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Craigholme School Aimee Doole Marketing-case study, new developments and careers tips.

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1 Craigholme School Aimee Doole Marketing-case study, new developments and careers tips.

2 Today’s Agenda Introduction Part 1 Marketing Booth Welsh case study Part 2 Focus on new marketing developments Company case studies Part 3 Careers tips Question session

3 Introduction Aimee Doole Currently working in Booth Welsh Marketing & Communications Graduated from Strathclyde Business School with Honours Degree in Marketing in 2012 Summer placement with Booth Welsh in 2011 Studied Business Management at Higher Level- strong grounding for university studies

4 Part 1 Marketing and Booth Welsh case study

5 Marketing- What is it? “Marketing is the art and science of choosing target markets and building profitable relationships with them” Philip Kotler 1998

6 Marketing Explained

7 Booth Welsh- Case Study Example Very successful engineering business working all over the world BUT problem was they had changed a lot over the years and needed to update their image SO what did we do? Concentrated on the key ‘P’ which was missing- promotional activities to build awareness

8 Marketing Explained

9 Types of Promotional Activities

10 Community Support Key for raising positive profile locally and building good reputation

11 Exhibitions and Events Key for market research and direct selling to customers

12 Press and PR Examples Key for building relationships and promoting company nationally

13 Advertising and Awards Entering and winning National Awards key for large scale promotion Advert example-key to choose correct place for reaching target audience

14 Digital Media

15 Part 2 New marketing developments- social media and examples

16 Hands up!

17 Social Media Video seo seo

18 Social Media Winner- One Direction Uses lots of social media sites to interact with fans 24 million Twitter followers! Set up an online community

19 Social Media Winner- We Buy Any Launched a campaign around a hoax letter which went viral The played along and unveiled new website Website offered the first 100 Little Tike owners who visit local branches the chance to offload their models for £10 Set up spoof advert to recruit for Junior Vehicle Purchaser to head up the new ‘Tike division’. All money was donated to road charity, Brake Turned negative to a positive= FANTASTIC PR

20 Social Media Winner- Cadbury Huge following (over 1 million fans) but only 16% of fans actually saw content on their home page Cadbury wanted to increase the engagement among its fans, as well as reaching friends of fans and the wider Facebook community so built a giant thumb ‘like’ to mark 1 million milestone Live streamed in a studio decorated with user-generated content and photos. Cadbury also responded to user requests and comments in the video. PR stunt & social media integration= Huge brand exposure

21 Social Media Winner- White House Own YouTube channel Filters photos on InstagramInstagram "West Wing Week," which offers an update on the President's weekly activities such as when he travels and meets with foreign dignitaries, business groups, veterans or staffers. Google + Hangouts where business people can have a face-to-face conversation with Obama team to suggest how they can be responsive to their needs. Social media integration Transparency= BETTER PUBLIC TRUST

22 Social Media Loser- HMV Employees vented their anger virally after being told they are fired HMV not thought through potential implications of firing team members with access to the company Twitter account Millions witnessed downfall of HMV and angry employees Senior staff members did not understand how to use Twitter and react quickly= BAD PR/HUGE BRAND DAMAGE

23 Social Media Loser- Ragu Sauces Published video featuring three mum bloggers talking about what happens when dads cook. To promote video it tweeted link to dad bloggers Huge backlash. May men were offended at this stereotyping particularly ‘stay at home’ Dads. Ragu ignored comments and failed at admit mistake Not understanding target market and engaging properly= PR DISASTER

24 Social Media Loser- United Airlines Singer/song writer passenger (Dave) witnessed ground crew throwing his prized guitar onto tarmac resulting in neck being broken Dave tried for nine months to get a claim processed with United. The response was a firm and consistent “no” Gave him $1,200 in flight vouchers to cover the cost of repairing the guitar. Took to Youtube to post catchy song Saving $1,200 cost United Airlines 10,772,839 negative views on YouTube= PR DISASTER

25 ozo ozo

26 Social Media Winner- Taylors Guitars Guitar makers sent Dave a new guitar Responded by creating their own Youtube video stating how upset they are when a guitar is damaged Reminded customers of their repair services Also offered free information about how to travel safely with guitars. Taking positive action for customer= Promotion Genius!

27 Part 3 Careers tips

28 Career Tips- School and Beyond Stick in and choose subjects you enjoy Don’t just follow your friends Always try your best Make use of school careers service IT skills crucial!

29 CV Advice If you don’t have one then now is best time to start building it up Update it when you do something new Show off- put yourself in your employers shoes.. Keep it to 2 pages only Always include a cover letter

30 Work Experience Very important! It’s never too early to start! Look for opportunities anywhere you can.. Find your area of interest and volunteer your time (school, local clubs etc) If you don’t ask you don’t get!

31 Sell Yourself! Blogs Networking Keep up to date on news and opportunities with social media Think about a Linked In profile

32 Social Media- A Word of Warning.. Great tool BUT be careful! Do not give too much anything away Many employers now recruit using social media Don’t get caught out!

33 End of Presentation Thanks for listening any

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