your friend that you hate, even though he may be a protagonist that doesn’t mean you will enjoy his company. He is a loser misfit who doesn’t accomplish anything in his life. He doesn’t read books,draw, play ball, he literally does nothing at all. He is almost a social outcast, but his ties with some friends keep him from going insane. He’s probably a emo/punk kid who probably never did any hard labor in his life. He’s probably too busy flipping his hair out of his eyes.

4 Even though there was a jock that he hates, he had to fight the school in his daily affairs with his boring life. I mean he really didn’t have a real problem it was more of a loser vs. not so tough environment. I guess we could list some in for your entertainment. Stuff that the protagonist deals with- A Jock. Another weird emo kid. His urge to ask out a, girl but his balls are to weak. A coach that thinks he sold drugs. His parents. School work. And finally his plan about his life after school.

5  -His main conflict was how was he going to get through high school with out blowing his brains out?  -The people that are involved are careless teachers, a girl named Ashley whom is obsessed by Kyle…really obssessed, and a man named Zack who is like Captain Jack Sparrow in disguise.  -He could just try to solve his problems. He doesn’t even try…

6  Ashley- She is some cute blonde who is, I guess, somewhat likes Kyle. She is Kyle’s probably one and only chance to feel not lonely and loved. But, man Kyle is a creep though.  They were both at the bus stop and Ashley is chilling and Kyle is all like “AWW YEA DOG! I wonder what it’d be like if we were married. “ In his mind of course. I wasn’t too proud of this ->>> I had to go on Google and type “cute blonde girl cartoon” 

7  Zack-This guy right here was awesome he actually has a lot of relevance to Kyle’s story. He goes from saving Kyle from a jock to killing his spirit. Zack tempers with peoples lives and uses witty comebacks and quotes that are somewhat amusing in this sad story. Here is one sharp dialogue that had me smiling. “This is Unit Two we have the kid.” Zack says, "You mad because your mom named you Unit?” He reminds me of the Joker in a sense that he is quite crazy and smart. He is very calm and collective as well. Even though he looked like this------ 

8  And a Finally a Jock named Jake.  He is a jock that has a hard on for picking on people smaller than him…go figure.  He plays LAX  He got into a scuffle with Kyle.

9  Even though this book is very addicting it still doesn’t make up for the fact of how broad the author portrays people and how little is giving time to portray the protagonist’s parents giving them a light appearance. The ending was very punctual and a real cliffhanger. This book is very fast-paced and addicting and one can almost finish it in three hours. This book will have you thinking what will happen next and how it will turn out grabbing you in the story –line. I give the book a 7 out of 10.  

10  You that saying don’t judge a book by its cover? Well this book had a bad cover and was a bad book.  I read the whole thing in one night and was like “Seriously? You could’ve done this or that but you do the dumbest thing?” And not only will this book have you saying stuff about how stupid Kyle is but you will be like,”dude you could have at least tried.”  And the ending…oh man read this dumb book.  This book sucked harder then a vacuum cleaner on high power. I give this book 5 out of 10.

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